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  1. I thought the credit was based on your cancelled cruise so if you had a 7 day cruise you could apply a $600 credit to a 5 day? Does this mean that if you rebook a shorter cruise the obc credit applied to that cruise would be $300?
  2. I just bought at $9.40 though I see it still keeps dropping. I figure as long as it does not go BK and they keep the on board credit, it will be more than fine. I kicked myself years ago for not buying when it was around $30 and the price went into the $50s and even higher, but I wound up getting it for even cheaper now, even not having gotten the credit for the past cruises.
  3. Never looked at how many different Carnival ships we have been on until someone else in the thread mentioned it and I checked and we have also been on 12 different ones. Been on Sunshine twice and Sunrise, with Sunrise booked again. Definitely enjoy this class. Every ship has something different, and Sunshine has some favorites. LOVE LOVE the waterfall in the Serenity pool. At least a couple times per cruise I swim and relax under the waterfalls. Slides are also fast, 2 of them are really good. There is also a ropes course, with great views. The eating area on 5 is great if you want to grab some quick lunch without any lines. The back area on the lido is great lunch time, or for the view when the ship is pulling out when it is backing up. The Cuban sandwiches were really good, and easy to miss if you dont go looking for it. Really did not find the crowds bad. We do not live near the current home port but would not hesitate to take another trip on Sunshine if we did.
  4. I have done this multiple times with the same piece of luggage with varying experiences. Sometimes I get no push back from the greeters/security. Other times they say it is too big and I insist it is not, having sailed from the port before, and they let me place it into the scanner and it fits without a problem. Other times they still would not let it through and tell me to go outside and check it and I go to another line and it is not a problem on the other line. Recently it was denied and they were actually watching me so I gave in and checked it (after first taking out some things that I wanted for right away after boarding). I do have to say it was kind of nice not dragging it on to the ship. On the other hand I have been unpacked before lunch when bringing it on directly which is nice too.
  5. Will not be booking under early saver or another penalty rate and will only book one room, for either 2 or 3 people. If we book for 3 passengers now and then 1 cant go (before penalty period), do we keep current 2 person rate or is this a rebooking at the then prevailing 2 person rate? Or we book for 2 passengers now and then add 1 later, do we get the current 3 person rate or is this a rebooking at the then prevailing 3 person rate? Rates are good now for the fall so I would like to keep these current rates in either instance.
  6. I would only fly in the day before a cruise to have a buffer, but in the event of a cancellation, I have read it is much more difficult to get rebooked. These airlines do not have agreements with other airlines nor extra planes and crews, so if your flight is cancelled it could be days before getting on another flight. Or having to grab a last minute flight on another airline whatever the cost. I guess insurance could help with this, but it still could be a scramble. Does anyone know if this is true, that with a cancellation, the budget airlines are not very flexible?
  7. This might not be what you are looking for but it is definitely the cheapest option: there is a municipal bus that stops within 5 minutes walk of the port if your luggage is on wheels it is a flat terrain on city streets and very doable you will need to transfer buses at a mall as well and the bus drops you right at the terminal you have time to kill with a 1PM flight so it could be an option for the $1.25 fare for adults 75 cents for kids
  8. Even better than I thought. See what I wrote a couple years ago while discussing our first Platinum cruise. Since then we have been on a number of cruises and it is still great. Some things I did not mention below is the priority line at guest services. Although there should not be much reason to go to guest services, there often seems to be a need a couple times per cruise and the short line is great. Also, now that my kids are Platinum they get the arcade card which they enjoy using as a special perk. They also love the sushi at the PD party and eat a ton of it. We strongly prefer early seating and being platinum has gotten us off the wait list. Another thing is getting into the room upon boarding. Luggage often arrives pretty quickly and we can be fully unpacked long before the muster drill. It really is nice. We were leaving out of Baltimore, and arrived about noon, and noticed a car in front of us made a u turn and parked at the side just before the entrance gate. When we moved up the attendant said they were only letting in priority. I told her we were and after having to show her our boarding pass she let us right in. In the terminal we went on the priority line and right when we got our cards heard the announcement for priority boarding so we walked through the priority waiting lounge and boarded and never had to actually sit down in the terminal! Other great things: Not having to wait on the long line to get a tender ticket and being on the first tender to HMC Plat/Diamond Party (having been to a bunch as golds nice to go back again) Laundry bags! Each time came back same day Tervis tumbler and nightlight (got both at once?!) Chocolate covered strawberries Nice lounge to wait in for debarkation and in the parking lot less than an hour after we arrived Would we have had a great time anyway, yes, but it was nice to enjoy these perks from Carnival for our loyalty.
  9. Something must have worked. Even though it still said Late Dining when I checked online the night before, when we opened the envelope our sign & sail cards were for Early Seating. We never heard back from anyone, but one of the emails to the Maitre D or John Heald must have done the trick! Was nice not to have to go to the dining room and wait to try to make the switch. Did think it was strange that the time was never changed online and that the Maitre D never stopped by our table to inquire on how we liked the revised seating. We also were blessed with probably the best waitstaff we ever had!
  10. Starting to see some more positive reviews. We loved it. One of our best cruises. Here are some specifics: - We always found seating in the Liquid Lounge and the comedy club, often arriving with just minutes to spare, and good seating, not behind a poll or anything - Minimal smokiness in the casino (and none of us are smokers), we kept commenting on how little smoke there was and I played quite a bit - We NEVER had such prompt and attentive service in the dining room; our wait staff would hear us trying to choose between some entrees and appetizers and would bring both without asking; plenty of other wonderful touches too - Water slide is fast, one of the best on the fleet - Saw a few movies on deck including Bohemian Rhapsody and no problem getting good seats - Breakfast in the MDR was also quick with minimal lines to get in - Nice "secret" lounging areas on 3 on both sides of the deck There were some lines on the Lido and some crowding and yes the up and down on the 3rd and 4th floors is annoying (though we figured that out better as time went on) and the serenity is small (and could never compare to the Sunshine's waterfall). Lido could also be designed better. There is a long line starting with the various salads leading to the main food, so everyone is stuck waiting on one line. They say a cruise is what you make of it, but we definitely did not feel we were settling, quite the opposite!
  11. If it is before the 75 days when regular penalties would kick in, and it is not the first two named guests, would the only penalty be the $50 and the rest of the third person fare could be used as a future credit? Would the fare remain the same for the first 2 guests and no further penalties? Would they be repriced since it is now 2 guests in the cabin and possibly be reassigned to a different cabin? I know no show is an option but that would be more costly since the whole third person fare would be lost.
  12. See there are a couple folks here also on the June 24 sailing. Roll call has been very quiet and we are the only ones signed up for the Meet & Mingle. Would love to get more participation!
  13. We are on the same cruise. It is getting closer, yeah! I also think you are cutting it way too close. With a 4PM departure final boarding will probably be about 3PM. Penn Station is only about 15 minutes from the port, but if you hit a delay of a couple hours it will get really tight. Come up the day before on a Sunday and spend the afternoon and next morning in NYC. You might even be able to get a weekend rate for Sunday night hotel. Maybe Amtrak has a package deal? NYC is a beautiful port to travel out of. You get a great view of the skyline and Statue of Liberty and I love going under the Verrazzano bridge. I will give you a contrarian view. Have your kids cruised before? I had asked my kids if they would ever want to be surprised this way and they said no, because part of the fun for them is looking forward to the cruise. But they have cruised many times before so they are involved with the planning and all. Either way it is an amazing time!
  14. Travel agent called and was told there is no wait list being offered, or it is closed anyway. Same thing happened when I called. Guess we just will need to watch and wait. Maybe it will open up after the penalty period kicks in.
  15. Other than seeing the maitre'd on board, what option if any is there to make a change before hand if nothing is showing but Late Dining which is what we have? There is no edit option. We would like Early. Dont even see a wait list. Keep checking online to see if it opens up? I called and asked the rep if being priority with platinum could get us on a waitlist at least but she said that was not available. Maybe email the maitre'd? Any suggestions or past experience would be appreciated thanks.
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