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  1. Yes, they left a phone message (which was a little hard to hear). One of the recommended was the Feb 23 sailing; others were similar itineraries around the original time frame on other ships. I got the impression you could choose your trip and present it to them as an option. And the OBC is $200/stateroom, not per person.
  2. The February 2, 2020 cruise is officially cancelled. They're trying to transfer pricing to one of 6 recommended cruises. $200 OBC.
  3. Apparently, it's not a standard answer and can vary with the cruise. I was told that in the event the cruise is cancelled we would be given the opportunity to rebook a different date, keeping any price/perk advantages we previously had. They would also compensate with some OBC. I don't know how it would work if a different itinerary or cabin category was chosen. Of course, you can always forget it and get your deposit back. I would imagine that would even hold if you booked a lower fare in exchange for a nonrefundable deposit.
  4. Good to know. Previously, Silhouette was scheduled to be back in service on Jan 24. Now it's listed as Jan. 31. There must be scheduling issues.
  5. It's the big refurb they're doing fleet-wide. Right now it's wait-and-see for Feb 2.
  6. No, so far it's only up until your date. No one at Celebrity has any info except that the two cruises prior to yours are closed to new bookings yet they haven't canceled existing bookings. It sounds to me like they're trying to figure out how long the Revolution is going to take.
  7. Thanks. I hadn't considered they might need extra time to get the ship where it needs to be. We were supposed to leave on Feb. 2.
  8. The Silhouette cruises from early January to mid February have disappeared from the website. Since we're booked on one of the missing cruises, I can't say I'm exactly pleased. Our booking is (as yet) unchanged, but the phone people say the cruise is "out of the inventory" and they have no clue why. Charter? Dry dock? Edit: Now I see that the Revolution for the ship is in January. It was supposed to be finished by Jan 24 I think. Maybe it got extended.
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