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  1. Sorry if I am missing something, but why would she need earplugs? Initially i was concerned about noise also because of the garden cafe, but I was told that noise in that location would not be a big issue. Let me know if something was missed for sure.
  2. Follow up question just in case the upgrade does not go through - any concerns about motion in this location? Im just wondering if its any different than other forward rooms.
  3. Yes, it is good for information to be shared so that others can make decisions for now and future travel. Points on all sides have been made multiple times. They are now in black and white for others to read in the future. Restating for 6 more pages does not seem necessary. Read from page 1 to 8, there is plenty info and much is repeated as folks have argued back and forth about who to hold responsible and why. And this is not the only thread on this topic. My point is we can all read the 30 - 40 pages worth of text in the multiple threads at this point. We get it. I'm not sure that it is necessary to add 30 more pages to repeat bickering, blaming, etc. If there is information to share, sure that is helpful. But honestly if you reread all the threads on this similar topic, that's not the bulk of what's happening in the responses/posts. Its some info and then a lot of back and forth. But no worries, I moved on to a different cruise line's boards. Problem solved for me. I was just trying to save some others from this back and forth. Plus, I have family in the affected areas so we are more focused on that priority. I love cruising, but I am not loyal to one line. I choose a cruise based on what works best for me. I have dealt with some minor and some major issues that popped up before or during travel. Maybe these combined reasons play a part in me scratching my head at how these threads are going on and on. Thanks and good night everyone. Be safe! 😁
  4. Oh my. How do you kill a thread on here? With the current status of the hurricane and multiple "points" being made on this topic multiple times during the past 48 hours on multiple threads, can threads like these be paused, blocked, stopped, or whatever has to be done? Hopefully all travelers are safe. Lessons learned. Decisions made about future travel. Points taken. Etc. I wonder how many more pages of this redundancy is necessary.
  5. I read that you can request them from your room stewart, on some ships. We are sailing in October. I plan to request them for all cabins in my group. Ive seen recent pictures of them so someone is still making them. 🤗
  6. The more I read about people being unruly, the more I shake my head. I understand frustration from people onboard the ship already, but I don't condone rudeness. But the anger expressed by people who are still at home is a bit much. Its a hurricane. No one really needs to tell you whether or not to fly to Miami today or tomorrow to get on the ship. (From today through Wednesday). Even if the hurricane passes the area by Tuesday, there will be mess to clean up. A cruise ship isnt always top priority right after a hurricane. When there is a hurricane on the horizon, I dont think docking luxury cruise vessels is the top priorty for ports. They have a lot of other vessels to consider as well. Plus, they have needs related to emergeny preparedness and response for the areas that they serve. It amazes me that people dont realize that everything is not that simple when rerouting lots of different types of vessels in the midst of an emergency. And others can just stay home and not worry about getting stuck Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in Miami. I understand that it took a lot to plan and pay for a cruise and all the related travel needs like airfare, hotel, time off from work, etc. I have been there. I had a "once in a lifetime" cruise to Egypt set up a few years ago. But, when the situation was escalating there, I made a decision that I wasnt taking the risk so I decided to cancel right before the cruise. It was all worked out with the cruise line, my travel insurance, and even the airline. I had another situation with travel to Mexico when there was a health issue going on there. Although all my travel arrangements were booked and paid for, I wasnt waiting for someone to tell me to not go. I made the decision that i wasnt ok with the risk. Right before I started making my calls to cancel, the airline made an announcement about not flying there and other travel industry announcements followed. I got my money back when it got back to me. And I wasnt waiting for anyone to guarante me a 100% refund before I decided what to do about the trip. As people, we arent always powerless. Make decisons that keep you safe and not stranded. I value my hard earned money, but my safety is higher priority. I dont need NCL to tell me if the cruise is cancelled or not. I would not be going to Miami if I didnt have a plan. Florida doesnt need one more trapped tourist to try to take care of when there is a hurricane. I dont mean for this post to be ugly to anyone "stranded" on the ship right now or anyone who hasnt seen the news the past two days. Hahaha. Just food for thought. If i was someone who chose to fly to Miami today for a Sunday or Monday sailing, hopefully I left home realizing that I might not make it on the ship because no one can guarantee anything during the midst of a weather emergency. So, I would leave home with plans for how I can return home if necessary and plans for how to spend a few days in Miami if necessary. Just my thoughts. Flexibility and preparedness reduces anger and stress. A credit card helps also, lol.
  7. I'm guessing that some travelers might have made their own decision to not travel regardless of what is posted on the NCL website. With so much uncertainty during the past 36 hours, it makes sense to consider a Plan B. Hopefully many opted to make decisions that might help them be safe and not be stuck somewhere they dont want to be stuck. And allow their travel insurance or whatever plan from NCL to kick in after this weather emergency has cleared.
  8. Thanks. I was able to upgrade and changec my cabin by paying the difference after final payment so I am hoping to do that for my mother's cabin as well if the price drops into the correct range. Will call my PCC for assistance if I see the right price. He already told me what to look for. Thanks
  9. Yes, you can offer a bid for multiple cabin types.
  10. Hello all, We are traveling on the Epic in October. My mom will have a cabin to herself. We booked a Sail Away rate when there was a single supplement deal. She was assigned cabin 14002, all the way forward, hull (enclosed) balcony. There are pros and cons to this location. My mom has only been on one cruise ever and says she isn't "fussy" about the cabin, but I of course want her to have a good cabin. Since she will be in the cabin solo, price does matter. I have been checking for price drops since we are getting close to the 30-day departure mark. I will keep looking to see if there are any price drops, especially for a single supplement. But I am also considering submitting a bid to upgrade her to a mini suite. The minimum bid is $50 per person. Although she will be in the room alone, we still have to double the $50 so the bid will be for a total of $100. Thats the lowest bid and all I am willing to bid really so I get it that my upgrade bid wont knock their socks off, lol. Right now the inventory for the sailing is showing that everything is sold out except inside and balconies. What do you all think? I am not sure how long the option to bid is usually offered? Is there a set cutoff usually? We have had the option for the last two weeks. When do they usually stop accepting upgrade bids? I know that I can cancel a bid if it has not been accepted yet. I will certainly do that if there happens to be a good price drop for a single supplement. I will just call NCL and do the direct upgrade. Decisions, decisions, hahaha. Thanks
  11. Hello all, I will be on a Western Med cruise in October. I purchased Colosseum tickets online, but mistakenly selected Print at Home for the delivery option. Our tour operator recommends the Pick up option. I guess that line is faster (although in my mind that seems opposite). Anyone have experience with this situation of being in the Print at Home line? What was the wait like? Is that line much worse than the Pick Up ticket line? I'm thinking that it will be helpful to hear from people who visited around the same time of year versus recently during the summer since I'm guessing lines were even worse. If necessary, I can buy tickets again and this time click on the correct delivery method. Thanks!
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