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  1. Okayyy. I have a private fax machine as part of my printer and never had the problem of using a wrong number. There are so few fax machines out there that I doubt a wrong number would connect. Anyway like I said whatever makes you feel more comfortable.
  2. Not sure of the logic there since either way they will have a copy of your stock holdings but better to feel safe than sorry. I just fax my statement with any critical information redacted and get my credit ASAP. Also happy it’s been extended.
  3. For those departing on the Coral today for the Panama Canal, what is the price for the 4 device Medallion net on the first day? We would like to use some OBC if the price isn’t too much more than the pre cruise price. We are not Elite so that won’t be a factor. Thanks.
  4. I changed my booking to the three for free with $200 EZAir credit yesterday. We previously had the sip and sail promotion but since my wife doesn't drink I was using that as a place holder until something better came up. I called my Big Box TA and they checked it out and was able to change over without a problem. I was also able to keep my refundable deposit at the same price as the non refundable. Since no flights were listed for my 10/25/2020 cruise I was told by both my TA and Princess (I double checked because I'm a little compulsive) and was told I'd get the credit when I booked the flights. All in all a very good experience.
  5. We're booked on the Enchanted for an October 2020 cruise and received the credit two hours after faxing it in. I was very impressed.
  6. I purchased 100 shares on Friday after the second drop and faxed my info to Princess. Had the OBC for my upcoming 15 and 16 day cruises within 90 minutes. Nice $500 bonus for our two cruises. Nice job by Princess. Couldn’t be happier.
  7. Wow! Was waiting for the stock to drop and purchased 100 shares this morning. It seemed like a good time always knowing that it could go lower. Anyway, faxed the info to Princess and had the $500 (15 and 16 day cruises) of OBC in my account in less than two hours. Couldn't be happier. Thanks for all the good info.
  8. Could not have said it better! Seems simple to me.
  9. Just checked the Princess website and it looks like the Star will be picking up the Summer of 2020 Alaska routes out of San Francisco. Have never been on the Star so not sure if this is good, bad or no change. They list the dates but no prices as of yet.
  10. It’s true that there is a lot of info on this site but to be quick we got off the Grand a few weeks ago and my gluten free issues were handled very well. From the MDR to Alfredo’s and other eateries there were always gluten free options. I’m Celiac and never felt any symptoms so a happy cruiser here.
  11. We live near the city and see it in port quite often. I’ve never seen it bow in. Always aft in. Maybe it’s my timing.
  12. We just walked off the Grand after a 10 day cruise to Mexico from San Francisco. As only our second Princess Cruise we aren’t real savvy with the Princess dining process so chose Traditional at 6:00 pm. I’m Celiac so wanted the consistency of the same waiter every night. Unfortunately the dining time we chose (early) was too confining as I’m sure the late would be also. I called the dining number and was switched to Anytime with no problem. Best decision we made. Not only did we wait no more than 10 minutes during busy times, they handled my Celiac with expert care. Will never go back to Traditional as Anytime dining met all of our expectations.
  13. Glad you're having a great time but seems like this might be more appropriate on the NCL Board. Just sayin.
  14. Baby boomer here and proud of it.
  15. You’re absolutely right. Having spent years overseas myself I wholeheartedly agree. However I was speaking about the US and today’s societal standards. Changing times I know.
  16. Perfect response. Your last sentence says it all. I’m guessing you’re a baby boomer or better. I see the younger generations easily discuss “how much do you make?” Not something I’m comfortable with but I’ll leave that up to the social scientists.
  17. I think it’s generational. The older generations tend to keep financial matters private while the newer generations seem to be much freeer in sharing this information. I see this between myself, my kids and my grandkids.
  18. Has anyone tried to order gluten free items for the breakfast room service. I’m Celiac and other than the fruit and yogurt I’m kind of done. Other than the Bloody Mary of course 😁.
  19. Our friends are on that one. Have a great trip.
  20. MGnut. Looks like we’re on the same cruise on 10/14. Really looking forward to it.
  21. Check your travel summary. It should show there correctly.
  22. I saw the same thing on my Personlizer. We are booked under the three for free program and when I checked under payments and credits it shows a balance due for gratuities. I called Princess and they said that the correct information comes under the travel summary sheet. I checked there and it does show prepaid gratuities. Not sure what happened on the website but was told the travel summary is the overriding document. Hope this helps.
  23. Too funny. Don’t advertise a cruise if there’s a question about its availability. As the original poster said there are a lot of “stupidly misconstrued” going on here.
  24. If I book an advertised cruise (even in 2020) and it was cancelled for whatever reason I would expect more than 15 bucks in OBC. I’m a Princess fan (not an apologist) and this seems ridiculous.
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