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  1. Sorry June 5 on the Summit. Definitely a cruise I want to forget!
  2. On the July 5 Summit we were asked by the Suite Manager to leave the Retreat Sun Deck in spite of the fact that there were NO other passengers anywhere. I pointed out the fact that we are a Retreat Guest and that is what the sign says. I emailed Andrea Shey the Director of Loyalty with this explanation. I received an automated message that she was traveling with limited internet. Do not expect a timely response. Why am I not surprised?
  3. Does anyone know how many new Aqua cabins were added?
  4. If they are taking away benefits from Zenith Members they should have the courtesy to inform us. Again Andrea Shea has some responsibility to do this. Benefits should be the same on all the ships. We should know what to expect.
  5. We have enjoyed this benefit since we became Zenith when the program began. It was amazing to me that the MCC on the Reflection was unaware of this.
  6. This is exactly the problem! On the Reflection I was told that Zenith were not entitled to complimentary luggage valet. Guest Relations also told me this. It required a call to Miami from the CC Hostess to resolve. I believe that it is the responsibility of Andrea Shea to inform staff of Zenith benefits to avoid uncomfortable situations.
  7. Apparently you have been fortunate to have very hospitable Concierges.
  8. We are one of the original Zeniths. Early on Zeniths were invited. No longer. Are you sure that you were not also traveling in a Suite?
  9. The Senior Officers Party is not crowded with Zeniths mainly because Zenith Members are not invited😉
  10. Interesting that Qsine is still on the M class. Maybe there’s hope for it not going away entirely. Did LPC on the Silhouette in March. The food was good however limited and time constricted. One and Done!
  11. Someone didn’t do their homework! I laughed when I saw a picture of Qsine food represented as Le Petit Chef on CC awards. After the initial promotion of LPC I hope they bring back Qsine at least some of the time. Our favorite specialty restaurant on Celebrity. We really miss it.
  12. Stayed at San Giorgio several times and did not have a problem. This happened to us in Barcelona. I was not pleased. Is this a European thing? Will stay at the Hilton by the airport on our next cruise from Rome.
  13. Hi Charles I am also Zenith Received the upgrade offer on my June 23 sailing on Equinox 110 sailings on Celebrity No upgrades:eek:
  14. On a warm evening under the stars with a glass of wine it doesn’t get any better! Literally we have the back of the ship to ourselves😊 Add to that a freshly grilled piece of fish or steak. Shh! Don’t tell anyone
  15. Our last cruise in March the taxi did not have a meter. Flat rate $20. We will ask before we take another taxi at the port. He could have charged anything he wanted for a 7 minute ride!
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