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  1. Thank you notamermaid. We have scheduled for the 26th. We are from South Florida, so a little bit of a chill in the air is a welcome change.
  2. Notamermaid: Budapest, Bratislava,Vienna, Durnstein, Salzburg or CK, Engelhartszell, Vilshofen/Regensburg and Prague.
  3. Just a couple of quick comments. We took this tour on the Regal a few years ago. Copenhagen is a very friendly city. We stayed at the Absalon Hotel and were right in the center of things. We took tours in all cities (except in Tallinn) with SPB tours. We were with a group of former strangers and bonded with them. We even enjoyed dinners and events on board with them. Two things I would recommend expecially: in St. P, we had the opportunity for a meal at a local restaurant with our guide, followed by a tour of the Fabrege museum. Stunning, the highlight of the trip. If you are ab
  4. We are ready to pull the plug for a Tauck cruise September 2022. We have decided we want a category 6 cabin. Dates available are September 5 and September 26. Cost is the same. Any weather/precipitation/river level concerns one vs the other?
  5. just what gnome12 said. We have very little experience with European trains, so if we can do it, you can too. Cab to train station. Trains on time, lots of friendly people willing to help if you look flustered. (our trip was from Basel to Lucerne)
  6. Tee shirts customized for your particular cruise. I wore a tee today from a 2015 cruise "Reflection Infection". Such a fond remembrance
  7. Got the same info about our 8/30 British Isles cruise on Sky. Can't say I am surprised. Will be getting the full refund.
  8. I would agree with the poster who recommended a cruise line that includes Glacier Bay. We have cruised Alaska on Coral Princess and NCL Bliss. Glacier Bay is a wonderful experience. Please put $$$ aside for tours NOT connected with the cruise line (if that is even a choice going forward for some time). We did: whale watching, flight landing on a glacier, hiking to watch the bears salmon fishing in Anan Creek, Lumberjack show, and the railroad trip. Also on NCL a cruise ship sponsored trip that got really close to a glacier; we even had glacier cocktails!
  9. Could your budget handle Aqua Class with the perk of eating in the Blu dining room on Princess? I like both lines, but the availability of self laundry, Crooners bar and, in my opinion, superior staff would tilt towards Princess.
  10. River Cruise Advisor is new to me, and I really enjoyed the trip report on the Danube. However, I could not find a review of the split level cabin on Tauck ships. Any links?
  11. Our Tauck cruise is The Blue Danube, 12 days. Two overnights in Budapest Bratislavia Overnight in Vienna Durnstein and Wachau Valley Salzburg or Cesky Krumlov Engelhartszell Two nights in Prague My inclination is for mid September booking. As far as choosing a 5 or 6, really just the square footage. I looked long and hard at Cat 3. This is a split level type cabin, with an elevated sitting area. Wondering how it compares to the Avalon experience; we loved relaxing on the bed and seeing the scenery as we cruised. Not sure you could
  12. We have decided to spend part of the kid's inheritance on a Danube cruise. We have been on multiple ocean cruises, and an Avalon on the Rhine, which we totally enjoyed. We have looked seriously at Tauck, mainly because of the excursions and all inclusive. So Early June is cat 5 $9040. cat 6, 9240 September is cat 5 9240, cat 6 9440. Any comments on June vs September, or recommendations of which category? I can't believe I am typing these numbers.
  13. Read in the paper this weekend that 49% of Kauai restaurants say they will go out of business completely if tourism doesn't rebound quickly.
  14. Only one river cruise to reference, but we didn't have any of these observations. We met for dinner the first night with a group of strangers, sat in a table for 6, and ate together every night. Maybe one nitpik: on guided tours, some folks lingered behind taking pictures and slowed down the group progress. No mention if one of those someones was my DH
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