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    anyone had luck switching dinner times?

    thanks everyone. I'll try calling RCI direct tomorrow and see if there are any spots and then call my TA. I personally like late seating as well (but I'm an afternoon nap kinda person):D
  2. I have just booked the marnier for nov 30 for my parents...yipee...(only wish I booked it for myself). The TA I used off the internet said there was only late seating available for dinner:( . I have read here before just to go to the dining room as soon as you get on the ship. Has anyone ever had any luck switching before and/or know if there is a way to try and do it beforehand? Thanks so much... this board is sooooooo helpful!
  3. can anyone compare the two boats?? I know freedom is newer and bigger.. I'm worried it might be too crowed on sea days by the pool. I have been on the mariner and didn't find this. Is freedom worth the extra money money if not travelling with kids? Both are doing the same ports I am interested in... any help would be great:p
  4. sassynturbo

    Princess Newbie Help Pls!!!!

    I have sailed both carnival and RCI and enjoyed them both. I am looking to book a cruise for my parents who enjoy doing everything and it appears that the new boat Ruby princess have a really good deal in november. Any comparisons would between the lines would be really helpful.. ie, rooms/food/entertainment. thanks for everyones help...much appreciated:D
  5. I am looking at sailing in november. Both Freedom and Mariner offer the same ports I am looking for. Is the freedom really worth the extra couple hundred dollars if we don't have kids? Thanks for the input:p
  6. I am searching out criuses for my parents and needs some advice.:confused: I have sailed both Carnival and RCI (mariner of the seas). The ports I think they would enjoy sail on all three ships and price is comparible. I know Liberty is a newer ship compared to mariner and I have never been on princess. Any comparisons would be great. Parents are both in thier mid 50's and enjoy pretty much everything. This would be thier first cruise. Thanks for any suggestions :D
  7. I am looking at an April cruise to Cabo, Mazatlan and La Paz. I can't really find too much feedback about these ports (la paz specifically) and if people have used private tour operators instead of booking through the cruiseline.I am looking at Carnival's Spirit. Is the best place to see sealions Los Islotes in LaPaz? In Cabo which is better, dunebuggy's or Chileno bay? Any help would be great....thanks:p
  8. sassynturbo

    Anyone been to CABO???

    thanks to both... i looked there but obviously didn't find the mexico page.. i will try posting there..thanks again!!!!
  9. sassynturbo


    not really sure but I sailed on RCI last Jan, mariner of the seas, booked a guarentee balcony and got the hump- BONUS:D
  10. sassynturbo

    Anyone been to CABO???

    I am looking at an April cruise to Cabo, Mazatlan and La Paz. I can't really find too much feedback about these ports and if people have used private tour operators instead of booking through the cruiseline. The only mexican reviews I can find includes Acapolco etc... I am looking at Carnival's Spirit. Any help would be great....thanks:p
  11. sassynturbo

    St. Thos & St. Maarten ????

    Not sure where you are from but the biggest deciding factor for DH and I was that st.thomas they drive on the wrong side of the road and there are hardly any stop signs!! Would make driving a little more dangerous on your own I think. DH and I are in our late 20's and don't really like group tours. St.Martin was a blast. We rented an ATV right off the pier (negotiate big time.. we paid $50 for the day) and travelled the whole island.. research beaches etc if that's what you're in to. I'm not really a sight seeing person either but this island is beautiful. One thing we ran out of time for that I wished we had done was go to the airport where the planes fly almost right over your head...hear it is awesome. St. Thomas we also did our own thing by renting taxis and attended the two most popular beaches and did some snokeling. This a would recommend booking a tour or something for. It was very expensive to take taxi's. The rates are pre-determined by the government and they charge per-person. It ended up being a very expensive day to see some beaches. We also shopped in St. thomas, but to be honest, unless you are looking for really expensive items ie. nice,quality jewelery.. I would skip the shopping. Hope this helps.:)
  12. sassynturbo

    excursions in Cabo?

    I am thinking of booking on the Spirit going to Cabo, Mazatlan and La Paz in April. Has anyone done these ports? Tyring to decide for Cabo what would be better- Chileno Bay or the dunebuggy adventure?. Also I've seen lots of ads for private tour operators for other ports of call but none for these... maybe I'm not looking in the right place :confused: ..any suggestions would be great! Thanks:D
  13. sassynturbo


    It is cheaper for me to fly to fort lauderdale then to san diego but the spirit cruise for a balcony is ALOT cheaper. Unfortunately the first cruise I ever took we had a balcony so now I wouldn't go any other way. I've been pretty spoiled and seen alot of islands... that's why I was thinking of costa rica (something of a different view), but I am also a total beach person... decisions decisions :)
  14. I'm planning on a cruise for early April. I've only been on the victory and RCL. Any advice or reviews on the spirit sailing to mexico. It's between that one and the miracle sailing to costa rica ( I know.. completely different cruises lol). I have read alot of good things about the miracle but haven't been able to find much about the spirit. Any comments or suggestions would be great!
  15. sassynturbo


    My husband and I are looking into cruises for early April. We were on the victory two years ago, tried RCL last year and want to come back to carnival. I am interested in two totally different cruises... the miracle sailing to costa rica, belize, colon or a mexican cruise on the SPIRIT. I have done alot of research and it seems the miracle is liked alot but I can't seem to find out too much info about the spirit.....has anyone gone on this recently?? any info would be great.. thanks in advance :)