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  1. Yes, you should be able to pay for an extra night and still get the ship-hotel transfer and probably hotel - airport too. Same on the post cruise. As far as the included post cruise tour/hotel packages, you are usually stuck with the tour as a part of the package. You could opt out of the tour and book a private transfer to the hotel, but that would be your extra cost. IMO the hotel packages and/or paid transfers are rarely worth the money. Particularity in most major ports in large cities anywhere in the world. I can usually find the same (grade) hotel for much less. The same ia
  2. I agree with Pcardad above. What ever the rules are today; the rules will change many times over the next few months as operations start up. I image think will start out rather strict and loosen up over a short time. This is the main reason we will not be "first" to get on the the ship. We are going to wait a few months and see how the procedure, what ever they are, pan out. J
  3. Curious. Why do you have to use a local UK (or OZ or EU) travel agent? Do you know why you could not call and book thru a USA agent? I have often done the reverse with other travel related reservations like hotels, cars, tours and even flights. The European agent have no trouble booking my non USA requests. lat time I was in OZ I booked a flight home from Perth to LA using an Oz agent, with out any issue. J
  4. IMO, it would make no difference. The Suites are all the same size in that grouping. Personally, I would avoid being under the pool or under a restaurant, near the elevators or near the laundry room. I like the lower decks. Also look at the "Suite Guru" section of this board forum. Or post the list of suite numbers for individual comments. J
  5. Sure. Generally, Interstate and International commerce including passengers travel is controlled by the federal Government. Any state law that interferes with with US law in that regard is usually null and void. So if the US government says Covid passports to enter (or leave) the Country, the states can not overrule it. J
  6. While it is not required by the US, the Certificate of Yellow Fever vaccination is associated with the Governments of other Countries as a requirement for entry. Where is really comes into question is traveling/transiting from certain Countries that have endemic Yellow fever, like Brazil into Countries that require the Certificate. When this is an issue the ship will usually not let you board without the Certificate. Here is a list of all the Countries and their requirements. Link J
  7. De Santis order is probably unenforceable. ""Dawn Meyers, a partner with the government and regulatory team at Miami-based Berger Singerman, last week said DeSantis likely has no authority under interstate law, international law or maritime law to bar cruise lines from requiring vaccinations unless cruise ships were merely traveling from one Florida port to another. Jim Walker, a South Florida attorney who specializes in maritime law, accused DeSantis of wanting to “have his cake and eat it too” by calling for the CDC to allow cruise lines to resume operatio
  8. Do you understand how this rule works? Regent Corporate in Miami makes the rule. But on t he ship is is up to the staff to have to enforce it. Usually they will let most things pass unless someone is wearing frayed or full of holes Levies. The rest of the time it is another passenger that make the judgment call and complains to the staff. Then the staff is "put in the middle" as to enforcement. Often the staff member is some low level bar or restaurant server who is stuck dealing with an unpleasant (for the) conversation. So when you say you have seen this or tha
  9. AFAIK only AA fly's direct between MIA and Nassau. But other airlines have (had) direct flights from other east coast cities. Southwest fly's from Newark, Delta from Atl and JFK, Jet Blue from Boston and FLL. United from Newark. And there are others. J
  10. FYI California will start inoculations for those 16+ on April 15. With the new J&J vaccine now widely offered one could be potentially fully protected by s soon as May 13. Certainly untold thousand of 16+ teenagers could travel by July. I think Keith is right, children under 16 will not be approved until summer or fall. J
  11. For decades the Cruise line have required the "yellow fever" Vaccine card for travel to certain countries. No one ever sued over them. How would a covid card be different? Additionally, the Cruise lines have always had the discretion not to board (and to forcibly debark) any passenger they deemed too ill or infirm. They don't allow pregnant women to board past a certain stage. They can make up almost any rule they want concerning the contract in this regard. There is no constitutional right to cruise!! (My DW would argue that point 😉 ) J
  12. Have any of you heard anything about when Crystal might release the 2023 -> Crystal Endeavor schedule. Right now on the website it only shows until January. I thought that the new schedule was to be released last month. J
  13. From what the CDC website says, there are very very few people can not get the vaccination. Furthermore, why would call this "discrimination?" Do you think that these requirements are ones that the Cruise Lines particularly want to put in place? What would you have the Cruise Lines do? CDC Contraindications of Covid vaccine. J
  14. Connections at BA at Heathrow are notoriously bad. I would suggest that you plan to stay in London a few days to get over the jet lag and then fly down to Cape Town as the the LHR- CPT is north-south and only one time zone difference. J
  15. The United States and most maritime nations consider the inside passage to be an international strait, which means that foreign vessels have right of "transit passage." Thus it is not subject to the term "Canadian Waters," if the ship is indeed just transiting. The same is true of the Saint Lawrence seaway. J
  16. This is part of an email that my Travel Agent sent me. It was from a Cruise trade organization. J ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ March 1, 2021 ""The U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee recently sent a letter about the negative impact of that ban to Canada’s ambassador to the United States. That bipartisan letter was signed by U.S. Congressional representatives Peter DeFazio, Bob Gibbs, Sam Graves, Salud Carbajal and Don Young. Finding a Solution Current U.S. law does not permit fo
  17. I am not sure I completely understand what you have written. You called Regent and they transferred the call to a 3rd party, independent, travel agent? I have never heard of Regent doing this and I am sure that other Travel Agents would be P/O to learn of this practice. Are you sure you were not calling some online booking agent masquerading as Regent? Also, if they charged you over the phone for more that you agreed, dispute the amount with your credit card company. They should reverse the charge immediately. J
  18. Sadly, none of these Cruise lines have itineraries that go down to the Ross sea. All of the above cruise lines depart from South America, only go down to the Peninsula and a few barely cross the Antarctic Circle. Ross island is much further south, about 750 south of the Antarctic Circle and only about 850 from the South Pole. This is why I was so excited to have booked the original Endeavor trip. J
  19. Although they have special section in the Galley, it is not dedicated for only gluten free foods. They prepare other "special" meal in that area too, Kosher, Vegan, Plant Based. etc. J
  20. They will try to accommodate you. However, if you have Celiac disease, I wouldn't trust them. The Chef's source lot of pre-packged ingredients from many places and have no way to be certain that the ingredients are 100% gluten free. They do carry some certified prepackage breads/rolls. J
  21. Thanks. I read the press release letter of Jan 21, 2023 from that post. I don't think it could be in 2023. Crystal shows the Endeavor still in South America/peninsula/Falkland route until February 6, 2023. By that date I think it would be too late in the season to sail back to Ross Sea/NZ. It would be great if they did! But I think the best I could hope for would be in late 2023/2024 summer season. J
  22. Antarctic Cruise Suggestions? I was originally signed up for the 2021 inaugural Endeavor antarctic trip down to the Ross sea that was Covid cancelled. I doesn't look like Crystal has any plans to repeat that itinerary anytime in the foreseeable future. (And I am not getting any younger ;( ) My question; any opinions of the Lindblad ships "National Geographic Resolution or Resolution." Lindblad has a few voyages from Ushuaia to New Zealand that skirt along the Antarctic coastline and go down into the Ross sea. I know it is not Crystal, but the ship and cabins look
  23. It is not false advertising unless they know, for a fact, that it is not true. Just like almost everything in the Stock market, NCL is using their best guess on the economy and the state of the Covid vaccine, hopeful that best estimated come true. NCL is not forcing anyone to buy and we all know the risks, But with Covid rates dropping precipitously and the rate of vaccinations rapidly rising they are betting that life will returned to some sort of normalcy sooner rather than latter. My contacts in the Travel Industries say that there is very high pent up demand for all travel and
  24. Please point out that Policy that I constantly seem to "disregard?" J
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