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  1. tbp

    Door Decorations

    Had my 50th Birthday on Freedom in Dec. Had the inside of cabin decorating from Carnival which is magnetic on ceiling. Sister made black poster with all kinds of stickers and on it, with Happy 50th... and 50th streamers hanging from the ceiling outside of cabin door. She used some kind of of blue tacking tape... And it stayed up for all the 6 days...Sure was nice to find my cabin:D
  2. tbp

    Freedom Review! Dec 14-20

    :)Oh my gosh what a great review you did, I was on this cruise with you'll and had a wonderful 50th birthday, the cruise was GREAT... I'm with you as far as staying later in ports...I would of loved seeing Sunset in Key West..and of course the nightlife..lol:eek: Don't know what to do with myself now thats it over, so I'm looking into another cruise.....:D Life is to short.... Glad you had a wonderful time....
  3. tbp

    Chuck's Steakhouse, 17th Street?

    Now I have to 'talk the rest' out of Joe's Smokehouse.. :rolleyes: or Tropical Acres.. Let us know where you decide to go... If it works out fine if not we'll see you on the ship:) Our plane gets in at 3:10 so time wise not sure...
  4. tbp

    Chuck's Steakhouse, 17th Street?

    Thanks Ron for the info....after being on a airplane we'll be ready for a walk...and take a cab home;)
  5. tbp

    Chuck's Steakhouse, 17th Street?

    We have a car, but guessing it won't hold six, or we'd pick you guys up! :) I'll ask Ann for sure if we are doing one of the bar-b-que places.. Maybe we could plan to 'meet up', or stop by for a 'drinkie'..:cool: Sounds good to me, we have Outback here to, love to experience different eating places when were on vacation:p Maybe Gathina can shed some light on which one is closer to the Hyatt, but my DH will go miles for a good RIB:D It would be nice to meet you'll before the cruise.... Do you know if theres a store around the hotel area to get a Black Poster Board????
  6. tbp

    Chuck's Steakhouse, 17th Street?

    Those are the two bar-b-que places we are going to check into, not having a car don't know if one is in walking distance from our hotel. We are staying at the Hyatt Place on SE 10th, so may have to get a taxi. Would be funny if we ended up at the same place and didn't even know it. I'll be looking for 4 people now for sure
  7. tbp

    Chuck's Steakhouse, 17th Street?

    :) Thank you for the info. on the BBQ places, we will for sure hit one of them before our cruise. DH loved Smokey Joes in Aruba, went twice while we were there...:D
  8. tbp

    Orville Taylor or Marva Shaw

    We will be in Ocho Rios on Dec. 18th on Carnival, Freedom. When are you there?? We would like to do a trip with Marva..
  9. tbp

    Our first Aft Wrap

    Happy for you, you will love the aft....:D Had one on the Glory and loved every minute out there on the back end...:)
  10. tbp

    Decorating your door

    Thanks to all with there great ideas, went to the party store and I'm all set for my cruise next month.....:D:)
  11. tbp

    1 bottle of liquor?

    We use to smuggle it in, but now just pay the price and buy a couple bottles from carnival and its in our cabin when we get there...:D
  12. tbp

    Decorating your door

    Thanks I'm going to try it...:)
  13. tbp

    Decorating your door

    Love the brown paper idea, how did you put a "Sharpie"that it would stay?
  14. tbp

    Drinks question...

    Every cruise we always just carry a 12 pk each of a soda or water and never had a problem, will do it again next month....:D