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  1. I looked up your cruise and yes you are disembarking in Vancouver. Don’t worry, Canada will be welcoming cruiseships in November. If you want first hand reports of Alaska cruising, there are two threads “live from Majestic Princess” on these boards right now. Lots of information that will be very useful to you. The Grand is a great ship and you will enjoy cruising on her to Alaska. Have a wonderful time on your adventure!
  2. Do you mean a first dose of AZ followed by a second then a third dose of mRNA? I don’t think we can get a third vaccine yet here in Ontario, although I’ve heard this will be available in Quebec for international travel. Not sure I want to. We don’t cruise til 2022, May and October, so hoping we’ll be accepted with our AZ and Moderna. So frustrating when we all just did what our government told us to do.
  3. These boards have been invaluable to me over the years. So many wonderful folks who want to help and inform. Don’t know how I could cruise without my backup squad!
  4. You could go to Passenger Services onboard and I’m sure they would take care of it. My niece and her boyfriend got engaged onboard and with only one hour notice, PS decorated the whole cabin while they were on an excursion.
  5. I just added our anniversary on our sailing. Did it on the app. It was actually easy. Surprisingly!
  6. Definitely not impressed with this. On our next two cruises we have unlimited wifi as a perk, but for future cruises we may have just gone with the basic fare. Loyalty is being punished, it seems.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I assume that Elite and Platinum guests were allowed to choose preferred boarding times in the app. I hate to think about having a 3pm boarding time, but not the end of the world.
  8. Thank you for that! Now that I know the size of the balcony I get a picture in my head. Familiar with the interior of the cabin, been there a few times, but never with this size balcony. However, I’m not thrilled with forward location, but I’ll adjust.
  9. Thank you for your prompt reply, John! We’ve sailed many times in a deluxe balcony, but not in this location. We chose it because of the balcony size, but you get a better idea with a photo. I prefer a mini suite, but the price for this cabin was very reasonable. I’ll keep looking around the internet. Ingrid
  10. We just booked Enchanted Princess TA for October 2022 in cabin E117, deluxe balcony cat. DF with huge balcony. Has anyone stayed in this cabin on any other Royal class ship? Would you have a photo? Any information would be much appreciated. TIA.
  11. No. This was a case of a discount fare, that she finally found and gave to me. She actually found numerous fare codes all within the BSE promotion but none matching my displayed fare. She explained that lots of different codes applied to lots of different Princess clients depending on many factors. She said my fare code was the highest discount and I needed to either book it online when logged in or to give the code to the agent should I wish to book on the phone. I had originally booked online, but called to get a re-fare of a price drop.
  12. This agent told me to use this code whenever I booked. I believe it may be a casino discount code, but I’m just guessing. As long as they can book my cruise at the same price as I see online, then I’m good. Until she found the correct code, the price I saw online was $600.00 less than what she saw!
  13. Occasionally get a flyer in the mail, but I get loads of emails.
  14. No problem…..it can happen. As for your question, only Princess can tell you the answer. Booking our cruise a few months ago, it took the agent an hour of searching to find our fare code because she could not find the price I was showing on my tablet. Finally, she did and gave me the code to use for future bookings. She said that there are numerous fare codes even for the same promotions. Make sure that you and your DH have the same code, whichever gives you the best price. Only Princess can help you, sorry.
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