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  1. I am on the same cruise as Ashland Oct. 2021 Freedom. If the cruise is canceled can we lift & shift to 2022 to the Adventure as the Freedom will not be in New Jersey? Dick
  2. As a single cruiser i would get 14 points for my 7 night cruise would i now get 28 points? And 44 points for my 11 day Cruise in Jan. 31 2022?
  3. Ken thanks for the info you have given. Question? I booked a cruise 5 days ago for Jan. 2021 at a good price however my kids don't want me to go. Do you think i can Lift & shift to the same cruise in Jan.2022 even tho the price is higher
  4. Had booked Adventure for Oct. 8 2020 New England and did a lift & shift to Freedom Oct 14 2021 New England out of Cape Liberty. See YA Dick
  5. What Economic impact does not having cruise ships (all) sailing? No food, liquid, fuel, port staff, luggage handlers, crew etc. Has to hurt a lot of places.
  6. From my friend who lives in Portland. Hi Dick, No cruise ships with more than 50 people this summer. State will reconsider in Sept. Also, anyone coming into the state must self quarantine for 14 days. This order extends through August.
  7. Are they still working for Royal or did they get work someplace else? Dick
  8. If and when we can cruise again how long will it take to get the Entertainers for production shows up and running??
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