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  1. We're Canadian and also like our cup of tea. However, we don't need a kettle in our stateroom nor would we even expect one. So many other options available to passengers without having to have appliances in our cabin.
  2. Sorry, but not "plenty" of ships have them. Ships sailing on very select itineraries have kettles.
  3. Sorry, I thought the "move down" offer was different from the "move over" offer. I didn't realize that the change of cabins would warrant a refund of the cruise fare (as OBC). Good deal for those not concerned about the cabin category or location.
  4. Refund is only for cruises that you give up and re-book at another sailing. These people were offered to change cabins on the same sailing, therefore, no refunds.
  5. Sorry Princess, but I just don't like the new format. I'm old. I hate change. LOL
  6. So sorry, by bad! Referring to the wrong thread. I'll try to remove it!
  7. What cabin do you have that has a balcony large enough to sleep on? Most of them are barely large enough for 2 people to sit comfortably. DO NOT remove furniture/mattress from inside your cabin. DO NOT leave your balcony door open! IC is open, but the ship will be very quiet in the middle of the night. However, you are allowed to wander around.
  8. You are so right! How many times does it need to be said?? Why do people insist on thinking "stuff" is more appropriate?? SMH!!!!
  9. Just give them cash and let them decide what to keep and what to send home. They're never disappointed with cash!
  10. Please, please do NOT give gifts to your cabin steward. You do not know these people or what their culture is and they don't have room in their tiny cabins for "stuff". Cash is king and it's much more appreciated than a trinket.
  11. Princess will charge every passenger a daily gratuity fee of approximately $14.50 per person per day (higher for suites). This is charged to your account on daily basis, you don't have to do anything. It covers your room steward, your dining staff (both in the MDR and buffet) and all those hard working people that you never see, but are all helping to make your cruise memorable. Please do not have these charges removed. Of course, for those who go above and beyond, you may tip EXTRA in cash, usually at the end of your cruise. You can ask Customer Service to have your family's gratuities covered by the credit card that you have provided. No need to think about %s, it's all done for you.
  12. I agree with you. I think the New Grounds coffee package is just fine for me since I can use 15 coffees very quickly. I didn't expect it to be a lifetime offer. I've been using the old cards for years and never had any left over.
  13. Nope! I was lucky and got a rep who's determined to make the customer happy and she also has enough knowledge to maneuver around the system to get the job done!
  14. Today I called Princess because I wanted to upgrade our cabin to Deluxe Balcony on Enchanted. As you know, Princess would only allow reserve bookings for 2 passengers but was fine booking for 3. My PVP was away for the weekend, so I spoke to a general Reservations Agent. She did encounter this problem, but she said that she enjoyed a challenge and would do her best to over-ride the system. Took her some time and some creative methods, but she did it! We are now booked into the cabin that we wanted and the price that we had expected. So, if you're still wanting this cabin category, call Princess, tell them the problem upfront so they're prepared for some roadblocks and tell them that other folks have been successful in getting the cabin of their choice. Hope this helps!
  15. Yes, I understand that it isn't an actual card. I personally don't mind asking about the number of coffees I've used or not. I know that one coffee package will not be enough for our 14 night cruise, so I'll probably purchase another one onboard. For me, this package is a very good deal.
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