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  1. Never, EVER do I take our passports off the ship, they are in the safe. We have a copy on our phones and also take a paper copy. Have been on 128 cruises and never have had any issues doing it that way.
  2. I know San Juan requires you to go online and fill out a Form and upload your Vaccine card. Also know that Barbados as of now requires only ship excursions, so I booked on as a Plan B for the first week in December in case we cannot do our own thing. Someone said St Kitt's is the same way, but we don't care, if we cannot get off and walk around the shops for a while, we will just stay on the ship. Had not planned to do anything other than that anyway since we don't get in until 10am.
  3. I am super happy about STT and SMX. We were not doing much in St Kitt's anyway, just was going to go to the shopping area for a bit. Won't do Carambola until April when we have a full day there. In Dec we don't get there until 10 am. So if we cannot get off and just walk around the shops there, no biggie, will just stay on the ship. In ST Thomas we are going to Sapphire Beach and in SMX we are going to Little Bay beach for the day.
  4. anyone that has cruised since cruising started up again - can you tell me if we can do our own thing in these 3 islands. We are vaccinated, but want to get off the ship and just go to our favorite beaches, we do not want to do a ship excursion. So if you have been to these islands since July 2021, can you tell me if you could get off and do your own thing? Thanks
  5. We use Parktologists when cruising out of Tampa. Less than 1/2 mile from the port. Super easy
  6. Been to CocoCay more times than I can count. Never have seen 3 ships there at one time. curious as to how they will dock 3 ships there. Do not see 3 big ships there at the same time
  7. We are going to Carambola next April when we go to St Kitts. Not our favorite place. In Dec, we don't get there until 10 am, so just going to get off and shop for a bit and go back to the ship. Going to treat it more as a sea day. In April we are there early, so will go to Carambola and try it out. Most of the beach in St Kitt's are pretty sorry.
  8. yes, have cruised many times at Christmas. Don't know about pay dining, but the regular dining offers a traditional Christmas dinner as well as the normal off the menu dinner.
  9. I check prices all the time. 2 days ago I saved almost $300 on 3 cruises due to Military discounts.
  10. Totally disagree, more and more ships leaving from Florida like it used to be. I think Nassau will be more attractive than it used to be but ships will always leave from Florida which we love since we live here. Easy for us to jump on a weekend getaway
  11. exactly. We ended up with a sea day in Sept on Freedom b/c of all the construction going on in Nassau. Not that we care, we rarely get off the ship in Nassau anyway.
  12. That is because of the unrest in Haiti. Not safe there right now and has not been for a while
  13. They have already said everyone has to be vaccinated since the Bahamas requires it. They get around our Florida laws by saying the islands require it. We are fine with it, we are both vaccinated so we could cruise with no issues
  14. I am super healthy, thin, work out every single day. Never get sick. So yes, very blessed. So I have to wait until I am 65 in Dec to get it, which is fine with me.
  15. I have to wait until Dec to get the booster for Pfizer when I will be 65. Have not been worried about any of this since it started, but since I already have the vaccine, figured I might as well get the booster also. So once Dec gets here I will schedule it.
  16. Totally agree with you, have been there 50+ times and never get tired of it. Amazing beach day and a good beach buffet.
  17. You can get water pretty much anywhere. They also have it down at the port exit when you are getting off the ship. Many of our bar servers bring us a water when we order a drink. So you will have zero problems getting all the water you want.
  18. We love both ships, but Allure as always been my favorite. Love Playmakers, but will give that up to get MamaMia vs Cats!
  19. We always sit at Chill Beach. Pretty quiet as a rule, we just relax on our loungers and watch the water and people watch. But never any loud music or rowdiness on that beach and have been going there for years.
  20. the vouchers can be shared with anyone so you are fine to do that.
  21. not us - we want to be on the ship the second we can. Head to the pool, get a drink and chill. First day of the cruise, want to take advantage of it. could care less about lunch, never go into WJ for lunch. If there is an El Taco then I might get some black beans, but that is it. I just want to lay at the pool and soak up the rays.
  22. We live in SW Florida and have to get our test on Sat for a Monday sale. We are going to book at Century Link Field but Walgreens also do them here.
  23. We always just make sure to ask them to change our sheets for week 2. Tell them we don't care if it is the night before, the next day or whatever. Also ask for extra towels for showers the day of turnover.
  24. When we were on Adventure and Freedom, not every table was used so they were making sure people were not that close to each other. I don't think we ever had anyone sit at a table next to us, there was always a table in between. We also would talk to neighbors in MTD before. But we love MTD and will never go back to regular.
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