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  1. We just booked this voyage last night! Never ever booked one this far in advance. I wish it was tomorrow because I so need a cruise. Two canceled already. Praying November on the Horizon keeps!
  2. Hello all, We are booked on the Pursuit 5/4/20. We had booked a GTY interior and they "upgraded" us to oceanview 4014. I noticed a upgrade offer in which I could bid on two different balcony classes and I submitted a bid on each, albeit a near minimum bid. My question, if not awarded the bid, does anyone know about 4014 being so forward of the ship? I have always been midship or aft. Thoughts?
  3. Well Well , it seems to be an exciting topic. Rest easy Doh15, Not making judgement just a personal observation upon personal experience with previous notifications from governments regarding public health.(It seems to happen every 2 years, please check me on this)! Not one to ignore a request or requirement from the local authority you will not have to worry about me spreading the virus, but I guarantee you the media will cause more harm than I will travelling to Italy to go on a cruise. I can also assure you that I will not cancel the flight, cruise, pre and post hotel stays nor excursions u
  4. Yes Really! I agree, I hope no one gets the virus, whether it be Covid-19 or any of the other 6000 virus strains out there! But there is no head in the sand here. Do your research from something besides the media. Yes, the Italian government did exactly that, knee jerk reaction based upon media hype. By the way, wash your hands and respect personal space and happy cruising!
  5. Most likely the May 4th Pursuit cruise will likely have a embarkation port change. I really don't care other than I do not want to cancel the cruise. The cost and all the changes and bs involved is enough but I really don't want to miss this cruise. This is a media driven event and people are buying into the hype. To each his own but the certificate of carriage for the cruise industry allows them to set the rules in their favor. I agree with whoever mentioned the PR nightmare but I fully expect to lose money on this escapade! JMHO
  6. We are booked 5/4/2020 cruise on the Pursuit. We booked the indulgence package and after doing the math, felt it was a great deal for us. My only question is if we can use the spa credit for the Thalassotherapy pool?
  7. I think we are on the same cruise! Taking all the kids and grandkids. The oldest daughter is from your area. You will find us in Alchemy!
  8. So sad to hear! Jack's Shack is our stop in Grand Turk and Topher made it better. Rest easy my furry sandy friend.
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