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  1. Thanks for the information. I read on the Celebrity site that gratuities were not included so that's a nice surprise.
  2. Do the specialty restaurants offer wine at $9 or under so that we won't have to pay an overcharge? Also, I understand that gratuities are not included for the specialty restaurant meals. Since tips are already part of the beverage packages, we tip only on the food, right?
  3. I've seen several threads that re-iterate Celebrity's policy that future cruise credit from canceling a non-refundable booking has to be used within 12 months, but does this mean 12 months to a new booking or 12 months to a new sail date?
  4. I booked a Caribbean cruise that spends a day cruising the canal (half transit from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.) and then docks in Colon from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. I hadn't looked at the itinerary closely enough before booking, and made the assumption that Colon would be a full day so we could tour the locks. Since the cruise isn't until 2022, Celebrity doesn't yet have information on what will be offered, but I'm not really optimistic. I seem to remember the lock area closes late in the afternoon. Has anyone been on a similar cruise? Is it possible they'd let people off the ship during the day, if they choose to go on an excursion? What is there to do in Colon between 5 and 9 besides dinner?
  5. Thanks. Seems like a good possibility. Not sure it's appropriate to compare the two volcanoes but I can understand the corporate concern.
  6. We had booked a Celebrity excursion in February that included a visit to Sulfur Springs, but it has been altered to go instead to Toraille Waterfall. I checked the shore excursions list (where before there were several different trips available) and it seems all of them have been cancelled. Does anyone know why? If there is a problem with something like access to the area, I guess private tours would be unavailable as well. I haven't checked.
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