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  1. Nov 29th.....I have a hair appt. scheduled at Lulu's. Where are you getting your hair done? I need to have a backup plan for Houston just in case we sail from there.
  2. How exciting! When is your wedding in November? Also, are you getting married in port?
  3. Great, thanks for the info kingfish. Have you used them before?
  4. Does anyone know if you can go deep sea fishing in Pregreso?
  5. Per Carnival wedding staff: For wedding parties of 25 or less, the ceremony will more than likely take place in the Explorer Club library. They will provide a white runner, two columns and 2 floral arrangements.
  6. Thanks for the links guys! Now, if i can just get some photos of actual weddings! LOL
  7. My sister is considering getting married this November on the Carnival Ecstasy and we can’t seem to find much information out there. There is no wedding chapel so I presume weddings are done in lounges. Does anyone have photos they could share? Thank you!!
  8. Again, thanks for the info. Our problem is there are 8 of us and each wants something different, but yet all want to stay together. One wants the massage, one the wave runner, one the Ruins, one a banana boat ride and one just wants to sit and drink! LOL. This is why I am trying to find out if there is something for everyone at the resort. I don’t know if the resort is where you do these “extra” things and pay them or if there are vendors “around” the resort.
  9. thank you for the info! do you book this thru the Reef or is it an outside vendor?
  10. Has anyone done the resort beach break through autoprogreso? The excursion is $77 pp if you book through the ship (the Ecstasy) and $45 pp thru autoprogreso. Also, I heard you can get massages, rent wave runners and ride banana boats there (at an additional cost of course). If anyone has done it, do you recommend it? Also, does anyone know how much the extras (massages, wave runners, banana boats, etc.) cost? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the info. I actually found what I might be looking for. (I think anyway.) it is in Cozumel though. Off road kart excursion.
  12. Does anyone know if you can do a go cart excursion in Progreso?
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