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  1. As of January 28th he was still the captain and Becky was our director, but I heard she was going to be leaving soon.
  2. solly4

    Family St. Maarten Beachs

    Hi there. We were just there in January for the first time. We have a 4 and a 7 year old and we went to Little Divi Bay beach. We all had a wonderful time. It's a beautiful beach and it's at a resort, so there's food and water sports if needed. It wasn't very crowded when we were there. Very short drive from ship. Definately family friendly.
  3. solly4

    Which cruise line for kids age 5 and 8?

    Just got off Mariner of the Seas (RCI) with kids ages 4 and 7. They absolutely loved it!! My 4 year old cried when we left!! That was our first cruise so I can't compare any others, but I have heard only positive things about kids and RCI!!
  4. solly4

    Can we talk about the Mariner?

    You are very welcome! Yes, I did put the kids in the programs. And let me tell you, I am a person who in 7 years has never had a babysitter (besides grandparents) and am very picky!! I felt very comfortable with the kids going there. We mostly took them for a couple of hours after dinner, and they never wanted to leave. One night we did let them go to dinner to Johnny Rockets with them. They had a great time and we got to have dinner by ourselves once at Chops. I did wish they were in the same age group, but they didn't seem to care so it all worked out. One night the kids did a pirate parade. It was very cute and funny!! Have a great time!!
  5. We just had this room on the Mariner. We really liked it. We were right in the front with two big windows. I loved being able to look out and watch coming up on an island. It was beautiful! No problems with seasickness at all. The room is plenty big enough, but I will tell you it definately looks bigger in the pictures. It was nice to have the kids off in their own little room with bunks, and they loved it.
  6. solly4

    Can we talk about the Mariner?

    I'm so jealous!! ;) We just got off the Mariner on January 28th! It was also our first cruise, hubby was a little nervous in the past because of sea sickness. I finally talked him into it. No problems, and we had one rough night. We absolutely loved it!!!! We are hooked. He wants to book another already. We also took the kids (4 and 7), and they also had the best time. They told me they liked it better than Disney!:eek: Many people have already said everything, but since you are killing time... We didn't have any problems with getting on or off the ship. It went nice and smooth. The ship is amazing, the size of her is just crazy. There's so many things to do or not to do. The service is great! Our waiter Milton from Jamaica was wonderful. My kids absolutely loved him. We also went to Chops, one of the best meals ever! We also had a hard time leaving the dining room, but it was worth it. I like the idea that another person had of going to the dining room first for an early "snack". I'll have to remember that for next time! I went to most of the shows and enjoyed all of them. We had the Nelson Brothers! :D It sounds like you are around my age so I'm sure you remember their long hair. I guess I should end this...I could go on and on... You are going to have a great time!! If you have any questions just let me know.
  7. Just got off the Mariner last Sunday.:( We chose to do Chops on the first formal night(Monday), even though we still dressed for it. It was pretty quiet in there that night, since most people went to the dining room. It was well worth every penny!!!!
  8. solly4

    Just back...Mariner!

    Yes, I believe I did see Rock a Rokie, but didn't get a chance to see it. And no, I'm sorry I didn't save my compasses. I said I was going to but didn't!
  9. solly4

    Just back...Mariner!

    Irishhrts4 - I didn't get any Ben and Jerry's, so I can't help you out with prices. It looked to be open most of the time.
  10. solly4

    Just back...Mariner!

    sueb and lojill - For the transfer, yes we flew into Orlando and rented a car from Budget (about 80.00 for both ways). I did not go a night before, even though a lot of people say you should. It was about 1 hour straight shot and then Budget took you to the port. (5-10 minute drive) I believe we were on board before 1:00 having lunch! Weather was perfect! 80's and sunny everyday!! Seas were smooth except for one night (6-10 ft. waves) I didn't feel any sickness though and didn't hear anyone else complaining of it. Looks like the ice cream and ice show questions were already answered, thanks. I was in line about 10 minutes before the official ticket time and by the time I got up there the seating I wanted was full. So, if you do need a certain time, go early!!
  11. Just thought I'd post a little review in this section for all of you. We were a family of four (kids 4 and 7) on the Mariner - eastern caribbean in a famiy oceanview stateroom (6200) which was a great room!! First of all, getting on and off went smoothly! Lines went very fast even though they looked long. Service overall was excellent!! Our waiter Milton was great. Captain Johnny and CD Becky also great as most of you have already heard. Food was good to sometimes great. Desserts I thought were not the best, a little bland. Chops definately worth the money!!!! We went to most of the shows, which were very entertaining. Nelson brothers were terrific! Ice show a must see. Anyone wondering about the kids program - my 4 year old cried not to leave when we went to get him. Excellent program!! On St. Thomas we went to Saphire beach (beautiful) and took the kids on the Atlantis submarine. It was something different, quite pricey. Kids enjoyed it. Would I do it again - no! On St. Martin we just did the beach thing, Little Divi. A great family beach. We spent the whole day there and had a wonderful time. I'm going to post a full review later in the week. Any questions, ask away!
  12. solly4

    St. Marten with kids? Any good ideas?

    We were just there last week. We planned a beach day for St. Martin, so I can't tell you about any good sites to see. I will tell you that Little Divi beach was great for the family. My kids are 4 and 7. We spent the whole day here and just loved it. It was beautiful! There are water sports and food if needed. There were little fish right up at the shore. My kids loved it!!
  13. Just got off the Mariner 2 days ago (eastern also). We got a really good deal on the family oceanview suite. We only had 4 people, but it holds up to 6. It was a really great room. You will have a wonderful time, the ship is excellent!
  14. Just got back from Mariner yesterday (Jan 28). Capt Johnny was there as well as Becky. Not sure what the plan is for when you are cruising though.
  15. solly4

    Mariner -- any new bedding?

    We just got back from Mariner yesterday (Jan 28th) and the beds had not been changed. I was concerned about this very thing considering my bed at home is like sleeping on a pillow. The beds were well used but I slept like a rock. Surprisingly confortable to me. Maybe is was because I was up till about 2am every night.