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  1. If you find a Jewish Heritage Tour please report back. I would love to do that next time I am in San Juan
  2. No it is not. St. Johns, Antigua is a town in Antigua where the ship docks when calling on Antigua.. There is also an island called St. Johns near St. Thomas both of which are part of the US Virgin islands.
  3. Doesn't the ship also dock in St. Georges on this sailing?
  4. At this late date, close to zero. 6-8 months out I can usually get it for $11.99. Then it slowly creeps up in price.
  5. allentownahoy

    Cane Bay

    Was wondering if it is easy to get a taxi to/from cruise port to Cane Bay and if so how long a trip and how much would the taxi cost. I have been to Sand Castle several times but wanted to try something new.
  6. Divi Little Bay. Not too far from ship and water is usually calm
  7. Great Carol. It will be so nice to see you again. We also have MTD. Love Bermuda and could not pass up the chance to dock in Hamilton and St. George. I will be sailing on Anthem the cruise before you do this year. Missed last winter all together because I had to take care of my mom. I also have several friends that I met on Celebrity Summit many years ago that have also booked this sailing. I feel like I will know half the folks on board.
  8. I just booked a mid ship ocean view on deck 8 for May 11. Might I see you then?
  9. Nice. So I will see you in January and May. In May you can even meet my hubby.
  10. I am all about the coffee. Do they serve cappuccinos,etc at the Chops breakfast or Diamond area of MDR and are they complementary? Is there a coffee venue where you can get specialty coffees for a fee?
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