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  1. Ecstasy 1999 Friends and Family Cruise
  2. That website is a mystery. It appears to be a copy of the cruise line's website as it was back sometime during the middle of 2019. It is advertising the 9 day repositioning cruise on the Grand Classica that happened back in August of last year. If you click on the "Book A Cruise" button it states it is not accepting reservations.
  3. I noticed their website recently changed from https://bahamasparadisecruise.com/ to https://bahamasparadisecruise.net/. Their website is now only reduced to the main homepage with a short message that they are looking to return to Grand Bahama island.
  4. That is a photo of the SS Oceanbreeze being scrapped in Chittagong, Bangladesh back in 2004. As to why it was posted on this thread I do not know. I remember seeing that ship docked next to ours back on my first cruise aboard the Fantasy's sister ship Ecstasy back in 1999.
  5. Yes, the Sovereign was beached the day after the Monarch was.
  6. I think they might check and see. I know in the past if a cruise was shortened you still get credited for the days missed. I had a cruise on the Carnival Liberty that was cut back from a 6 day to a 4 day cruise. Per my VIFP account I was still credited with 6 days.
  7. I just checked their website. Their earliest available voyage has now been moved to May 8th.
  8. Yes, the cruse line did officially announce on at Facebook that they will be suspending cruises.
  9. It now appears that Bahamas Paradise Cruise line has suspended their cruises too. I don't see any official announcement yet. I just found an article on Travelpulse published about an hour ago that the BPCL CEO has announced that they cancelled their sailings on the Grand Celebration from March 15 through April 8. The booking schedule on their website seems to confirm this as March was removed with the earliest possible sailing date to select is April 10th. Their Nassau cruises have been suspended at least until the end of May. https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/bahamas-paradise-cruise-line-announces-voluntary-pause-on-sailing-season.html
  10. I just came back from this cruise. The glow party was on the first evening at 11:15PM at the Crow's Nest on Deck 14. On the port night there was just a late night party at the same location at 10:30pm.
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