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  1. Been there several times. All of the above are good suggestions. I would add: Don’t buy Mt Roberts tram tickets on the ship. Wait until you are in Juneau, look up there and decide. It may be covered with clouds and you couldn’t see anything if you went up. Ticket booth is easy to find, just follow the wires. If you take the funicular up to Cape Fox hotel in Ketchikan, go out the front door and walk around the totem poles, some have 2 sides.
  2. Hand painted silk scarf in Juneau. Shop near port, kind of across from Red Dog Saloon. It looked like a baby clothing place. Zipper pulls from Wm Spear shop upstairs few doors behind RedDog, they have a web site. Taku Smoked Salmon on the dock, great recipe on the box. All in Juneau. I buy each on every visit to Juneau. I have zero interest in that knife, I prefer a good chefs knife.
  3. I am green with envy! Your road trip covers some of my favorite places in the whole world and you are doing it the perfect way. No cruise can come close. Have a wonderful time. We drove to Alaska, cruised many times, last cruise was with one pair of shoes. Wore New Balance black leather sneakers, will do the same next summer.
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