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  1. There were quite a few people getting plates of oysters on our recent Panorama cruise, but I did hear a couple of people say that the food was good, but not worth paying extra for. If they grilled fish instead of frying everything, I think my husband would have eaten there daily, but he doesn't do fried food -
  2. Hey Rosequin! If you're looking for a less crowded area for sunning/pool time/hot tub, the Havana area was definitely less crowded. Sitting on our aft balcony, we looked directly down on the area and it was never very crowded. There are also buzzers that you can use to call a server over, I think a first for Carnival. It doesn't exempt you from noisy, drunk people if they are around however 🙂 There is quite a lot of outdoor seating all around the ship, especially on the lanai deck, but it is not pool side. I don't want to give the impression I didn't like the ship, I thought it was great
  3. We had to cancel all of our excursions on our recent cruise. I did it via phone and promptly received an email stating they were cancelled. About 3 days later, the credit showed up on my credit card.
  4. We had an aft Havana cabin on the Panorama and it only had a chair, not a couch. Storage space was also limited and the cabin seemed very small overall for the price point. I really wasn't that impressed with the cabin itself. I did love the balcony and luckily, the weather was nice enough to sit out there most of the time. I wouldn't book the room again.
  5. We were on the cruise a couple of weeks ago, had self disembarkation and didn't get off till right around 10. They had only called two group numbers by that time. Even though they called deck one disembarkation right at 8 am, they didn't call the next group until about an hour had passed. Once our number was called, we were off the ship and in the parking lot within about 10 - 15 minutes, that part went very quickly. Customs was the quickest every - a glance at our passports and that was it. I wouldn't count on a 10:30 flight.
  6. We ate there twice last week. I am a vegetarian and they made me great food. You just need to ask them for what you want. I had sweet and sour vegetables one night and kung pow vegetables the other. I am sure they would make him sweet and sour chicken if you ask. They made me vegetable eggrolls and vegetable soup for appetizers - both were delicious. We only ate at specialty restaurants on our cruise and all were extremely accommodating. My husband loved the pork belly also (yes, bacon is pork belly, there's a sauce you can pour over it or not).
  7. We're leaving on the 8th on the Panorama and I live in CA. There's a unnamed virus going around our town. Everyone I know who's gotten it has gone to the doctor and they are treating symptoms, not actually giving anyone anything to treat the virus itself. There's also no pre-shot. I am taking Airborne and tons of vitamin C and washing my hands at every turn, but there's not much else you can do. It's just that season. We will be avoiding the cruise buffet and washing frequently, but its one tiny, tiny virus cell and not much you can pre-plan for.
  8. They have it on the brunch menu. Haven't tried it yet - three more weeks!
  9. Not everyone who is booking the Havana area is doing it for the exclusivity of the pool. I wanted to try one of the Havana cabins. Also wanted to try the Havana bar for Cuban drinks/snacks and nighttime Cuban/Latin music, but that area is open to everyone. We rarely sit around on a pool deck and in 30 odd years of cruising, we've never been in a pool or a jacuzzi on any ship. I do like that there's a dedicated adult area, but we could get that on the Serenity deck (want to try the salad bar there, I'm sure no children will be complaining about their lack of access to kale). About four wee
  10. We love the steakhouse on the Miracle - that glass staircase is always fun. We have a tradition of eating at the steakhouse on the 1st and last night of every cruise. It starts and ends our vacation mode. On the first night, there is a free bottle of house wine per table or you can get a discount on a different type instead. We don't drink wine, so that's not it for us, we just enjoy the atmosphere.
  11. No stores within walking distance that would sell cases of soda. Your best bet would be to ask your Uber driver to stop for you on the way.
  12. Thanks Ella about the Havana area info - I can only hope. Love Cuban music, so I've got my fingers crossed! If you do get a chance, I'd love to hear what you observe on your cruise. Itchin - Good to hear about the snacks, etc. Sorry you are delayed - hopefully, anticipation will make it all the better.
  13. Hey Itchin! I saw you were up for questions :) I started thinking about booking the Panorama when I read about the Havana area. My understanding is it would be a Cuban themed area with Cuban drinks, Cuban music at night and Cuban snacks/food available. I'm wondering if they are doing that - I haven't read anyone say they are on reviews of other ships with a Havana area. I did book a long time ago and was curious if they've abandoned the concept and it's just another bar area with a decorative theme, but not much else Cuban. Thanks in advance and have a great cruise - we'll be
  14. Also, check your browser. I had to use Chrome to see all the options - couldn't do it using any other browser.
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