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  1. Thanks! This is great advice. My husband was just reminding me that I’ve found the Pilates classes on other ships disappointing, so I shouldn’t sign up for the package, but just try one class at first. Your idea of a yoga app is excellent. Many thanks.
  2. My friend and I are sailing on the Summit this summer. I like to work out with Pilates, spin, and yoga. Are any of these classes available iin the fitness center? If they are and you took them, how were they? Thanks for any insight that you may have.
  3. I did look at them, but my friend only likes to book through the ship.
  4. My friend and I cruised to Bermuda on the NCL Escape last year and had a great time on the Sunset Swizzle Catamaran cruise. This year, we are sailing on the Celebrity Summit and they don’t offer the same excursion. Instead, there’s something called the White Night Catamaran Party. Has anyone done this? The description on Celebrity’s website doesn’t really explain the trip too deeply beyond that you have to wear white and mentions dancing under the stars. There’s a Celebrity video on youtube that just shows two people kind of hanging around a catamaran while wearing white. I called Celebrity to ask them to what the excursion is like, but they essentially read me the same description from their website. If it’s actual party with loud music, then I’d rather not book it as what we liked about our previous catamaran sails was sitting up front and peacefully taking in the sunset. I guess my question is: is this more of a party or more of a sail? Thanks
  5. Here’s a link to my review of our President’s week Western Caribbean cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam: http://click.email.cruisecritic.com/?qs=f0cf51dc77b0e9829b7afbfc0adfcb76d0a8bb5e9f2605b28a6393dd2e43fd3dae9a5fd61820deb2751e544dfc4da1b600581223c4a05de1 Two aspects that I forgot to mention in this review were the dress code and the population. Attire: There were two formal nights and I had brought some simple maxi dresses and gold accessories. I have to say that many of the ladies on this ship put me to shame with fancy cocktail dresses and beautiful wraps and jewelry. If you like evening wear, you don’t have to worry about being overdressed on the Nieuw Amsterdam. People put in the effort to look gorgeous. Only some of the men bothered with tuxes, but formal nights saw many suits and jackets. For ladies, if you don’t like getting dressed up, a simple black dress that’s been dressed up or black pants and a sequined top or otherwise embellished top will suffice, but I wouldn’t treat formal night in the dining room like any other night. Population: I know, I know...Holland America is the cruise line for seniors, except this week when it wasn’t. I’m not saying that there weren’t still a fair number of retirees on our sailing, but because it was President’s week, there were certainly many families with children. We met several younger families with small kids on our day at HMC. What I found more surprising was the number of 20-somethings that we saw drinking and dancing and generally enjoying themselves every night at BB King’s. These young ladies and their boyfriends were very well-dresssed and very enthusiastic about dancing to the BB King All-Stars. While I would not say that RCL or Carnival have to worry about HAL stealing this demographic from them, there were definitely more people under 30 than I have seen on past HAL cruises.
  6. I think maybe if you are wearing dress shorts, fashion top, brace and and sneakers and the overall look says “Hi, I’m respecting your dress code to the best of my ability,” you should be OK, though approaching the maitre d’ might be a good idea. I’ve seen lots of HAL passengers look lovely while still dressed for comfort. I once had to wear a gown and a cast on my broken foot to an evening wedding. There was no way to wear a cast on one foot and high heel on the other, so I wore one Chuck Taylor sneaker. Almost no one noticed and anyone that did just laughed.
  7. Just returned from a cruise to Bermuda on the Escape. I had been warned about upcharges, but was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t pay extra for anything that I haven’t paid for on another cruise line. Gratuities were included, but that’s nothing new, and I didn’t meet a single crew member who wasn’t deserving of a gratuity. I paid extra for: Social media internet package Chardonnay at dinner Bayamo specialty restaurant Week long thermal spa pass Daily Starbucks 75 minute spa treatment Two excursions Other than that, everything was included. We did have to make reservations for entertainment, but there was no extra fee. The only thing that I did notice was that cosmetics and perfume on board cost more than at stores in port. Other than that, I felt the charges were fair.
  8. Thanks for all this great information. We're sailing on Sunday. I can't wait.
  9. Thank you so much! That looks awesome.
  10. Hi. Does anyone know what fitness classes are available on the Escape? Do they have yoga, pilates or spin? Thanks!
  11. “1776” is the only July 4th film that I can think of. Whether there’s a specific celebration or not, I’m sure we’ll have a good time. I’m traveling with a dear friend and it’s my first trip on NCL.
  12. Love the Quintana Roo area. That sounds like a lovely evening.
  13. Just curious. I guess I’m spoiled by DCL and their love of fireworks. BTW, I was in London for July 4th last year and they did celebrate July 4th at the restaurants and clubs, much the way we celebrate Cinco de Mayo, which is to say, any excuse for a party.
  14. We are sailing on the NCL Escape over July 4th week. Does NCL do anything special to celebrate the holiday? Thanks!
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