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  1. I really hope that is true! I really don’t think anyone knows for sure.
  2. Zenith is definitely not what it used to be😥
  3. She has also destroyed what was the best Loyalty Program in the industry!
  4. Is the CDC card sufficient at check in or do you something from your doctor?
  5. Yes I am aware of this having met many delightful suite passengers. I am just too prudent with our money😊
  6. I am very happy to hear this. Thank you! Losing the Retreat Lounge was very disappointing. I remember the days when Celebrity really did value loyalty.
  7. What I am not understanding is the premium beverage package and the WiFi package. It now says upgrade. I booked my November cruises without All Included. I will call Celebrity to ask but who knows if I will get the correct answer until we board.
  8. Any Zenith on board? Can you report about your experiences? Any Captains Club activities?
  9. I’m wondering if it’s a case of everyone having internet so no one has it.
  10. Are there any Zeniths on board? Please post your experiences. Any Captains Club activities?
  11. Yes well my millennial children may go on one maybe two cruises a year. We on the other hand always go on 8 to 10 a year. Good luck filling up the ships with millennials
  12. Another Celebrity miss is not doing a focus group which would provide very helpful information. Give people with over 100 cruises a cocktail and some snacks and get really valuable feedback as to their strengths and weaknesses. We’re on the ship, what else do we have to do😎
  13. I didn’t realize how much I missed the speakers until I read their biographies. Definitely checking out this cruise line🚢
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