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  1. I think they might check and see. I know in the past if a cruise was shortened you still get credited for the days missed. I had a cruise on the Carnival Liberty that was cut back from a 6 day to a 4 day cruise. Per my VIFP account I was still credited with 6 days.
  2. I just checked their website. Their earliest available voyage has now been moved to May 8th.
  3. Yes, the cruse line did officially announce on at Facebook that they will be suspending cruises.
  4. It now appears that Bahamas Paradise Cruise line has suspended their cruises too. I don't see any official announcement yet. I just found an article on Travelpulse published about an hour ago that the BPCL CEO has announced that they cancelled their sailings on the Grand Celebration from March 15 through April 8. The booking schedule on their website seems to confirm this as March was removed with the earliest possible sailing date to select is April 10th. Their Nassau cruises have been suspended at least until the end of May. https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/bahamas-paradise-cruise-line-announces-voluntary-pause-on-sailing-season.html
  5. I just came back from this cruise. The glow party was on the first evening at 11:15PM at the Crow's Nest on Deck 14. On the port night there was just a late night party at the same location at 10:30pm.
  6. The ship now sails out of Phuket, Thailand and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I sailed on it's sister ship the Norewgian Wind about 15 years ago. Yeah some of the places on that ship were cramped and overcrowded. Especially the back sport's bar that had doubled as the buffet restaurant.
  7. The ship now sails for Star Cruises as the SuperStar Gemini.
  8. I have been sailing on NCL long enough to remember when they still served Coca-Cola products on their ships.
  9. And what about the food in the main dining rooms? You can order as many plates of food as you want. I wonder how many people have ordered multiple items and only took a single bite out of it.
  10. I don't see what is fun about paying extra for food that used to be included in the fare. A nominal automatic gratuity fee should have been enough in lieu of a la carte pricing. I remember when I used to order room service there were no fees at all unless if you got a soda or a beer. I would simply give the waiter a tip and that would be it.
  11. S&S = Sail and Sign. It can refer to your card that is given to you for shipboard charges, the room key (if available), and as for access getting on and off the ship. It can also refer to the on board account used by Carnival. The name is officially used by Carnival. However other cruisers may use the name on other cruise lines.
  12. I just came back last week from taking my first solo cruise. I admit I was a bit nervous myself eating alone on the first night. By the second night I felt fine.
  13. I've been a pleased Google Fi user for the last couple of years and I have used the service on a few cruises. I have been able to get coverage at all of the ports I have been to. I have gotten poor to pretty good cellular and data coverage when the ship is in port depending on the signal quality and where I am on land or on the ship. I'm not too sure if the Wifi calling works on the ship as I have never really tried it onboard nor have I purchased any internet package to try it. Depending on the cruise line and what service level you purchase they may or may not block VOIP calling so your mileage may vary. Google Fi does not connect to the ship's cell tower at least for the cruise lines I have been on (Norwegian, Carnival, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line). I tend to put the phone in airplane mode just to save some battery life when I am at sea. I have never seen any extra roaming charges other than for making a call when I am out of the country. The data quality can range anywhere from 2G speeds all the ways up to LTE. It depends on the infrastructure and what can get in it's way. The data at $10/GB is a little pricey but it sort of beats having to find a public wifi hotspot that is managed by who knows. The 6GB cap is also in effect for international use. The most data I have used is 1-2GB while on vacation. But usually I only use about 250-500MB a month. I can also turn my phone into a WiFi hotspot and tether my data connection to at least 5 other devices at no additional cost other than the data used. Calls are pretty cheap at $.20 a minute. At least once when I was in Cozumel I made a 10 minute call that only cost me $2.00. Compared to calling from the ship's phone making a call could cost $4.99+ a minute. I have texted from abroad which is no additional cost. As much as Google Fi has helped me stay connected when I travel, I still prefer the small periods of time being disconnected and not always glued to social media or work.
  14. Fix the Elevator and Stairs layout on future new-build ships: The newer ships built should have additional elevators and stairs in the middle of the ship. The Epic (except for the topmost decks), the Breakaway and Breakaway + class ships only have elevators and stairs in the fwd and aft parts of the ship. It is kind of a pain in the neck when you are midship and you need to get to a midship deck above or below you. I know the Epic has the escalator and the other ships have one set of stairs in the atrium area (which at times are blocked by photo takers). I think they could do better. Fix the website: Their website has been a bit buggy over the years. I have had an issue with the reservation disappearing a day or two before the cruise, I still have favorites saved from over two years ago that I cannot remove, and the biggest issue I have had is with trying to book a voyage. There are times that they advertise a price, and when I click on it, the price advertised is either sold out or not available. Sometimes it shows the prices but the cruise is sold out. If it is sold out, then just say it is sold out before I waste my time trying to book a voyage. There should be better singles rates and singles arrangements for non-Studio cabins: I have noticed especially on Caribbean voyages that Studio cabins usually cost more than interior, oceanview, and sometimes balcony and mini-suite rates. It is kind of a turn off to cruise on some of their ships when a tiny Studio cabin is $1100 and a slightly larger interior cabin is $800 for a weeklong voyage. But if you go with the interior cabin you lose out on the privileges of the Studio passengers. I don't really see any options for singles on their older ships. Correct me if I am wrong on this as it is been awhile since I last cruised with them. Things could have changed. I think they can improve on attracting more singles cruisers and corner an barely tapped market.
  15. I must admit I have been afraid to do a solo cruise myself. I was quite hesitant and missed out on some good deals with little to no single supplement. I finally decided to take a local 2 day cruise that is coming up next week to see for myself whether or not I will even begin to like cruising single. I have spent the last 18+ years cruising with friends and/or family. I can say that I have spent enough time with others and alone to know what to expect. In most cases for me the more you put yourself out there and get noticed you will tend to find that there are more than enough people willing to talk to you and hang out with you. Some of the best times I have had being on a cruise was when I would loosen up and participate in the activities offered on the ship. I still like to spend a little bit of time on my own either eating breakfast/lunch outside near the pool, lounging at a pool when it is less crowded and/or without loud music, and relaxing at the ship's spa (the ones that have the thermal suite).
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