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  1. I've just become aware of the Carnival Corp. Initiative to install the "OCEAN Medallion" technology on their Princess ships, and eventually, on all of their lines. Who knows how long it will take (and I might expect Cunard to be one of the last with the technology), but I think it will eventually get it. Here are clips from 2 Cruise Critic articles. What else is part of the MedallionClass experience? Another piece of the larger MedallionClass Experience is MedallionNet, a high-speed internet system that has been designed to withstand inclement weather and maintain service even in areas of spotty connectivity. It's strong enough for streaming TV; you can even teleconference using the Wi-Fi without any issues. And from a separate Cruise Critic interview with Donald Arnold, Carnival CEO - "It's fantastic, but it's different. However, many people think it's super cool; we must make sure this resonates with Princess Cruises' guests before we roll it across the fleet. "We still have passengers on some of our brands who would rather not be connected, and we have to respect that too."
  2. > I wonder how many of the Embarkation issues are to do with people arriving earlier than instructed. There's more to it than that. On our last trip we arrived at 3:30, an hour *after* our appointed time. The line was practically out the door. I was expecting to be able to waltz right on board.
  3. > Any other advice would be appreciated. Will this likely book up early? Not wanting to book until late Dec or Jan That would be 9 months out. I think you'd be OK. We often do the December crossings, and book in October. The fares within the 90-day deposit deadline often drop, once Cunard knows how many cabins to fill. Of course, you don't get your choice of cabins, and you do risk that a trip might sell out. Although it hasn't hapened to us yet. > You will have more light than in an outside (no the porthole doesn't open). As Mike pointed out, the portholes don't open. However I'll take issue with his claim that there's more light with a sheltered balcony. We had an ocean view in July (our first since QE2 days). We had a friend on that trip, on the same side of the ship. Our cabin had **much** more sunlight than hers. So much so that we had to close the drapes when we wanted to take photos. > How does the planetarium work? Do they have shows? The planetarium involves a dome that descends within Illuminations (the movie theater). Be advised that the planetarium shows may get cancelled during heavy weather... the dome can jam in an up or down position! The shows are usually recorded ones, from well known planetariums (I've forgotten specific names, but the Hayden may be one). A treat one time was when there was an astronomer aboard, and he did a live planetarium show.
  4. Mark: I'm hijacking this thread since I can't send a private message. Knowing your Broadway interests, did you see that the New York Times is doing a Broadway-themed QM2 crossing? You can sign up with them and have access to their private talks onboard. But the speakers they'll have aboard will also do sessions for the non-NYT passengers. (We enjoyed one of the NY Times Crossword Puzzle-themed crossings, even though weren't part of the Times contingent). Some of the speakers include Seth Rudetsky and Faith Prince (of whom we're huge fans). The trip is 23 October 2020. Hope you're both well. Phil
  5. Just to emphasize what TinCan posted... you and your children don't need to be on the same type of data network. You could be using WiFi and they could be using their carrier's cellular data for any purposes that need data (such as WhatsApp).
  6. > On the ship, disabling mobile data will leave me with no voice or SMS services. No, you'll have access to both. Just remember that you'll be billed at your carrier's marine rate. For example, when at sea T-Mobile charges about $6 per minute for calls. If you are interested in simply being reachable regardless of cost , then you'll be fine. One way to lower your cost, if your phone natively supports it, and your ship has a reasonable wifi plan, is to put your phone in airplane mode and rely on wifi calling. Or one of the wifi calling apps, such as WhatsApp.
  7. I meant definitive, as being in writing and coming from Cunard. That said, > Seems to depend on the definition of Voyage You're right. I was interpreting that to mean 'segment'. But it could be translated as booking, which is how our agent had interpreted it. Since our last two back-to-backs were booked as separate bookings, it hasn't been an issue for us (yet).
  8. Thanks, that's definitive. Is that from the website?
  9. Both of the following took place in Brooklyn, not Southampton. That said: > > I wonder how many of the Embarkation issues are to do with people arriving earlier than instructed. on one trip we arrived at noon, two hours before our scheduled boarding. There was not one soul in line. Literally no one! Our last trip was a month ago. We arrived when scheduled: at 2. I didn't time how long we were in line. It felt like over an hour, but may only have been 30-45 minutes. Regardless, given that we only had to present our credit cards and have a photo taken, it seemed to be a very tedious process. >> the people running it are port employees, who are doing Cunard one day, and, say, RCI the next. I wonder if Cunard are always to blame. That was the side I used to be on. However, posts from those who've sailed extensively in addition to Cunard (I can only claim Cunard experience, I have no interest in any of the other lines) seem to think that it's not an issue with the port workers. I raised that as a possible explanation for the Brooklyn boarding debacle. I think some of the other lines have either automated more of the boarding process, or allowed passengers to coplete some of the tasks online.
  10. That's interesting; not how it was explained by our agent!
  11. This depends upon whether you booked the back to back as one voyage, with one res number. If so, then you'd get one internet package. If it's 2 separate bookings (meaning you'd probably have to change cabins) then you'd get two.
  12. Ah, I see. All of my trips have been trans-Atlantic, so I've only ever had to count voyages. I'll bet you were disappointed to learn of your miscalculation. You need to sign up for one of those 2-day sailings (assuming Southampton is easily accessible).
  13. Wouldn't that still have counted as one voyage? I thought it was 10 days OR one voyage?
  14. If you really are looking for an economical way, then find your way to either 34th St & the East River or Wall St and the river, then catch one of the ferries for $2.75. But not only is it inexpensive, it's really fun, and approaching the ship by water is tremendous.
  15. Using a Windows 10 laptop, assuming I have a wifi signal, my speeds have been tolerable. The kiosks most likely (just my assumption) use a wired ethernet connection, so I'd expect a bit of a performance gain that way.
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