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  1. I was in cabin 12526 and was awakened every morning between 5-6AM from deck chairs being put out on deck 13. It was VERY loud. You could hear music being played from around the pool but that was not an issue; actually kind of nice!
  2. Got back from my cruise March 31st and the boat is still rocking! The only time I get relief is on the tennis court. Very strange I know. Am so glad to know what this is all about. I thought it was just me:D I have taken numerous cruises and this has never happened. I certainly know what to do in the future and hope that it won't reoccur. It won't make me stop cruising!!!
  3. I envy all of you who have the cruise BEFORE you :) I really miss Jerome! Hubby does his best but.... Expat, went with my BFF and the cabin was huge just for the two of us. Yes, there were lots of kids BUT on the most part, they were very well behaved. There were thundering noises in the halls numerous times but it was during the day so no problems. Kids have a hard time walking anywhere! Oh for that energy:o The seas were VERY rough the first several nights. It was also raining in Roatan, the first stop. The captain said that all of this was due to a massive cold front. The rest of the time we had good weather, however the ocean was VERY cold. Have no clue who the piano player was as we were suite bums. Both of you have a wonderful cruise.
  4. They have not installed any awnings. Frankly, I loved having nothing above me as the balcony had a lot of sun. Never went to the pool. Yes, you did have the occasional people staring down. SO, if you are into nude sunbathing they would definitely get an eye full :D I mentioned the chairs to the concierge. It did not help. I am a light sleeper though. However, I can say I wore ear plugs and it still didn't help. I hope that your butler will be every bit as good as Jerome. He left for the Philippines to visit his family. Then on to the Breakaway.
  5. First I would like to apologize to everyone as this will not be a review. Just a few observations as I was certainly NOT the typical cruiser this trip. My best friend and I splurged on a family cabin with balcony and boy did we ever use it. We also wore our poor butler (Jerome) out with eating in our suite. But I promise we left him an amazing tip . The suite was wonderful, especially the balcony. However, if you are a light sleeper I DO NOT recommend suite 12526. Every morning between 5 and 6 lawn chairs were being dragged around, despite our mentioning it to the concierge. I really think that is just when the task is assigned, even though it is pitch dark. The jogging track is supposedly NOT over the cabin but numerous times we both heard loud sounds like people running. Everything else about this cabin was perfection. Loads of storage and plenty of space to move around. My friend said the murphy bed was great but we did get the egg carton mattress. The pre-concierge was a total waste of time as absolutely nothing had been done. This could have been due to it being a Spring break cruise and most staff were worked to the limit. Also, there was no chef's table and the wine package was totally different. They were only offering 20% off some of their more expensive wines; nothing like the bundled packages of the past. Again, I am not sure whether this was just because it was Spring break. We ate at Le Bistro (one of the best meals I have ever had) and La Cucina. Neither one of us were impressed with La Cucina but the service in both places was very good. We also had breakfast several times in Cagneys and it was SLOOOOW. Again, they seemed overwhelmed with all of the people. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the ship and with the staff in general. They seemed happy and eager to please. Overall it was a wonderful cruise. I would be happy to answer any questions. We went to the Tropicante in Costa Maya and Nachi in Cozumel. It was raining in Roatan and we took NCL up on the offer to cancel
  6. RJM, You are in a suite and have priority disembarkation. You will get off the ship in plenty of time, don't have to stand in line to get a number, and wait for a tender. RELAX and enjoy the other three ports. See you on board! :D
  7. Where do you sign up or can the concierge do it for me?
  8. OK, I am ignorant. How do you attach the key card to the Brighton lanyard? :confused:
  9. Cruiser... Welcome back! Did you enjoy the Dawn? Am leaving on the 23rd and anything you can post would be greatly appreciated!
  10. David, You have done a remarkable job of remaining objective. Many, many thanks for ALL of your comments. I am traveling in a family suite with balcony on the Dawn in March and truly have been second guessing the choice. Want that Haven experience :D However, since reading your review and realizing that my cabin is WAY cheaper than what you paid, I am now happy with my choice. Again, thank you so much for all of the time you took to present us with a very objective review.
  11. Welcome back!! Looking forward to your review :o
  12. EZE...Sante is closed. They went back to the States. I was SO looking forward to that!
  13. David, welcome home to the real world! I would love an explanation about the butler's role being reduced :confused:
  14. VG...Will be on your cruise:D Have you signed up for the meet & greet? http://boards.cruisecritic.com/forumdisplay.php?f=349
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