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  1. Are there any taxis outside the security gates that would take you up the hill and down to meet a private excursion? Worried hill may be a problem for some in our party.
  2. JoAnneNYI

    Mahogany Bay

    We need to meet our private driver outside the security gates and downhill to where the taxis wait. Is this a steep walk or gradual incline? Are there possibly golf carts to take you to the gates? We are told it should be about an eight minute walk total but map seems longer to me. Concerned about my sister who had a knee replacement a few months ago. Although she is completely healed. My husband has hip pain if he walks a longer distance on an incline. Any info appreciated.
  3. I did check what earliest flight could book and, since we get in a 6am, they allowed a 10am flight time. Hopefully will allow our 11:30
  4. I remember reading some time ago that your bags are not subject to overweight charges as they are not weighed if using EZ check. Is this true? Also....an 11:30 FLL flight should qualify right? Thanks for any info!
  5. Have had the card a long time. Only use when planning a booked cruise and have had no problems turning in points other than one time a couple years ago. I saved the number of their service for addressing just such problems. 866-928-3106. Was used very recently with success by another cruise critic member
  6. just as an fyi.....lots of Gatorade powder options on amazon.
  7. I have it on my Delta airmiles card...gold card
  8. Very true no snorkeling on east side. When we go next month hope to stop at Money Bar after for snorkeling. It would all depend on how long you are in port.
  9. Go on the Cozumel bar hop. It's a great tour to the other side of the island. Nice air conditioned tour bus and owned by wonderful people (Canadians I think). We are going 2nd time in February. We are in our late 60's. This is enjoyable for all ages. https://cozumelbarhop.com/
  10. Gee, glad I did my credit 2 weeks ago! Had no problems doing it online. There were lots of problems when they switched to a new software 2 years ago or so. I have two phone numbers saved that may be useful if still in service. 866-928-3106 and 866-872-6248
  11. If you are traveling with another couple you can split cost of 4 device plan to save some money. Just have to share your login with them.
  12. Sunsetbeachgal…….do you remember when the credit showed up on your account? Email just said accepted....no other info not even the amount. I'm thinking you have to go on the excursion first?
  13. for anyone interested, my resubmission with a different competitor was accepted.
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