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  1. holidayhelen

    Drinks Package

    As a couple who enjoy a drink -we really hope they introduce the drinks package and we will purchase it. Nearly all other cruise lines offer packages. The wine package that P and O currently offer does not interest us at all. We don't really drink the costa coffee but we do enjoy a few beers/cocktails during the day and evening and we think it would be good for us. It would be nice to have the option to choose ourselves - I really hope they do introduce them
  2. holidayhelen

    Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa Port

    Hello We are at this port in January 2019 - I can't seem to find anything about it or any tours except the ships tours - which look awful for us. Anyone any idea of things to do? Can we just wander on our own or best to get away from the port. We are only in port 12 - 6 and its a Thursday. Any ideas? Thanks H
  3. holidayhelen

    St Petes June 2019

    Thank you for that - I must say that we do not really want 2 hours shopping time - so the other tour is more appealing!!
  4. holidayhelen

    St Petes June 2019

    We have been looking at our overnight in St Petes on 29th June 2019 - there are another 3 ships in port those days. 2 RCCL and a Marella. We are looking at Alla tours for a 2 day tour. I am trying to work out the difference between the Grand Tour and the Must see tour. Any advice?? Should we book ASAP? There is a comparison thread on here between Alla and SPB but its too long to trawl through - for us Alla looks good cos its smaller groups. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks H
  5. holidayhelen

    just starting research...

    We are also cruising from LA to NYC via the Panama Canal - its our first time around this area and I am also doing as much research as I can. We are sailing the NCL Gem on 27th Jan. We have quite a few new ports for us so we are looking for ideas of things to do. Any ideas welcomed. Thank you H
  6. holidayhelen

    UAE in November 2018

    Ships tours or private? Any details Thanks Helen
  7. holidayhelen

    UAE in November 2018

    Are you booking tours with your cruise company or independantly? Any advice on any tour companies in the UAE - thanks
  8. holidayhelen

    Cartagena - tour with Dora or on its own?

    Details of the tour please?
  9. holidayhelen

    MSc musica

    Has no -one been in an inside cabin?
  10. holidayhelen

    MSc musica

    Are the toilets on Musica really as small as they look on the 360 photo. It practically looks like it touches the shower. We have looked at inside and balcony. My husband is very large and this is a big point in our decision to cruise with MSc H
  11. holidayhelen

    Word of warning

    We are just off the Jewel. Like many many others we packed a multi plug adapter in our case. All the cases with these in were confiscated. I had to join what seemed to be about half the ship to go and collect my case and have the adapter confiscated. I have been getting tips from other CC users and to take one was a tip I picked up - but we warned on the Jewel you will have it confiscated and if your case is not locked they will open the case and take it out.
  12. holidayhelen

    Back from the Jewel and very mixed

    I am just off the next leg - Singapore to Hong Kong.The embarkation was really good in Singapore. We had an inside and it was really the smallest we have ever had - but if you move the square table to under the round table and pop the stool in the wardrobe you do gain a little more space. We were in 9079 the steward Andy(?) was rude and ignorant - he never spoke - my case was missing on the first day so I asked him if they were all up and he didn't even look at me just mumbled 'go to guest services'. I along with practically half the ship had our cases confiscated due to having a multiplug extension in it - if the cases were open they already took them out - mine were locked! Have to TOTALLY agree about the restaurant service. It was dreadful. All the napkins were damp - so when put on your knee your clothes got damp. No water - requested more butter but it never came - they got starters completely wrong - mains were poor and cold - waiter would not get us any extra veg (it would take too long he said) but Maitre D managed to get it in seconds!!! Only bothered the once. We booked Moderno - brilliant - good food and good service. Italian - awful - awful service, awful food and FREEZING - the air con was sooooooo cold - we asked for it to be warmer but they couldn't. Cagneys was ok - but we could see our mains sitting while we were eating our starters. The bars were really badly manned - all of them. Couple of smiley waiters in O'Sheenans - Reetish was good but Magnums had the most unfriendly waiters - I even heard someone say "have you ever tried smiling" to one of them. The Outdoor bar usually only had one barman on and he was constantly shouting 'line up or I not serve you'. No problem with sunbeds but we don't sit round the pool - always plenty of beds around. We had 2 tenders Koh Samui and Ha Long Bay. Koh Sumai was a 40 minute tender but the day is short there and the line to get back on the ship was really long and out in the very hot sun. We had a comedy Juggler who had also been on the previous cruise how he got a second chance amazes me - he was really really rubbish but all the other entertainment was really good - especially the aerial dance shows. Disembarkation was far too simple we were off an hour before I time and had to wait for our taxi pickup. Overall we preferred the Sun
  13. holidayhelen

    Singapore to Australia or New Zealand

    Remebering of course - that for the next 6 months or so Raffles is completely shut. We go in March and that was one of the things on the bucket list - looks like it will be staying there for a while too!!!
  14. holidayhelen

    NCL in Asia

    Anyone done any of these ports and can help - please
  15. holidayhelen

    NCL in Asia

    Hello - can anyone give me some advice on ports in Asia. We will be on the NCL Jewel - our ports are Ko Samui, Laem Chabang (but we do not want to travel to Bangkok) - Phu My (be we dont want to travel to HCMC) - Chan May - Ha Long Bay. Will we be able to pick up tours at these ports? Would anyone recommend a good NCL 'not to be missed' tour? Any advice gratefully received Thanks Helen