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  1. Yes, it was Tahiti, and we cancelled it yesterday. We were able to get all our airfare back.
  2. We have a december 3, 2020 cruise planned. Our final payment is in September and from what I am seeing, I want to cancel.
  3. We had a cruise booked for Tahiti on a different cruise line and I just saw that you had to be tested 72 hours prior to flying and have to wear masks, etc. We are cancelling because it does not sound like a vacation with all these rules.
  4. We had a cruise book for December to Tahiti. We are going to cancel because we are not going to spend all that money for a cruise and airfare and be forced to take tests and wear masks.
  5. We have decided to cancel our cruise in December. I do not want to deal with covid test and having to wear a mask when I am on vacation.
  6. If we have to get tested than I'm not going. It is better to cancel now than later
  7. I never plan that far in the future. My husband booked this, I am just a wait and see and book at the last minute type of person. I
  8. My husband is booking separate. He said it was cheaper.
  9. We had a french balcony on the Star Breeze and it was nice but not a real balcony. We only have a porthole on our cruise next month.
  10. Most cruise lines do not include pop at all. I usually just drink water with my meals. However, coke is my weakness.
  11. We had the beverage package on our last Wind Star cruise and we had soda and alcohol in the room fridge. Do they stock this with anything if you do not have the package?
  12. We will also be in Virgin Gorda in November
  13. Cross pack in case of missing luggage and my best travel product is a cleave over the door shoe holder .
  14. What amenities are you talking about? I don't need a spa, the little casino that has a couple slot machines. I just need a good book, a chair and the waves. I actually liked the star clipper ship better than windstar, however, the service was much better on windstar. Apple was the best bartender and the room steward was also terrific.
  15. we will not sail with them again when they make the ships bigger. Our last cruise will be in November.
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