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  1. Just saw my email from Celebrity and the flight reduction promo must be on flights up to September 2022, so our cruise does not qualify anyway. Oh well, at least we got the 20% discount,
  2. This is very interesting, since we don’t sail until 2022 and air fares are not yet available. I guess in November when flights are available, we would need to cancel our booking and rebook with the reduced air fare. But, probably by then, the 20% discount promo will have expired, so we’d lose that! Guess we’ll just have to wait it out. Thank you to everyone for letting us know how you’re managing your cruise and air bookings.
  3. Good point. It would certainly be nice to see that happen sooner than later.
  4. Perhaps I was thinking of Summit, which did get the full Re-do, hard to keep track. I’m assuming that Infinity will be the last one to see any major upgrades. Love that ship, but in 2019 she was looking a bit tired in places.
  5. Thank you for that update. For some reason I was under the impression that Connie had the full makeover, including all staterooms. Good to know.
  6. On Infinity in 2019, a bartender at the Casino bar made me a drink every evening with a tonic (which I love) base and dashes of this and that with some floating citrus slices. Delicious! I was on meds at the time and couldn’t drink alcohol, but I still craved an evening adult beverage or two. He named it The Infinity lol. He made my cruise so much better and my DH rewarded him appropriately.
  7. Thank you for the update. We have two Edge cruises booked, but not until 2022. Hoping by then things will have changed and we can all travel without restrictions and with confidence.
  8. Thank you for your clarification on behalf of the other poster. Much appreciated.
  9. My goodness, you really need not post your opinion three times. We shall agree to disagree. Have a most wonderful day.
  10. Another vote for this cabin! All sweet sixteen are good cabins, but this one is the best!
  11. Well good for you, but not everyone’s experience. Also, I think it’s just respectful to request a change in advance and not just show up. I really don’t think we should be telling folks to do whatever they want. Some might be terribly disappointed because they listened to your advice.
  12. We really do love the MDR much more than Blu. Service is always excellent and the food is also very good. However, I do understand that there are many, many folks who sail in Aqua just for the privilege of dining in Blu. Thank goodness there is something for everyone and that’s why we cruise!
  13. You were very lucky to have had no issues. Our experience was different from yours. I would not recommend to anyone to just show up at the MDR expecting to be seated just because it worked for you. I think these issues are fleetwide and not just on one ship. I will repeat that I think everyone wanting to change dining arrangements should make a request first to both restaurants. Not a huge deal. Things are different now with Covid protocols and we should not take anything for granted.
  14. Sorry, but our first hand experience says otherwise. We were booked in Aqua class on Summit in 2018 and we went to Blu the first and second night and did not enjoy it for a number of reasons. We decided to go to the MDR on the third night, after telling the hostess in Blu we would not be dining there. We arrived at the MDR and were told that we could not just show up and expect to be seated. However, the maître’d in both restaurants met with us and were very kind and said that starting the next evening we could switch to MDR. They apologized for not being able to accommodate us that night, but all tables were spoken for. This is apparently an issue they face on a regular basis. So please don’t tell people they can just show up anytime and be seated. It is apparently not appreciated. You have to put in a request. However, if you are a suite guest, you may use the MDR based on availability each evening.
  15. It depends on many factors. Do you like to be close to an elevator? Do you get motion sickness? Do you prefer to be close to Lido deck, the dining room, the casino? What is your itinerary? Look closely at the deck plans and see where you would like to be situated. Basically, all interior cabins are the same as far as layout. Your biggest concern is location.
  16. Well, if the cruise is free, then once onboard just ask to be switched to the MDR with the other couple. You may or may not be accommodated. Or the four of you could just eat in a specialty restaurant every night and forget about the MDR and Blu.
  17. If you do not want to eat in Blu, why are you paying extra for Aqua class? I would cancel this reservation and book a nice balcony cabin and then dine with the other couple in the MDR and perhaps a few of the specialty restaurants. This would save you money and no stress about dining arrangements.
  18. Actually the Aqua class guests cannot just show up at the MDR since Blu has been assigned to them. The other guests cannot eat in Blu. The would need to work it out onboard with the maître d’hôtel.
  19. I believe the operative word is “ built”. Actually built. Not just considered built to receive an exemption. I certainly hope that we can get this all worked out for both our countries. Alaska is a magical place and we love sailing out of Vancouver.
  20. No. You need to do your homework on this one regarding POA.
  21. What? How do you come to that conclusion?
  22. We tried it once on Summit a few years ago and we hated Blu and begged to be seated in the MDR. They obliged and gave us a lovely table for two by the window. The tables in Blu are so close together and zero privacy if you want it. The service was not better and the food was okay. Huge disappointment and we never booked Aqua Class again. We book a nice balcony cabin, dine in the MDR in traditional seating and add a couple of the specialty restaurants. Also enjoy the Elite breakfast in Tuscan. I realize that most folks love Blu. Thank goodness there is something for everyone.
  23. Twenty years ago a tiny town in Newfoundland, Canada (Gander) welcomed over 7000 stranded airline passengers into their homes and ultimately into their hearts. For three days Americans and Canadians became family. Many, many tears mixed with much love brought us all together on that terrible day. Today we all remember those who were lost and their families who still grieve. May we always consider each other part of our family.
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