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  1. Our bar purchases are individual and not part of a package. Who knows where the applicable service charges go in a billing system. We have found that by simply slipping the server a dollar with each order that not only do we get what we want when we want but as soon as we walk into the bar a server makes his/her way to our table.
  2. The "Razor" outlet in the bathroom will power these green night lights which help prevent disturbing others by not having to turn on bright lights. These are usually activated by the switch on the outside of the door
  3. Forgive me but; Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wash?Yes sir, yes sir, three bags squashed !
  4. The crew tell me that they pay $5.00 for a haircut by one of their own, and they all look well groomed.
  5. We too, those that boarded in Quebec were subjected to this delay. But there is little question that it paid off in the long run as the cases were negligible in comparison to that previous. Those of us returning to Quebec must disembark and can only return with general boarding after 3:00 pm. Yes, we have been and will continue to be served under the most hygienic conditions for this upcoming cruise but that too will pay off.
  6. Currently aboard the Caribbean Princess I was greeted at the entrance of the buffet area by two staff members "inviting" me to use the newly wall mounted and installed open sinks to wash my hands before proceeding. The well placed and easily used sinks supply ample soap, running hot water and immediate disposable paper towels. An excellent idea especially for those who are returning from tours who proceed directly to the buffet area. Well done!!!
  7. If you are asking who the maitre d' will be be, his name is Oscar Perego
  8. As you walked off did you have to go through Canadian Immigration and Customs? If so then we would unlikely be able to return for the luggage. We realize we can take a taxi but to load up a cab with two of us, two large suitcases and a wheel chair and ask the driver to take us to a destination that we can walk to in ten minutes makes for unpleasantries.
  9. Thanks so much or the information and the photo. With the latter I was able to find the exact location of the disembarkation dock and it's distance from Rail Station by using Google Earth. Can you tell us a little of the clearance procedure. Because of our wheelchair condition we wonder if we could leave the luggage in the terminal while one party takes the other to the station waiting room in the chair. Then, returning to the luggage area, pick up the luggage. Would this work?
  10. Our upcoming cruise aboard the Caribbean will be our introduction to the Medallion. Being greeted by one's first name like that might conjure up thoughts of an attendance at a Bill W. Meeting?
  11. Thank you Fishywood for these helpful details. My bad, we do disembark on the second day so all is well there. But it's the arrival. Two of us with baggage for 20 days plus a wheelchair. We wonder at how close a cab can get us to the gangway at that time. If we have to shuttle everything to our cabin so be it but surely there might be a helping hand we can reward in assisting us. This is our first cruise embarking out of Quebec and as a matter of fact, if somewhat embarrassing, first out of any Canadian port
  12. We are booked for the Quebec-New York and return in October. We are taking the train to Quebec. Do you know if there is some sort of transit service from the station to the ship? Plus we will be arriving at the dock near 9:00 pm but have never boarded a ship so late. Any thoughts as to how one does that. And finally we wish to disembark upon arrival in Quebec. Any problems?
  13. Will be taking or 50th cruise this year. We are 72 and 85. Only two P&O cruises to our name and we came late to the party. We ventured to P&O because we were told that it had a more mature passenger list, which is what we were looking for and fortunately what we found. ( Don't own a cell phone nor able to operate one and dislike the unsociable behaviour they have created ).
  14. As outlined in our "P&Owe" topic we can relate to there "Computer says no" comment. Having gone though the flood in our cabin, and the subsequent agreement of compensation we asked if the amount could be forwarded to a chartable organization of our choosing in the UK. "Computer says no" even though the simple effort to do so would not only have prevented currency conversion charges but we're sure would have been appreciated by the recipient. Customer Service wanted our banking information in order to depot the amount. We supplied a voided cheque which gave them every item of information needed. But "Computer says no". So we had to then write out these very numbers and addresses and resubmit. That was 40 days ago and our inquiry has been met with the comment that the person or persons were on holiday. Hope they are on the Azura.
  15. As with our topic "P&Owe" we were promised resolution in 72 hours. It has now been 608 hours since that statement. It is a little disconcerting that both Carnival Corp Headquarters and our Travel Agent have not responded to the copies of the correspondence we had sent them. And I hope we do not disparage anyone in the use of the expression of we being welched.
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