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  1. At the moment Marella Discovery 2 is scheduled to do the cruises from Montego Bay for Winter 22/23.
  2. Still available on the TUI UK website. Maybe they have restricted them to UK Cruisers only?
  3. Just looked it up and towards the end of the works the Cardiff to Southampton trains are scheduled to operate but via Bristol Parkway instead of Bristol Temple Meads. Not sure if that will change how long it will take to get to Southampton. Hopefully they will finish the works on time and you won't get affected!
  4. FYI the major railway works at Bristol may not be finished by the scheduled date of 3 Sept due to the weather and Covid situation. This may or may not impact on your plans to take the train to Southampton.
  5. I would assume that they will substitute another port, possibly another Jamaican port, until Grand Cayman reopens to cruise ships in, currently, January. That is assuming the Covid status of Cuba changes by then as it is a 'Red' country at the moment.
  6. Actually the Ambience, Ambassador Cruises (first) ship, has a larger gross tonnage than the Discovery ships. 🙂
  7. Following the latest changes the Marella website now has the following: Discovery will now sail a series of cruises to Greek ports from Corfu in September and October. She will then sail to Palma and pick up her scheduled cruise to Barbados. Discovery 2 will now not sail with guests until April 2022! Explorer 1 doesn't appear to have any further changes! Explorer 2 will sail some cruises to Spanish ports from Malaga following its UK cruises and will start its cruise to Montego Bay from Malaga on 7/11 instead of Naples on 4/11 and with the exception of that and not calling at Palma the cruise appears to be the same schedule Hopefully there won't be anymore changes!!
  8. As per the article Marella management think "Dover has never looked so attractive!”
  9. Maybe they are waiting to see what ships they will have available then ...
  10. Each port has 2 cruise terminals. IIRC the one Margaret Rees refers to above is the Singapore Cruise Centre and additionally is very near Sentosa Island with its Hotels, Casino, Theme Park etc. The other one is at Marina Bay but I haven't been there yet (!) so sorry can't help. In Hong Kong if you are at the Ocean Terminal then you are right in the centre of Kowloon with its many attractions and links to other parts of the city. The other terminal is at the old airport at Kai Tak and is further out and is not on the subway so buses or taxis are needed to go into the main part of the city.
  11. The Marella ships have moved from the Torquay area and are now anchored in Lyme Bay and near Portland. I guess it could be due to the current weather?
  12. Celebration has already been sold to Turkish breakers. I hope that they do acquire a replacement but don't think that is likely for at least a year.
  13. On another Social media page I saw a post from a TUI employee that they had been to the Marella ships in Weymouth concerning planning for upcoming docking periods with consulting on improvements and developing the product. I hope that this is a good signal that TUI intend to keep Marella Cruises 🙂
  14. Pullmantur's Monarch has now arrived off Aliaga, Turkey; a place where many ships have met their end. Apparently Sovereign is to follow shortly. Looks like Carnival's oldest ship the Carnival Fantasy is possibly heading for the same fate as she has sailed from Curacao with an AIS destination of Izmir, Turkey; which is very near to Aliaga.
  15. This ballot initiative would wipe out virtually all their cruise calls as they often have 2 or more large ships in at a time. I hope that they local economy will survive the impact if this passes in the November referendum.
  16. It could be that Royal Caribbean are clearing the old (30+ year) ships from Pullmantur in order to move other tonnage to them once they sort out what is happening with their tonnage. As always everything is speculation until confirmed by the companies involved. It is likely that there will be many 'middle-aged' ships available in the near future. Any speculation that TUI/Marella may take advantage of this situation?
  17. To avoid any confusion it is a repayable loan from commercial and state owned banks which has been guaranteed by the German government rather than a bail out or just being given the money. TUI will have to repay it to the lenders on the terms it has agreed with them.
  18. The Discovery 2 will be docked at Mahogany Bay along with the Carnival Legend as per their website: https://www.mahoganybaycc.com/port-schedule.aspx. Looks like the other 4 ships will be fighting it out over the 1 berth at Coxen Hole, that is if some don't change their itineraries. Should be a bit crowded as one of them is the Harmony of the seas!
  19. Many years ago the ship I was on stopped at Suez for a port call. It was not a very nice experience then and I doubt if it has changed since then. Even the Egyptians told us that we should not go ashore there, especially at night! Also IIRC a lot of Egypt is on the 'unnecessary travel to be avoided list' of the UK government.
  20. Agreed! We will just have to wait and see where they will call at for 'New York City'. After all some cruise companies say they are calling at London when they actually go to Southampton, Dover or Harwich!
  21. The 50/50 partnership is limited to TUI Cruises (Mein Schiff 1-...) the former RCCL and Celebrity ships now with Marella Cruises are wholly owned by TUI companies. I wouldn't think any tie up between RCCL and TUI had any role in Marella scheduling calls at Amber Cove and Grand Turk cruise ports as they were developed and are partly or wholly owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC.
  22. I would hope that as they say New York City it will hopefully be the Manhattan Terminal which would be much easier for a tourist call independent of Marella excursions. Brooklyn is still in NYC but the surrounding area was not very nice (at least it wasn't a few years ago but may have improved?). Bayonne is in New Jersey and appears to be almost exclusively Royal Caribbean ships (including Celebrity and Azamara); handy for Newark Airport but not a lot else!
  23. She has just finished a short maintenance period in Malta and the next cruise will start on the 10th.
  24. I understand that all the islands mentioned in the itineraries are classed as 'adjacent islands' and count as closed loop. Hopefully nothing has changed! On a previous cruise the main benefit of a closed loop cruise for non-US passengers was that there wasn't a US Immigration inspection when we called at San Juan half way through the cruise after calling at Grand Turk and Samana; just when we returned to the Florida at the end of the cruise after also calling in the Bahamas.
  25. The visa requirements section on Gov.uk is pretty good and commercially unbiased. I understand India and Oman operate e-Visa schemes which you can get online. When looking at visa websites ensure you are on the genuine websites as there are many commercial websites who offer help and charge fees far in excess of the official fee.
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