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  1. We're on the sailing right after you, embarking in Barcelona May 6th! Please have a wonderful crossing and keep her in good shape for us 😉. We're also Elite and will be enjoying our breakfast in Tuscan......especially the coffee!!
  2. Boarding passes (Set Sail Passes) are all that's necessary to print out.
  3. We've never done that. Just keep it in a file on your device. It's a good idea to print out your boarding passes, as you will get through much quicker. If you have pages indicating perks, restaurant reservations, etc. then you could just print out that page. I prefer to make copies of the confirmation emails from Celebrity when I initially booked them. Have a wonderful cruise on Edge and please let us know how you enjoyed it!
  4. Utilize the free laundry and pressing offered. Each Elite passenger in the cabin is entitled to this perk, which for us on a two week cruise is very much appreciated. Fill the bag as much as you can (roll!) up to 30 items per bag. Pressing is nice if you have a special outfit that you want to freshen up.
  5. Reflection #1, Reflection #2, Reflection #3, Crown Princess #4
  6. Yes, we did this a few years ago. We paid in Canadian $, but forget exactly how much. It only takes about 1 hour (depending on traffic, it could take longer) so our bus did not have a toilet. Honestly, as Leesre said, book a taxi before you leave. Much quicker and less money. You could try Rome In Limo or Bob's Limo, both are highly rated, if you prefer a private car.
  7. Not acceptable! I would wait for 1/2 hour and then bye bye name tags. Who do these people think they are??
  8. Well if "the taxi cabs are backed up or that the airport security is delayed" then thank goodness we did early walk-off because if we did general disembarking, we would definitely not make our flight. Waiting for your number to be called and then having to find your luggage in a sea of suitcases is much more stressful!
  9. We've sailed many times on Princess (Elite), HAL (3 Star Mariners) and Celebrity (Elite) and I would say that Celebrity is #1, followed by HAL #2 and Princess #3. I have not and have no desire to cruise with Cunard. Really, none of these cruiselines is considered "premium". They are mainstream lines and don't pretend to be otherwise. It's all in the perception of the individual cruiser. You feel you had a bad experience with Celebrity, so it becomes your least favourite. Until something happens with a different cruiseline, then they will drop to the bottom and on and on. No cruiseline is perfect, so I wish you happy cruising in the future.
  10. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of staying another day. Most people have jobs, kids back to school, or other commitments that require them to get home. We're retired, but we have dogs that we need to get home to. We've done walk off before and will again next month in Barcelona. Really not that bad.
  11. I wish Celebrity offered a coffee card, but unfortunately they do not. We have purchased coffee cards on Princess and if you don't use up all your punches you can use what's left on another cruise. Love it!
  12. My question, too! I cannot shower without my scrubby! Sometimes better is not always better.
  13. We've always loved our Summit cruises, so I'm interested in your take of Summit since the Revolutionizing
  14. Thanks for sharing! We'll see what their prices are like when it happens. I'm always interested in something different.
  15. Don't forget you can also smoke at the midnight buffet 😂
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