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  1. Tuscany, Southampton, Amsterdam, Lisbon and just about any European country.
  2. So I’m betting on April and May 2021 only because we have a TA and then a 14 day Europe booked. Please let me win this bet!
  3. Yes, we technically did not “cancel” the original cruise. We “transferred” it to an entirely different cruise. Thank you for pointing out my mistake.....my bad.
  4. As others have advised, highly unlikely this cruise will happen in the near future. Have you looked into the Lift and Shift option? You can choose another cruise, same ship, same itinerary, but in 2021 or 2022. You keep all of your perks and pay the same price as the cruise you are moving from and you keep the same cabin category. Worth taking a look at it if your dates are flexible. If not, then since you are before final payment, I would cancel and get back the deposit. Please do not give Celebrity anymore money.
  5. We recently cancelled an Apex cruise with a NRD and transferred to a different ship and itinerary. We did not lose the rebooking fee of $100 and the full deposit was transferred to the new booking. The booking number stayed the same.
  6. As mentioned, it’s highly unlikely Infinity will see any type of upgrade before you sail. We sailed on Infinity in 2019 for two weeks and although we love m class ships, she was a bit ragged. Not dirty or anything, but clearly in need of a new refresh. Our cabin was kept spotless, but it was very dated and a little rough around the edges. I would not want you to have your first impression of Celebrity based on this particular ship. As long as you’re aware that Infinity is not one of Celebrity’s newer and glitziest ships and you have an open mind, then you should enjoy your cruise. I just wish your first time sailing with Celebrity was on an S class or even E class ship.
  7. I will believe it when I see. Sorry, but I’ve become very skeptical when start dates are announced. I’ll be very happy if it actually happens this fall.
  8. We’re Canadian so our insurance coverage would be a bit different. We have no problems getting insurance, but this Covid 19 has had an impact on insurance companies and how they choose what to cover and what to exclude. We would not chance doing any cruise out of the US in the near future, but feel more comfortable in Europe, since my DH is British. So many changes!
  9. We have two booked for 2021, April and May. Reflection TA and Silhouette Europe. I’m thinking we have a 50% chance of doing either one or both. My concern is getting travel insurance for two young people over 70, one with A Fib controlled with meds and one with mild asthma. So, lots of factors will determine if we cancel, lift and shift or just wait it out and let Celebrity cancel or not.
  10. We are also booked on Reflection to Europe next Spring......love this ship! Our favourite cabin is on deck 9 #9194. We prefer starboard and close to elevators. This cabin also has a large angled balcony. Cabin #9192 has a slightly better view because of the angle. I’m sure other cc members have info on the cabins you mentioned. Enjoy your cruise!
  11. I personally think that the recommended grats plus a little extra is all I’m willing to offer. I don’t think we should be solely responsible for any reduction in the crew’s compensation.
  12. We’ll do the same as we always do. The recommended grats plus a little extra in cash at the end for our cabin steward and dining wait staff and anyone else who goes above and beyond. I would hope that Celebrity will top off any difference.
  13. My DH received it, but not me. I filled it out and submitted for him. We’re Elite+, but doubt if will even make areal difference.
  14. Not sure our American friends will get the “two cents” comment, but it made me smile. I agree that fleetwide sailings will probably not happen until 2021. I sure hope so, as we have a Reflection and a Silhouette cruise booked for the spring.
  15. Well, first let’s remember that Apex has not sailed yet, so nobody has any firsthand knowledge of the dining venues. However, we are booked on her TA for 2021 for 14 nights and we prebooked each dining room alternating each one every night. If we decide to take in a specialty restaurant when on-board, we’ll just cancel the MDR reservation. Each restaurant has the same main menu, but with regional dishes also available. Prebooking your dining time is very convenient, but remember to let them know if you won’t be coming if you choose to go elsewhere.
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