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  1. Esther1

    can you purchase Clorox wipes on the ship.

    Don't forget the TV remote control... some just put it in a ziploc and don't touch it at all. Funny how many of us are wiping everything down the moment we enter the cabin. Inflight to and from our cruises, we do the same with our seatbelts and lunch tray, as well as packing these beauties for the flight in case anyone nearby is actively suffering from a cold or flu. Using these inflight during active coughing and sneezing nearby have kept us healthy for several cruises now.
  2. Esther1

    Government Shutdown?

    I'm with you, Fabby50, We are cruising this Friday as well. If Congress fails to provide border security and a shutdown becomes necessary, I am confident that the impact on our cruise sailings truly will be minimal. What I worry about is crew switchouts. We recently boarded a ship with a scheduled crew switchout on embarkation day which delayed passenger boarding for several hours, but in retrospect it did not impact our enjoyment of that wonderful cruise. Happy cruising, Esther
  3. Hi Sparky, We just boarded the Koningsdam neptune suite. Here is the shampoo brand. It is Elemis. I took a photo but it was too large to upload to Cruise Critic before we sail. If you message me your email maybe I can send it that way. But at least now you know the brand. Happy travels, Esther Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Forums mobile app
  4. We use Uber in Seattle, from airport to hotel and hotel to ship. Have a great cruise! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Forums mobile app
  5. Hi Sparky, We'll do that for you. We board the Koningsdam tomorrow in a Neptune Suite. We can't wait to try it! Stay tuned. Esther Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N920A using Forums mobile app
  6. Esther1

    are dvd players allowed?

    These are some great ideas! We are quirky I guess as we like to choose for ourselves so we always bring a few favorite DVDs while relaxing in our cabin. Connecting to the TV has been hilariously challenging at times, but 99.9% of the time we've been successful. Lately we've been connecting our portable DVD player to a Mini Upscaler (thanks, Amazon) that connects to HD or AV cables, and a mirror can be handy to examine the hook-ups at back of the set. Our .1% failure was on Regal Princess last month. We were foiled by the wall on which the flat screen was secured, so you couldn't get to the back of the TV. We did however, enjoy the original Love Boat episodes that Regal offered. One final caveat, even when the cruise website/brochure/online reviews promise a DVD player, sometimes they are missing or the ship is in process of upgrading and have already taken them away. Same thing has happened with slippers, but that is for a different thread. Happy sailing! Esther
  7. We are on the Allure now. Thought it might be helpful to know that they open for Dinner at 6 pm. Not crowded. We like breakfast there. They open at 8am on port days and 8:30 on sea days.
  8. Esther1

    What to do at Nassau, Bahamas Port?

    We were in Nassau day before yesterday (we're on the Allure of the Seas) and we really enjoyed going over to Atlantis. It is right near the ships and just gorgeous. The ship will have several excursions including beach activities for the day. We took a short taxi over and bought the aquariums/hotel access and toured the resort. We had lunch outside on an island surounded by hammerhead sharks. There is also a large casino with retaurants but we didnt spend time there. There is also shopping right where the ships dock, but it would be a shame to be so close to Atlantis and not enjoy seeing it. Re safety, the US Embassy has cautioned to be careful in Nassau, to stay in busy tourist areas, maybe avoid private tours there, don't take valuables. We stayed pretty close to everyone else and did not go exploring on our own, especially any secluded beach areas. Have a great time!
  9. Good news! It's only temporary.. they are upgrading the TV system for everyone. Makes sense. RCI is always working on something cutting edge to "Wow" their guests. Speaking of "WOW!" We want to give 10 "Wow Awards" already. Every single staff member is incredibly helpful and kind. Something not right? Rest assured, they are on it right away. Thanks again, Indy! Having a marvelous time. Signing off, Esther
  10. We are in an Owners Suite NOW on the Independence of the Seas. Our suite is advertised with DVD player of course, but upon arrival found that ours was missing (the various wires are still there)! Another Owners Suite 3 doors down from us has theirs, though. We are being told that our TV "Module" is broken so it won't pair with the DVD player so they took it away (who knows how long ago). We were also told today by one of our Concierges that none of the DVDs onboard are working because they are interfering with the Television system. We haven't been able to confirm with fellow passengers yet. Bottom Line: Do bring your own DVD player *and* Screen, even if you are *promised* a DVD player in your Suite. Esther
  11. Esther1


    The past two trips, we now use Antonio Cagnoli and son. Two roll calls ago, someone turned us on to their Rome transfers. Now it's one less thing we ever have to worry about. You can google them. I also like that they don't need an advance payment, and Antonio lets you use Paypal if you want to put it on a card. Have a great trip! We were just in Rome and miss it already. Esther
  12. The Haven Suites are great. We had Cabin 16031 and it was superbly located. Just be aware... they store the two-story window washing ladder/equipment right outside the glass shower with your floor to ceiling window! They only moved it once all week, then right back outside our shower. It's a minor but definite irritation, so while 16031 is still a great cabin, we would not choose it again.
  13. We are booked on Deck 16 for early 2014 and we're wondering the same thing regarding noise. We have heard that Deck 17 is below the Sun Deck where some have reported hearing the deck chairs scraping above you. Deck 16 is right above the Garden Cafe, and a few cabins are right above the Kid's Cafe. Should we be worried about noise from the Kid's Cafe below?
  14. Esther1

    "service charges" on NCL

    We have never minded (or refrained from) tipping, but NCL's new $12 daily rate seems arbitrarily high compared to the other cruise lines. We love NCL and cruise them frequently (will again in 2011) but I note they're charging more than even Princess' $10 daily fee, in my opinion, without the higher level of superior service we've always enjoyed on Princess ships. Strangely, NCL's daily $12 is what we just paid for a Grand Suite level cabin on RCI's huge Mariner of the Seas (with excellent extras, Suite Concierge lounge, skilled Concierge service, etc) ... yet we're not supposed to notice the disparity? As for adjusting slightly up or down while onboard, we have never had any problem - or qualm- with doing precisely that, when warranted. No strong-arming, guilt trips, or bullying have we seen at the Purser's desk. They are exceedingly kind, and if anything, their kindness likely will cause you to want to add back those few daily dollars into the gratuity by the time you walk away.