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  1. Thanks for the report. MS Prinsendam is here and today is the day that I get to fulfill a dream!
  2. Thanks for passing this information along. I will be boarding the EE on December 15th, only for 6 nights, but I will take it! Booked a guarantee balcony stateroom and got my assignment today. Really excited!
  3. My travel agent posted some pic's. She is a beauty for sure. However, I love HAL and will be staying with them.
  4. I wonder about that too Joanie. If I knew that she was coming out of dry dock, I would not have booked the 6 nighter starting December 15th. I was on the Statendam a few years back and it was just out of dry dock and there were problems and more problems! I did fine but others did not. Oh well, I shall go with happiness in my heart and look for all things good!
  5. Thank you! I was just wondering... Got spoiled with the Koningsdam!
  6. My last 2 cruises were on the Koningsdam and the muster drill was held inside of the ship. How does it work on the Prinsendam? Outside like the others?
  7. My last 2 cruises were on the Koningsdam and I really enjoyed the indoor muster drill. Got spoiled! Can someone tell me where is the muster drill location on Prinsendam? Still outside? Thanks in advance.
  8. Why have I never thought of this? THANKS for sharing a great idea!
  9. It's been quite a long time ago that I have done the long gown, over the top thing. Smart casual works all the time. However, with my upcoming cruise on the Prinsendam, I have already bought 2 very special evening/cocktail dresses. I want to enjoy the whole experience on a ship that I will never be able to sail on again. Now this is just me and by no means am I saying anyone else should have to do it too.
  10. Well... I could not have gotten any better responders to my questions! Thanks to you both!
  11. I never thought that I would ever get the chance to book the MS Prinsendam but I did! Only a 6 night Caribbean cruise in December but I am thrilled! I am a 4 star Mariner with HA and can answer most questions regarding the fleet but well... the Prinsendam, I can't. Am hoping some of you could help me out. During the day: what kind of attire? Nights in the diningroom: smart casual or cocktail dress? I would really appreciate any help that you can give me!
  12. Please add me! hal lover, December 15, 2018 6 night on the Prisendam! Birthday cruise! Thank you!
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