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  1. pasavant

    Another new law?

    Senator Stevens will probably be in jail shortly along with the rest of the corrupt alaska repukes. he wont be able to do much.
  2. pasavant

    Tracey Arm, Kenai Fjords, or both

    I will be sailing on back to back 14 day Holland america cruise leaving Vancouver on June 8, 2008. I have booked a day long boat tour of Tracey Arm from Juneau and a 6 hour Kenai Fjords boat tour from Seward. I want to see as much variety as possible on our trip. Are these tours too similar? If so, which one would you reccomend . Or should we do both? thanks.
  3. pasavant

    rain gear

    I have read several posts recommending taking a fleece jacket to alaska. What is a fleece jacket? do you mean a fur jacket? do you mean a shearling jacket? Both fur and shearling seem awfully heavy to me. Please let me know what a fleece jacket is . Thanks. :confused:
  4. I will be in Skagway during the second week of June, 2008. Since we will not be able to do the helicopter glacier excursion in Juneau( decided to book the flyout fishing trip and the day cruise to Tracey Arm on our two days in Juneau)I am thinking of doing the Holland America glacier helicopter excursion in Skagway. Has anyone done it? If so would appreciate your experience. Thanks.
  5. I am sailing back to back on the zaandam leaving Vancouver on June 8th. I have booked the Adventure Bound Alaska all day boat trip to TraceyArm leaving from Juneau and the six hour Kenai Fjords tour with renown. I would like to see whales on this trip. Is it necessary to book a whale watching excursion in addition to the two booked tours? thanks.
  6. pasavant

    Category HH Outside Cabin Zaandam

    So am I correct that the obstruction is not right up against the window, but rather is that piece of metal which comes down in the front and back of the ship on the sides ?
  7. pasavant

    Category HH Outside Cabin Zaandam

    is the Statendaam that similar to the volendam /zaandam that you can be certain of this?
  8. Has anyone sailed in a category HH outside cabin on the Zaandam or the Volendam? If so, I would like to hear your opinion on these cabins. They are listed as totally obstructed. Does any light filter into the cabin? I am thinking of booking this cabin for a 14 night alaska cruise because the price is very attractive. Thanks.
  9. has anyone sailed in a Category HH outside cabin on either the Volendam or the Zaandam? If so , I would like to hear what you thought about these accomodations. They are listed as totally obstructed. Does any light filter into the cabin? I am thinking of taking a 14 night alaska cruise and the price on these cabins is very attractive. Thanks.
  10. pasavant

    May 18th vs. June 8th?

    The difference in price between may18 th and june 8th is almost $1000 . I guess i' ll stick with the may 18th sailing and use the money i save for more excursions.
  11. pasavant

    May 18th vs. June 8th?

    Is there a significant difference in terms of weather and wildlife viewing between a May 18th and June 8th back to back sailing for 14 days from Vancouver on Holland America? The price difference is significant but I am willing to pay more for a better chance to see wildlife and have better weather. Thanks for any advice.
  12. pasavant

    Checking the Bible???

    As I travel with my family which includes young and impressionable children I ususally lock up the bible. Better that they dont find out about that stuff till they are old enough .
  13. pasavant

    Wild Life In May ?

    I am booked on the May 18th 2008 Volendam sailing from Vancouver for 14 days ( back to back sailing). Does anyone know any excursions to see bears during that time? The ones I checked all start in July or later. If not bears, are there any other wildlife viewing experiences any one can recommend ?Thanks
  14. I am sailing on the volendaam from Vancouver on May 18th. I will be flying in to Vancouver on the 17th as I am afraid of missing the boat if I fly in on the 18th. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive hotel near the Holland america pier? thanks.
  15. pasavant

    volendam lower promenade deck cabins

    thanks for all the advice. I have booked the C cabin and am looking forward to Alaska.