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  1. Found this link on the HAL website with a quick compare chart across the fleet. file://usflnas1/Home$/559897/Downloads/HAL_Ships_at_a_Glance_Chart.pdf Comparing Ryndam to sisters Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam a couple things stand out: No De Librije popup (dont in the PG 1 or 2 nights each cruise) Instead of the Fuji Wonder Shop for photos, there is just "Photo Shop" BLEND by Chateau Ste Michelle will not be onboard Another thread someone was wondering if it will be a "Crow's Nest" or an "EXC" and the chart shows EXC. So there's at least one space with something new coming and that's the space BLEND previously took up. It will be around the corner from the Ocean Bar and Pinnacle/Sel de Mer and directly adjacent to Club Orange (and it DOES show Club Ornage will be carried forward to Ryndam)
  2. Fortress of the Bear is helping to lead that charge.
  3. First time we went was this tour. The Sea Otter Quest is also incredible. We easily saw over 1000 animals between numerous whales and puffins, other wild birds, eagles and a "raft" of easily over 500 otters. Then to have the raptor center and Fortress of the Bear AND it was a perfectly clear blue sky in Sitka which isn't too common...
  4. We go there every single time we're on an Alaska cruise that goes to Sitka. The work they do is extraordinary and they give these amazing creatures a second chance as Alaska law says if they are wandering through town they can be killed. They've made big changes to the grounds over the last few years that we are eager to see the next time Alaska is calling to us. While it may be a bit cliche, we found being there to be inspirational and life changing. Definitely go when you are there. I hope you find it as incredible as we have on numerous occasions!
  5. Not a HUGE gin person, but the Seven Seas Aviator was a really good one. I only remember gin and Apricot brandy... no doubt a couple other ingredients. Really good
  6. I think I'm misunderstanding your post... I must be... HAL is offering airfare that is $130 less per person than what the airlines themselves offer and you're saying it doesn't sound like big savings or a big deal... If I can get airfare for $270 less for the 2 of us than I could get by going straight to the source, hell yeah I'm gonna be happy about it!
  7. The venue looks a little better on Koningsdam. - The abstract graphic for the windows instead of huge forks and spoons. - The chairs are a white leather and very comfortable (numerous tables and chairs right outside that corridor) The thing we couldn't justify was the price. Especially when the beverage package is almost exactly the same price. Pretty clear which gets you a bigger benefit. I think they could really have something here if they used the open kitchen (Dinner at the CAC did this and it was great) and didn't just echo the MDR food. Tossing in an extra choice or two isn't enough to justify it. However take it the route that Celebrity did with Blu which has a focus on fresher, lighter (not to be confused with diet), less sauce-laden foods... AND having the advantage of cooked to order right there in front of you... THAT could be enough to justify it... or at least get it a lot closer to being justifiable.
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