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  1. Just received my email cancelling Silhouette November 2021 Western Med. Told them I had no desire to rebook at such high prices and would like a refund of my deposit of $960 Canadian. Since I had booked a NRD months ago, I was prepared for receiving only a FCC, but she verified the credit card number and said my full refund would be received in about one week. Went ahead and booked HAL Rotterdam VII (brand new flagship) for October 2021 with a better cabin, full perks and less money. Bye for now, Celebrity.
  2. I think your response is quite harsh and certainly not any of your business. Temptation is literally everywhere and he’s entitled to live his life as he sees fit. I think it’s just wonderful that his parents want to give the couple a vacation, cruise or otherwise.
  3. We’re also booked on this cruise, but will cancel before final payment if Celebrity doesn’t beat us to it. There will be too many restrictions in April and we’ve lost interest. Booked on Silhouette for November and hoping it actually sails.
  4. RCL is releasing Europe and TA for 2022 on November 9th. Celebrity will likely follow suit.
  5. Yes, let’s just hope Celebrity follows suit. I’m betting they will do the same as Royal.
  6. We cancelled our May Baltic’s sailing on Silhouette and rebooked November Western Med on Silhouette. I just don’t want to wait until May 2022, and beyond, but it will be interesting to see what Celebrity is offering.
  7. Just read on Cruise News that RCL will be releasing sailings for Europe and Alaska in 2022 starting November 9th. I assume that Celebrity will be doing the same. I know that lots of you have been waiting for these sailings, so I hope Celebrity doesn’t disappoint!
  8. Had a call from NCL yesterday promoting their 2022 sailings. We haven’t sailed with them in over five years and this is the first time we’ve heard from them since then. We get lots of communications from Celebrity, but we usually have at least one cruise booked, so not surprising.
  9. NO! We cancelled our April and May 2021 sailings and booked Silhouette November 2021knowing that it could also be cancelled. Right now? Not if you paid me plus a free cruise.
  10. I can’t find my reservation details online and to be honest I don’t think it’s even possible. I always just refer to my invoice that was emailed to me when I booked. If I have any questions about my reservation, I just call HAL.
  11. We have no problem with ship excursions. We don’t do the Caribbean anymore, usually Europe or TAs. Any excursion that takes me to Tuscany, Florence, Copenhagen, etc. is fine by us! That being said, there are some ports we love to roam about on our own, so that will be a loss for sure, but not a deal breaker.
  12. Sorry, but even if the ship sails, I would not want to be one of the first passengers to try it out. However, I’m grateful for those who will, so that the rest of us get an idea of what we can expect when we do decide to cruise again. So, I hope you sail and please keep us up to date while on-board.
  13. We’ll be on-board for the TA in October 2021 and we are so excited to do so. We love this class of ship and Rotterdam VII will not disappoint. Thanks for posting the newest photos!
  14. We have an April TA on Reflection we’d like to move. I guess our May Baltic won’t be eligible this time. Hopefully, October TA will be a go.
  15. Thanks, I’ve been waiting for this news! We have two booked for 2021 we’d like to shift to 2022, but the itineraries have not been released yet. Hoping that happens before Nov. 30th.
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