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  1. This is great, though the pdf menus will not open for me. I thought I remembered the Chocolate Buffet on a 5 day cruise, unless that is a recent change?
  2. We are cruising next month but are looking at another cruise to book. If we book this additional cruise using Early Saver, when we get back from the first cruise, and they have the special recently cruised rate in the first 2 weeks, if that is better, can we match to it? I am wondering if we should wait to book, unless we can match to it anyway since I believe the recently cruised rate is some form of Early Saver also?
  3. Hey, we are on the same cruise as you. The roll call has been very quiet. But the same thing happened to us. Jet Blue changed us from 12:45 to 11:15. Also have platinum early disembarkation but did not want to take any chances and have that nagging feeling in the back of our minds during the cruise, what if there is a delay. Since the airline made the change we were able to switch to a later flight at no charge, even though that flight was much more expensive had we purchased it ourselves. They even let us fly into a different airport, Newark versus JFK, since they consider them co-located cities. Now we can be one of the last ones off and not rush, sit on the Lido and have one last snack and look around.
  4. He was also our cruise director on the Pride, in 2018. He had previously worked on RCL. I chatted with him a bit comparing the cruise lines. Found him to be personable and friendly. Would rate him as average, not necessarily someone who stands out as a top director, nor someone to be avoided, but a good, competent cruise director.
  5. Dont get me wrong, we do too and are Platinum and have sailed Carnival exclusively for about 15 years. My list of things we love would be much longer. Just an observation that the watermelon is not that good and curious if there are other foods people feel are better on land.
  6. Has been great this summer. Buy a whole one from the supermarket and cut it open, just delicious. Got me thinking, cant get good watermelon on a cruise. Even when on ice by Blue Iguana, it is just not that good. Got me thinking, what else have you found to be just not as tasty on a cruise? I am not looking for things they dont have at all. I guess another thing is the movie popcorn, but that has been discussed in other threads.
  7. This is how I feel also. Either book ES or don’t worry about prices after final payment. Precovid prices normally increased as sailing approached anyway, and they never came back and asked us for more money!
  8. Are the chips different if you buy them by charging your account versus buying them with cash? Meaning like fun play you have to bet them all and can only cash out different chips you get back from your winnings?
  9. Can the credit be used in the casino, not for the cash out trick, but to actually play, like fun play? Charge actual play to the 300/600 OBC and keep any winnings?
  10. See you are leaving the same day as us, so it could have been a possibility but you are on MG and we are Horizon. Not to hijack, but our last cruise pre-covid was the Fantasy out of Mobile. From you signature, doesn't look as if you have ever sailed out of your own backyard? We found that port and terminal to be very easy.
  11. Yep same here Halloween on the Horizon. Will start to seem really close next week when we hit August, so there will only be September separating us from October and cruising!
  12. I had multiple cruises canceled and paid with gift cards. Like you I wanted the FCC but some how Carnival refunded anyway. Here is where it gets interesting. One cruise was refunded to a digital gift card. I almost didn’t open the email because I was not expecting anything and it looked like spam. You might want to check for that. Another cruise they sent physical gift cards. I think they came UPS but no signature was required
  13. I got this message too yesterday, kind of scary it still is a problem. I have some time so I am waiting a bit before trying again
  14. We were on the Carnival Glory in the hot tub on the Lido deck. It started to rain but hey we were already wet anyway. It began to absolutely pour and it was a bit chilly but the hot tub water kept us from getting cold. A few brave souls ran by to get to the other side of the deck and looked at us like we were absolutely crazy. Finally I heard thunder and said to my daughter we need to get out right now. Thinking back to those moments still makes me smile
  15. Same here though almost all benefits are for platinum. Diamond would be nice, though the only real extra benefit is the captain's get together. That is how we feel, like coming back to your hometown after being away awhile--knowing where everything is and how it operates. We were on a cruise at a large table with others and they started to wait to see what we were ordering. We would look at the menu and say to ourselves I remember this was excellent, and this not as good, and they would sometimes choose the same things based on our comments.
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