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  1. We are on the Panorama in February. I reserved the steakhouse, the Italian restaurant and the Asian restaurant. I've received confirmations from all three last week. Unfortunately, one of them is incorrect and we now have reservations for two of the restaurants on the same night. I will be responding to try and get it fixed or maybe will have to fix it once on board. I'm posting this to advise to check your confirmation emails carefully in case the same thing happens to you. You can reserve on line, but it does appear as if everything after that is done manually.
  2. I just order my own stuff - they have some nice cabin decoration packages, cakes, other gifts I think for pretty reasonable rates.
  3. I often wonder, when I read reviews of people that went on the same cruise as I did, or stayed at the same resort, if we were really on the same ship/staying at the same resort at the same time. I guess we're just easy to please. I have read some horrible reviews about cruises/resorts where we had a wonderful time.
  4. Anyislandwill do - Re: Nassau. Do a day pass to Atlantis or Sandals. They are both a taxi ride away and a nice way to spend a day. We stayed at Sandals earlier this year and took a taxi over to Atlantis. We got the aquarium pass, toured the aquariums, got a great drink at one of the bars, and visited the marina. If you gamble, it's a pretty nice casino. I liked looking at the architecture of the place and the décor (I do the same thing in Vegas - look at the themed décor).
  5. I've asked and they cook them on a separate griddle in the kitchen. Of course, no one knows what goes on behind the scenes, but that's what I've been told. I feel that its true the times I've ordered veggie burgers because I get digestive issues if I accidentally get animal grease/fats and I haven't had that problem on board ship. Some shore excursions have been a different story 🙂
  6. That sounds like a pretty good veggie burger - wish they would have followed through. Perhaps too much preparation required for the ships in the long run.
  7. Guy's no longer does a veggie burger. You can go to the deli counter to get one and then use the toppings bar at Guy's.
  8. We live in a really small town and work in a environment where everyone wears old beat up clothing as a rule because none of us want to wear anything nice to work in a manufacturing environment (clothing gets easily trashed). When we go on a cruise (or any vacation, or even out of town), we like to wear more upscale, fashionable gear. I like getting dressed up for dinner and wearing something other than tennis shoes, old pants and t-shirts during the day. I like to wear collared shirts or something more feminine since I don't get a chance in normal life. The t-shirts stay home.
  9. I am so disappointed that they decided to put in a bounce house on the Panorama rather than an IMAX. I'd much rather watch a movie on a sea day than bounce up and down. Our town is a three hour drive away from an IMAX.
  10. I said I'd report back as soon as I heard something. I received two reservation confirmations from Cucina del Capitano today. Unfortunately, they are both wrong - they now have us dining there twice, one night after another. I replied and asked for them to fix, we'll see how long that takes. I really hope I can get this straightened out before cruising and don't have to spend time once aboard messing with dining arrangements.
  11. We too have done several cruises on both lines - we like them both. We did a Christmas Mexico cruise in 2018 on NCL and got the 5 free perks. Since we're platinum on NCL, we also got free laundry and 2 more specialty dining credits. We basically walked off the ship with no bill except for a spa service we each did. We really liked that!
  12. Thanks for the video posting. We will definitely try the brunch at least once (we have 3 sea days). I do love Blue Iguana for breakfast, so we'll hit that on port days.
  13. OK - I put in all my requests (Valentine's Week cruise). I am disappointed that they don't have the automatic system since it's a new ship. I will report back if and when I get confirmations.
  14. I saw a poster on another thread said they had avocado toast and a yogurt parfait. Is there another page or maybe they were mis-remembering and it was another cruise line entirely :)
  15. Me four on the not showing up yet! Maybe tomorrow - I'm mostly curious if they're using the new system or the old.
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