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  1. Check with the port to see if they offer bus service between ships. This service is provided in Miami. No one on my first ship knew about it and I only learned about the service when I tried walking and a traffic officer stopped me. Hope you are so lucky.
  2. 4Suzyq

    Cancelling UBP

    Thanks for the laugh, I'll have to try it on my next cruise;p
  3. 4Suzyq

    Segway Tour of San Juan - anybody book this?

    I did an evening tour and loved it. Having visited this port on several occasions we were looking for something different and this was a great tour. It was my first segway experience and it was great fun and I learned a lot about the city and it's history.
  4. We sailed the Brilliance recently. It was my first cruise out of Tampa. Really enjoyed the sail away, right at sunset and sailing under the bridge was a thrill.
  5. 4Suzyq

    Best things to do as a solo cruiser

    Nanwel, I like your idea of spending a week on land between cruises. I cruise much like you do when traveling alone. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Oh my! I am sailing the Oasis, solo this month. Now you make me wish I could jump ship! You mention all the things I love about NCL! This will be my first experience on a huge RCL ship...wish me luck!
  7. Isn't happening for my cruise:-(
  8. 4Suzyq

    Solo Cruising

    You will find the solo thread helpful. I have cruised solo on NCL because some of their ships have studios designed for solo cruisers and you don't have to pay double. Will do my first solo on RC next month. Give NCL a look. The ships with studios are fun.
  9. How much does valet parking cost? Sorry if this has been answered.
  10. In Miami there is a shuttle that will drive people and luggage from ship to ship. No one but the traffic cops seemed to know about it. Ask a few people once you leave the terminal before taking a taxi. I couldn't find any info before or after my cruise. Enjoy your cruises!
  11. Cruising with you all. Will be checking your posts so I don't miss the fun.
  12. When I cruised the NCL and Celebrity ships were at the opposite ends of the port. It was a bit of a hike for me with bags, yes I pack more than a carry bag I enjoy long walks/hikes but with bags, traffic and heat, the bus was a treat. When I walked out of the NCL baggage area, I began asking about the bus. Don't panic if the first people don't know what you are talking about. As recall the security people, may have been sheriff deputies, were able to help me.
  13. I did this a 2 years ago. There was free bus shuttle in the Miami port and I was able to ride it from NCL to Celebrity. It worked out beautifully. Hope this works for you.
  14. Lucky you and your group!! Enjoy!
  15. 4Suzyq

    Solo ESCAPE 9/23/17

    I'm interested in what you end up doing in the different ports, especially if you are doing them on your own. Hope you have great weather for your cruise and can take full advantage of the Vibe.