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  1. And, if the December trips do take place, I'm expecting it to be like the Roaring Twenties all over again. The 12/3 crossing will only have been the third QM2 voyage after the restoration of service.
  2. Indeed, that's when we've usually booked our own December trips. This time, we booked during the 2020 Black Friday sale, because the vaccines had just been announced at that point. I thought "Surely things will be back to normal by December 2021"! I think, by December, it mostly will be. But it's been far more touch and go than I expected. And it's certainly been interesting watching the December voyages move into, and out of, sold out status.
  3. We're booked on the 12/3 and 12/15 crossings as well. The eastbound has been showing as sold out for quite a while... long before the World Cruise having been cancelled. We have a friend who was hoping to tag along, which is why I've been monitoring it. I did notice that it showed up as available for one day, then reverted to 'Sold Out'. If the 12/15 crossing is now sold out, that was a recent development, because subsequent to the WC cancellation I had sent our friend the availability by cabin type.
  4. I guess everyone's idea of what they are comfortable with varies. 3 of the times we used the ferry were either early or late December.
  5. For our last 4 trips we've used the water taxi. If you're not starting in lower Manhattan you can start with any of the water taxi routes, since transfers are free. Approaching the ship by water is so much more exciting than when we've arrived by car.
  6. It's in that weather that we're likely to be on board (we *love* the December crossings) and NOT camping!
  7. The webcam is in the B&B next to the Alice Austen house, on Staten Island. Are you just across the narrows from there? We have camped at the Gateway National Recreation Area, right under the bridge on Staten Island. One morning it was incredibly foggy. We were woken up by a cruise ship, idling just outside of the bridge, sounding its fog horn, almost continuously. I love sitting on the lawn of the Alice Austin house, watching the ships arrive and depart. *Especially* on a day when the QM2 is in port. You can also get some great views of the QM2 from Governor's Island.
  8. It's a shame there isn't a webcam at the Red Hook terminal. The closest I could find is one of the Verrazano Narrows bridge. If you want to be up early, you could monitor that to see what time she passes it. NY Harbor Webcam - A New York Harbor Scenic and Cruise Ship Web Cam
  9. Not quite *all* restrictions. So, in a bar: no mask. On the train: must mask. I don't think the CDC will be able to maintain those distinctions for long, however. Masks will still be required in airports, bus terminals, and train stations, as well as on planes, trains, and buses, for the near future. The federal mask mandate has not been lifted for travelling.
  10. Well, on a cruise I would be concerned. Not for my own health, but I'd be worried there could be a COVID outbreak, which would definitely impact my trip.
  11. Because the unvaccinated population provides a base for the virus to continue to thrive and develop variants. While the current vaccines are effective against the current variants, that may not always be the case.
  12. Yup. Wish it were that way in Brooklyn.
  13. Here are three examples, in addition to that from HH, of a mask that does not require ones ears.
  14. No, not a visor. Fabric. But I think we've taken this issue to it's logical extreme.
  15. You'd have to ask the CDC for a decision on that one. But there are masks that loop around the back of the head rather than around the ears. And turlenecks that can be pulled up over the nose.
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