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  1. fabby50

    Steakhouse on embarkation day?

    We have a tradition of eating in the steakhouse the first and last night of our cruises. We don't drink wine, we just like the atmosphere. We live in a small town and there are no restaurants other than fast food, so we feel the treat is worth it.
  2. fabby50

    Martini tasting

    The last couple of Carnival cruises we were on had Alchemy Bars. What they did was twice during the week, they offered martini flights. You got to pick 4 from a list of 8 or 9 to make your flight. We would order two flights and get one of each. I think it was around $25. I'm hoping they'll still have that.
  3. fabby50

    Specialty Dining Reservations

    Wow - that's good information. I just get an error when I try to go to the reservation page - says it's been reported to Carnival and they are working on it. I figured it was because it was too soon. I'll try again. Thank you all!
  4. Hey! Searched on the Carnival website and here - can't find the answer. We have reserved a cruise pretty far out - how many days in advance can we reserved specialty dining? I know on other lines, it's farther out if you have a suite, for example, on NCL it's something like 80 days if you have a suite and 60 in a standard cabin. Thanks for any info -
  5. fabby50

    2020 Itineraries?

    Avalon had bikes - another reason we chose that line.
  6. fabby50

    2020 Itineraries?

    I chatted with Avalon Waterways about one this week. She referred me to one of the cruise consultants that's arranging an advanced quote/deposit for me so I can be assured of a spot (we want to go on the Tulips and Beer cruise specifically). Right now, she knows it will be the first part of April, but not what ship. If there's one you want in particular, you may be able to talk to the cruise line you want to take and do something similar.
  7. fabby50

    Star Room 12500

    Looked for info on this room before our cruise last week and I said I'd report back after cruise about a couple of things. No, they didn't fix the windows during the retrofit. Lots of streaks from the sealing problem. Still they were great to look out of. We kept the blinds closed in the bedroom most of the time because all that glass really heated up the cabin. If you were going on a Caribbean cruise or a Mexico one during the warmer parts of the year, I probably wouldn't recommend this room for that reason. It would get really hot during the day. We were on the Mexico cruise and heading into the sun, the air conditioners just couldn't keep up even with the blinds closed. Having two full bathrooms is really nice! We were initially going to take a third person but there ended up being just the two of us. We still used the 2nd bathroom and bedroom. There isn't much drawer storage in the master bedroom, but there is plenty in the 2nd.
  8. fabby50

    Penthouse Suite Fruit & Snacks

    MarkMark - they have them on the suite breakfast buffet, so they must be available in the kitchen. Last week, there were figs and apricots on our buffet and I've seen raisins set out for oatmeal.
  9. fabby50

    Christmas Dalies

    Someone posted a few last year - you might want to search. There seemed to be one holiday activity per day from what I remember. One day, it was showing a Christmas movie in the theater (It's A Wonderful Life), another a Christmas origami class, there was caroling practice with a performance towards the end of the cruise in the atrium, etc. I am hoping to find the same this year as it's part of the reason I booked a Christmas cruise.
  10. Usually on the buffet, there is a great selection of vegan Indian food. I think a lot of the chefs are Indian and it seems a bit more authentic than some of their other selections - except for the heat of course. They don't ever seem to serve spicy food.
  11. fabby50

    Government Shutdown?

    Thanks for the input! My husband and I both work for the Navy and we were both sent home last time. There was a lot of confusion.
  12. fabby50

    Government Shutdown?

    Haven't seen anything on this yet and I was wondering if anyone knows how a government shutdown would affect port authorities? I wasn't cruising the last time we went through this and we're supposed to sail this Friday. Did anyone here cruise during the last shutdown? Thanks!
  13. fabby50

    Herbal tea

    yes, they have herbal tea. I can recall mint and camamille (sp?), there are probably others.
  14. fabby50

    14 Day cruise on the Star

    There are several videos on youtube that show the refurbishments - before and after shots. Just search on NCL Star 2018 refurbishment and they come up.
  15. fabby50

    NCL Star - Jan. 4th

    We sail next Friday (6 more days) and I got another email today asking if I want to bid. I'm kind of wondering if they're going to wait until people board to notify them at this point.