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  1. Wow, I didn't think saffron grew in Mexico! I have to look this up. I was already planning on stocking up on cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate.
  2. tnebell

    Embarking from NOLA

    You can walk it however I'm uncertain of what is the best way of walking there. We tried from the Hyatt Place and ended up taking some back streets that didn't exactly look like they were meant for pedestrians. :o
  3. tnebell

    Buying Vanilla in Mexico??

    Awesome! I make my own vanilla extract at home! Happy days!
  4. tnebell

    Buying Vanilla in Mexico??

    Do they sell whole vanilla beans there as well? Tamara
  5. tnebell

    Cabo walking and beach

    Question for any out there that have done Cabo San Lucas before. We're going to be sailing in in May on the Splendor to Cabo, how is the walk from where the tender drops you off to shopping and Medano beach? Is it relatively safe? Okay for families? I see there are some bicycle taxis, how much do those cost? Are having pesos on hand a good idea? Suggestions on best places to eat, shop?
  6. tnebell

    Cabos San Lucas~Drive to San Jose del Cabo

    Gotcha, hubby has been thinking he's not overly fond of this anyways. I think we might just do a resort for a day. Son wanted to hang out on the beach but I'm not super fond of beaches.
  7. Anyone ever done this before? I'm thinking this might be more fun than just hanging out on the beach all day (not exactly our cup of tea) I just priced a rental car for the day and it comes out to about $20 USD. Thoughts?
  8. tnebell

    Embarking from NOLA

    Hi there, question. I've left from numerous ports (Miami, Tampa bay, Galveston, San Diego) and each are different in their embarkation. How does NOLA compare to those? For instance Galveston you drop your bags on one side of the building and then walk to the main cruise terminal. Miami, I could've sworn we put our bags through tsa and then continued upstairs to check in. How is new Orleans?
  9. My family and I are thinking about doing the Carnival sponsored shore excursion in Cozumel. All inclusive Passion Island Catamaran. Anyone done this before??
  10. Okay, I don't know if I should post this here or on the family board. We're giving our son more freedom this time on the Dream. We've advised him we will let himself sign himself out of Camp Carnival/Circle C however we are trying to figure out a way to keep track of him if he does that. Like give us call that he is going back to the stateroom or going to the pool instead type of thing. At first we thought walkie talkie but after seeing all the negative comments here on that we nixxed that idea. I'd prefer to not use the data on ship for us to keep up with our 11 yr (almost 12) son but I don't know what other option there might be. Entering new territory here with an almost tween wanting a tad bit more freedom.
  11. Hey all, cruising on Saturday on the Liberty. What time does everyone suggest arriving to port in Miami? I was thinking about 1030a so at least that way, I get through the boarding line fast and then we can sit and wait until they open the ship up for boarding. Anyone have any advice? Suggestions?
  12. Hi all, I will be sailing on the Liberty on the 26th May sailing. When we stop at HMC we're just planning on snorkeling and playing on the beach. Does anyone know if Camp Carnival does a check out/lending program for sand castle/beach stuff for the kids? I hate to pack all that stuff when I really don't need to, you know? Any suggestions? Advice? Thanks in advance!
  13. tnebell

    Clamshells in HMC?

    Please, first forgive me. I know this topic has come up before but I cannot seem to find the thread. How much are the clamshells on HMC again and how do you reserve one? I remember reading this on a thread here but now I cannot seem to locate it!! Many thanks in advance.
  14. Anyone know if the Liberty has these? Are they any good? Are any of the other cardio classes worth the $$$ spent on them? Just curious. Hubby and I are trying something new. Rather than the spend loads of money on liquor getting wasted we're trying the spend loads of money getting healthy and fit while vacationing. LOL Any feedback on the Liberty and it's physical fitness classes is appreciated!!!
  15. tnebell

    Family of 3/2 adults/6yr old

    Hi all, Been scoping out the Carnival shore excursions a bit but wanted to get some feedback from others who have been to SJU. We will be arriving on the Liberty and are interested in doing a shore excursion. Not as interested in snorkeling or all here. It looks like this is a town that would be great to tour but I'm not certain how friendly it is to a 6yr old boy. Thinking maybe shopping, hiking, really interesting sights to see, etc. Not really history as a 6 yr old won't really find that interesting, as much as we might. Any suggestions? I'm tempted to use Carnival but if I can go on my own with my husband and son to save some $$$$ that would be great too. Muchos Gracias, Merci beaucoup and thank you very much!