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  1. I am also on the full 20 day sailing and would have to agree that the Lido staff have been incredible. I understand and share the disappointment at missing Nawiliwili but fully understand the potential dangers of high winds, small ports and a large ship. While the communication appears to have been less than perfect along the way, I understand customer service doesn’t always dictate full honesty (whether it should or shouldn’t is another discussion entirely). However there have also been several instances of mixed information and downright misinformation among the passengers on board and the posters here on CC. My understanding is that passengers on the 16 day sailing were offered $50 for missing Ensenada. Passengers from San Diego to Vancouver were offered $50 for missing Victoria. And passengers on the full sailing were offered $100 for missing both. Overall this his has been a wonderful cruise with a lovely staff onboard. I was warm and dry, didn’t have to cook, didn’t have to do the dishes and had no beds to make. I’m a happy sailor and I hope looking back that most of my fellow passengers can say the same. (Asking for all to feel that way is an exercise in futility)
  2. I've been cruising HAL since I was in my mid 20's and have always found the passengers to be welcoming. Even when I had pink streaks or full purple hair. I also know that I do it for me and don't really care what others think - it's my hair not yours so I don't much care if you don't like it! If your son is an artist with ink and piercings dating a "kooky" girl with pink hair I would think he's been judged before and has managed it just fine without having to give up his style (trust me, it's happened). I would be more concerned about what his vacation "style" is. I like HAL because I'm a lazy bones at heart. I like to wander the ship, read a book, maybe take a nap and I'm quite happy to skip the party/dance/loud lines. If your son is a more active, club/bar get out and dance, keep busy all the time kind of guy, then HAL might not be the right choice for him. I'd be much more worried about that. If he and the girlfriend are happy to kick back and relax, then they should be just fine.
  3. I'm thinking that the wording about "most" meals has to do with the Pinnacle Grill/Tamarind/Sel de Mer/Canaletto being upcharge restaurants and therefore not (fully) covered by the actual cruise fare. Note the wording is about what's included in the ticket price rather than what that price actually pays for in terms of costs to HAL. This looks more like website wording to sell cruises versus what a specific revenue stream actually pays for.
  4. Pretty sure I'm also on that cruise. Got an offer today from a VB to either Signature Suite or Neptune Suite. Prices were too high for me so I'm hoping they come down over the coming weeks. However, I wouldn't bother going to the Signature suites, only the Neptunes.
  5. Sounds like Kainoa. He's been doing the Hawaiian cruises for a few years now. Thank you for keeping us updated along the way faerievert! I'll be sailing on April 13 so definitely following along for planning purposes.
  6. Thanks so much everyone! I knew the price would be on the ridiculous side, but that's ok.
  7. I'm hoping some discerningly caffeinated posters might be able to help me out. I don't drink coffee. Never have. I know Kona coffee is reputed to be some of the best in the world. I'm planning to bring some back from my step-mother who has a super fancy machine. The only direction I got was - no oily beans. She tends to drink it with a splash of milk but not really any fancy drinks. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to find a "non-oily" whole bean product to bring home?
  8. C-om-m-o-n sense?? I've never heard this word before. How does it work? /s
  9. I've missed your wealth of knowledge Copper! That'll teach me to stay away from CC for so long. Good chance it's too early but - any idea who's slated to be the CD on the Eurodam for the April 13 sailing to Hawaii?
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