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  1. Thanks Jelayne I hadn’t seen this post. So my transatlantic has been cancelled. Not surprised. My Caribbean on November 13 is not looking good either as they cancelled the longer cruises on the Equinox.
  2. I had a B2B in late October with 2 different travel agents. Final payment was due in July. I didn’t cancel because I wanted a refund not a FCC. Neither agent processed the final payment. Does this mean Celebrity knows it’s going to cancel?
  3. Has anyone had experience with airlines and cruise lines refunding purchases because of the EU not allowing Americans to travel to their countries. If we can’t travel to an EU country how can they provide the service. Tomorrow I begin cancelling a land trip to Poland and a Transatlantic cruise from Italy.
  4. When Celebrity cancelled my March 15 and March 27 cruise I asked for a refund. Until today there was no help from Celebrity or my TA. This morning I disputed charges with my credit card. This afternoon I got a call that my first cruise was being processed and I should see it on my credit card in a few days. Coincidence? If I actually get something I will share info.
  5. Thank you! I will try again on Monday.
  6. I use the same travel agent. Celebrity cancelled my March 15 and March 27 sailings on the Silhouette. Celebrity will give me no information at all. So much for being Zenith😥 Zero response from the TA. How do they think they will stay in business when this is over.
  7. Celebrity canceled my B2B Cruises two weeks ago. No refund not even my move up bid. Funny how they can charge quickly but they can’t refund in a timely manner. Not good business in my opinion!
  8. Move up bid accepted. Ship didn’t sail. Do I get a refund?
  9. Lou Holtz He was at ND when our daughter was there. My husband was thrilled!!!!
  10. All the time! The ship is the destination. Shh! Don't tell anyone⛴
  11. They used to be GOOD chocolates that my grandkids still remember that I brought home for them🎁
  12. We experienced this and the fun part was there was a little who had a birthday on that date. His parents brought two sets of presents 🎁
  13. Yes. Which is the old Michaels Club just redecorated. Again they really do value our loyalty🥺
  14. So Zeniths are totally screwed! They really do value our loyalty😥
  15. Is this correct? The Retreat Lounge is on Deck Five? Does it open to outside?
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