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  1. For long cruise like from Sydney to Vancouver one has to disembark at all the islands, for when will you ever come this way again? But the Caribbean? What we see from our balcony is what we get. Even without the current virus fears, there are sanitary and health concerns. Whoever said the ship then is the destination has it right on.
  2. Truthfully today, the "bottom line" is the dictate of length of trousers.
  3. As there are two lamps per room, the outlets on the marble base double giving you a total of six regular 110V outlets and six USB ports per cabin.
  4. Although we neither purchase nor need a package plan and prefer to buy what and when needed, it was surprising that some very well known and popular brands had been depleted upon our arrival. They were not available for the following two weeks. Management did their best to sub and elevate the shortage and the brands reappeared for the final third week. Perhaps efforts to maximize the value of the plans during previous cruises was the cause.
  5. The week prior, we disembarked at San Juan for the day to reembark for our final week. We were questioned by a person in uniform but when it became apparent that we had been on the ship the previous weeks he asked nothing further and we went aboard. But other passengers were being questioned for sure.
  6. To the question, are men allowed to wear shorts to the dining room for dinner, the answer is no. To the question do men were shorts to the dining room the answer is yes. Having packed for our recent cruise aboard the Summit in accordance to what we read, we were really taken back at what some passengers were wearing. We saw passengers who would not be allowed in any restaurant dressed as such. But to be fair, we have to acknowledge that one of the three week stents was the Super Bowl and can leave that to your imagination. While the majority of men dressed in trousers, there were may who
  7. Thanks for the addresses. These were more than just congratulatory encounters covered in the customary thanking manner. These good people need to be recognized for work that in our estimation helps the company remain in the black. For that reason we took and have the necessary details.
  8. Having met aboard the Summit two of the most proficient and friendly staff members and wishing to commend them, who should I write my comments to in order that their identity is not lost in the daily volumes of mail?
  9. Couldn't agree more, we are currently aboard and Cedric is the best
  10. The problem here and for anyone reading these postings is that it will spoil the best of the evening. We booked it having no idea what it was all about. We were truly mesmerized and delighted by the presentation, worthy of the applause after the related and satisfactory meal.
  11. I have to ask, do you tip for service received at WalMart?
  12. The exception to the belief that pre service tipping (aka bribery) does not yield results is in the seating dealings with the maitre d'. Where and when you are seated can well depend on the successful transfer of cash especially in very limited availability.
  13. My beef is not with Celebrity alone, it is with the entire industry (save, finally P&O) Why should I know anything about the control of Celebrity, I am but a customer.
  14. I guess we must be "stiffing" the CEO for we have no idea who he is, where he works or what he does, just like most employees of this line you are so concerned with. Must we tip them all?
  15. Not in the dining room tonight, it being the final night. Our waiters, assistant waiter and the gal on the desk who allocates table space are all more than happy with our presentation, something that was very rare in it's occurrence tonight. You obviously have not read or understood our position. We are most generous in gratuties. But we will do it as we see fit and not dictated to by the carrier.
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