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  1. If anyone has photo's from Santorini, Mykonos, Turkey, Athens please send them to hampton3@sosinet.net. Thanks!!!!! Dina Hampton
  2. fairlane427us

    Golden Princess Photos!

    Thanks for moving the post. Yes I did write over the memory card. Weird thing is that the photos that are missing are in the middle of the down load. I got the beginning and the end. The middle was not copied over to the CD. I downloaded my second set of pic's when I arrived home . 300 photos! I then took the digital card to Costco and got 300 photos downloaded on 2 CD's. I really think they did not transfer the first set or wern't transfered correctly, hense extra photos on one of the first CD's. So reguardless. NO WORD FROM PRINCESS??? No -we cant find your pictures, no we will refund you your money for incomplete CD's. No- let me give you pre printed photos from Santorini, Mykonos, Turkey, Athens??? Something???? So if ANYONE was on the cruise with us in Oct PLEASE, PLEASE. IF YOU HAVE ANY PHOTOS sent to hampton3@sosinet.net. Thanks!!!! Dina Hampton
  3. fairlane427us

    Golden Princess Photos!

    :confused: We were aboard the Golden Princess 10-17 thru 10-29-2006. We submitted our photo digital image card to have CD's made of out 312 photos. The cruise photo attendant informed me that it would take 2 CD's for all the photos taken. I had 2 sets of CD's made. My husband picked up the CD's. The line was very long and it was very busy. When he got to the attendant they pulled out the CD's , and very quickly showed my husband some of the photos, just to make sure they were ours. One problem.......out of 312 photos ONLY 100 PHOTOS WERE ON THE CD'S. The attendant is not going to go through all the photos to make sure they are ours, BUT THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN SOMETHING WAS WRONG BECAUSE YOU WOULDNT NEED 2 CD'S FOR 100 PHOTOS. So I did not know my photos were missing until I returned home. Then I find that on one of the CD's that there are different amouts of photos. This was clearly a photo transfer error. So I called Princess Cruises and informed them of my photo problem. At first they did not respond back. I called again. I did reach someone (my travel agent has her name) . The standard answer....We are working on it , please be patient. Ok....Its' Dec 6th...how long should I wait? I know the Ship keeps photos on thier computer for 30 days...well thats over. So I guess our once in a lifetime trip has 312 photos missing forever.:( So if anyone has photos from this cruise please email them to me (hampton3@sosinet.net) :) Advice....NEVER, NEVER , EVER GIVE YOUR DIGITAL PHOTO CARD TO NON-PROFESSIONALS. Buy extra digital card!!!!!!!!!!!! Dina Hampton