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  1. Took me 3 1/2 months for the refund of port charges and taxes and 2 1/2 months to get FCC for fare. Full refund was not an option because I cancelled a week before Royal cancelled the cruise and those were the rules at the time ( literally changed overnight).
  2. Can it be used towards final payment for a later future cruise that you have already booked prior to the whole corona virus scare?
  3. Yes I am. I have heard of the group but am not really sure I have heard them to be honest.
  4. No worries. You are a very busy and popular woman. And you know everyone. Hopefully we can connect on the baby of the fleet, maybe even grab a meal. My mom is doing much better and I am hoping she stays that way. Thanks
  5. Thanks. Ever the source of wisdom and information. Wishing you a perfect day.
  6. Same experience boarding Grandeur out of Baltimore Feb.8 as was described for Galveston and Port Canaveral. Honestly I thought they would at least flip the pages of our passports to see if we had any recent stamps from infected countries.
  7. Thanks Carol. I appreciate the offer. Usually emailing is enough but not if she gets hospitalized which happened on this last trip.
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies. I think I will stick with Voom for now. I can always upgrade on board if needed.
  9. I am accustomed to using wifi calling to stay in touch with my 93 year old mother. On Anthem I was able to do this with Surf only ( I am not trying to face time, just make calls). On Grandeur Surf was not adequate and I had to upgrade to surf and stream. I previously purchased Surf only for an upcoming Empress cruise for an excellent price. Do I need to upgrade to Surf and Stream on Empress ( rates are no longer a bargain and this close to sailing probably will not be, though still cheaper than on board). Thanks for your help.
  10. Wel it would not be my drink of choice all the time but on a hot day on the beach or lounging on deck it might have a certain appeal.
  11. It is extremely safe and there is no need to book it through an independent tour company. Just head over and rent chairs and umbrella.
  12. Thanks for the replies with the address , and for coming to my defense Carol.
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