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  1. 2 hours ago, Herfnerd said:

    If you dock at the Naval Annex/Outer Mole, you will ride a shuttle to Mallory Square.  If you dock a Pier B, you will just walk to Mallory Square.  OTT stop 1 is there


    Thanks for your help.  

  2. Can the Cruise Critic family tell me what the difference is between booking the Old Town Trolley through Carnival is vs booking it online through the Old Town Trolley website?  If you book it through Carnival do they take you to the trolley stop or do you just find you way there on your own?

  3. Our Nov 12, 2017 sailing said sold out for months prior to our cruise. A few opened up one at a time within a week of two of final payment being due. They then opened up a bunch at about 45 days out.


    It's based on the number of Diamond & Platinum members who are booked on your sailing. They have a limited capacity of rooms & luggage they can process for instant cabin access and expedited luggage. Once they see how many Diamond & Platinum rooms they'll need to get ready they'll sell the remaining capacity as FTTF.

  4. There's another thread from another poster who booked a suite and his post was dated April. He stated that he received a letter from Carnival telling them about the $1.00 increase in the gratuity rates as of Sept. 1. It also stated that their suite perks would now include Priority Tendering, Free Bottle Water and Enhanced Turndown Service on top of the other suite perks they already had. I just read that thread a few days ago and have been looking for confirmation ever since.


    That would add one more FTTF perk but would not add the Priority Luggage, Access to your cabin or dedicated line at guest services.


    Truth be told, the first time we purchased a suite FTTF was new and things we were confused. We thought the suite purchase included access to our room so just dropped off and unpacked our carry-ons and went to lunch. We came back 3 hours later and our luggage was there. We saw our room steward while we were in the cabin and I tipped him a $20 to get my an extension cord for me C-Pap and add an egg crate pad to our bed. He said nothing about us not having access to the room yet.

  5. I'm not sure why the original poster just received the letter about the $1.00 increase. We originally booked in March and paid the gratuity up front so were exempt from the increase. When we upgraded to a suite in June we lost our exemption and had to pay the increase.


    We're gold members so already get a bottle of water each plus I purchased a case of the small bottles from Carnival that we'll take with us on port days. It looks like we now get another free bottle of water with our suite so I think we'll be well hydrated.

  6. I agree with mrsfuzzmo, pay the extra for the tour. The companies who run the water taxis are also contracted to do the tendering for the cruise lines. if there's more than one ship in port during your visit they'll pull taxis off their regular schedules to use as tenders. Pay the extra amount to have a dedicated ride back.

  7. Sorry, I know this should be asked on the port of call section of the board but I'm not seeing any discussion on the subject after the initial post just after Hurricane Earl. Does anyone have any update on Caye Caulker or Belize in general. Hurricane recovery related clean up.

  8. The Triumph has the 2.0 upgrades which include on Lido deck the Red Frog Rum Bar, Blue Iguana Tequila Bar, Guy's Burger Joint & Blue Iguana Cantina. The Alchemy Bar & Taste Bar were added to deck 5 along with a few other things. I also like the EA Sports Bar that was added just off the casino on the Triumph. The Triumph doesn't have a separate steakhouse or Italian restaurant or as extensive of a water works, sports deck or ropes course.


    It also doesn't have the indoor/outdoor Red Frog Pub, Ocean Plaza or Lanai and the wrap around deck. Other than that they the other venues are pretty much the same. Two main dining rooms, piano bar, aft show lounge, main show lounge, night club, casino, lido buffet, mid-ship and aft pools, spa, shops and so on.


    Don't get me wrong, the Triumph is a great ship and I've sailed on her 3 times but one was a 7 day Eastern Caribbean when she was new. The main difference to me is the itinerary of Progresso & Cozumel doesn't compare to the itineraries offered on the 7 day cruises.

  9. I just booked the Carnival Magic for Sept. and can't find the old Carnival wine package as a pre-cruise purchase option. Am I looking in the wrong place or do they not offer it anymore?


    If they don't offer it anymore how many of you will miss it?

  10. This is the 5th M & M I've attended or organized on Embarkation day and it's always been well attended with never less than 50 while our 2012 Magic M & M was over 100. You've just got to have an active organized group with several functions planned. If it's not an active group then it doesn't matter when you schedule the M & M.


    I have been on one Roll Call where we couldn't organize anything because the members didn't participate in the social banter. I don't know if that's because we were sailing out of LA or what. I just couldn't get it going.


    We always choose to meet just after the Muster Drill and just before first seating and the evening activities.


    We're wearing Mardi Gras beads on embarkation day and have a best beads contest with gag gifts. The first day at sea is our Slot Pull and Cabin Door Decorating contest with more gag gifts. A large portion of us also booked Mr. Sancho's for the day in Cozumel and we're meeting at Fat Tuesdays before boarding.


    I have organized one M & M on the first day at sea but it was on a RCL ship where they pitch in. We also had a 2 hour open bar Roll Call party on the 1st day at sea on the Magic but that was after our embarkation day M & M.


    You two just need to cruise with us.

  11. I've got a question for all you seasoned cruisers. Our group has scheduled a Meet & Greet for 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Embarkation Day at the aft pool bar on the Triumph. So far we've got about 115 people committed to attend.


    Since it's on Embarkation Day we haven't asked Carnival to do anything and we're just going to pay as we go for drinks. We did this same thing on our September, 2013 sailing and completely overwhelmed the one bar tender working that bar during Embarkation.


    Now here's my question. Should I try to contact the Triumph Cruise Director to ask them to expect a larger crowd than normal? Again, all we want from Carnival is enough staff to handle our group so we don't wait so long for drinks. If so how would I contact them?

  12. FTTF people are not the first passengers to board. Platinum and Diamond go before FTTF for embarkation and debarkation. Platinum and Diamond tender before FTTF. If you think it's worth $49.95 then go for it, personally I wouldn't pay for it. Really never waited in line or felt the need to be the first on board.


    Says someone who already qualifies for most of the perks.


    I don't qualify so I happen to enjoy being able to spend a little more and receive the perks.

  13. I'd like to hear some stories of how many of you may have received a last minute upgrade from one class cabin to another. Example - Ocean View to Balcony.


    I'm trying to get some idea of the best way for my DW and I to upgrade from our balcony cabin to an Ocean Suite for a lesser cost than what's currently on Carnival's site.


    We're about a month away from our sailing date and Carnival's site shows 5 Ocean Suites still open. I don't mind paying a little more but just not the current $600 difference.


    At what point will Carnival make a deal and what's the best way to get in line to be offered the deal?

  14. The FTTF has been sold out for our May 10th Triumph cruise since January. Yesterday it opened up again but it's my guess they'll be gone within 48 hours. Between our roll call and other unmentioned social sites the word spreads quickly. I counted 15 sold just to one of my groups less than 10 hours after they opened up.

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