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  1. Thank you everyone. I figured that we had had crossed a line when we booked the second cruise, but I was hoping that it was not the case. Thanks for the great advice and information. We realize that this topic has more than likely been covered before, but this was the quickest way for us to cut to the chase. Best wishes to all, see on deck soon, I hope.
  2. We were on the Jewel for June 8th Alaska, Cruise Cancelled. Deal offered, 125% FCC and 20% off. Sounds good. Booked Jewel Alaska June 2022 using FCC. Next day Del Rio says NCL may go out of Business. We cancel and ask for refund. Customer service says okay, wait 90 days, (due Aug 7th). Friday; Notice our account shows 125% FCC. Call customer service, told don't worry. Friend in same boat, (no pun), called to make sure all was good for them too. Told, NOPE! you now only get FCC because you chose to use the FCC you only get back FCC. We call again and hear the same bad news. Email RDteam and get same story. Anyone else get tripped up the same way and get their cash back? Alaska cruises are not cheap and we could use the money right about now. To say nothing about wondering if we will ever break free of the clutches of the CDC. Help.
  3. So do you think the taxpayers, (government) will buy the stock of the cruise lines to keep them afloat like we did during the great recession for GM and Chrysler as well as some of the banks? It would save many jobs.
  4. What I meant was for incoming passengers who had booked flights into Vancouver and could not change to get bused to Seattle. The ship would leave from Seattle. Sorry about the confusion.
  5. Thank you ziggyuk for bringing up a very valid point. I have seen the infection curves to which you refer, and I see your point. However if we overload the health care system, then some might not get the care they need to survive. A difficult choice. big and fast, or small and slow. Which way will it play out? I guess we shall see. Thanks all for your input, very insightful.
  6. Thank you all for the information. I did forget how bad things are in Seattle, sorry. I guess I am hopeful that we can get everyone to do the right thing and we can beat this virus. China "seems" to have greatly reduced new cases. I guess we will have to wait and see. Best of luck to all.
  7. I hope that I am not taking the COVID-19 situation lightly, but could we be out of the woods by June 1st? We are/were sailing on the Jewel June 8th out of Vancouver. And I know it sounds selfish, but NCL could switch to Seattle and run buses for those who could not change flights from Vancouver to Seattle. It seems the port is empty on those days, and the company could mitigate their losses. I guess it all depends on how well the public practices social distancing. I feel terrible for those who are sick or worse, and I am wary about all of the sanitation measure put in place by the lines, but we planned this 18 months ago and there are 19 of us going. We more than likely will not be able to all get our schedules together again. Best wishes to all as we work our way through this.
  8. Had a wonderful time on the cruise. They did a dress your best/white night. Don't remember if there was any special dance party anywhere. They did have 70's night party. Lot of fun the entertainment crew really got the party going. Just a lot of fun. Perfect Day Coco Cay was amazing!!! We were the only ship in port this tiny little ship with the island all to ourselves. The crew said this never happens we were totally spoiled. Thanks everyone for the input.
  9. Thanks looking forward to the parties. Not going for Halloween but that sounds like a blast.
  10. Thanks good to know. Yep don't really have any disco stuff. So maybe just some mardi gras disco type beads I guess.
  11. Great just what i needed to know!! Will pack something white just in case. Enjoy life and keep on cruisin.
  12. okay thanks just trying to plan. But they so have white dress nights right? or is that just a NCL thing?
  13. Does Royal do 70's party or dress in white party on a 5 night cruise? Thanks for any replies in advance.
  14. That makes sense, thanks for the clarification.
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