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  1. We are in aqua. Love the layout especially the bathroom. And lots of storage. Really nothing major to complain about and this is my about 45th celebrity. Just glad to be back at sea.
  2. We are on this week and are enjoying it greatly. No wait at omelette station?. Crew so very helpful and grateful to be back. Loving it.
  3. Printed my tags but the mailed ones arrived yesterday for my cruise today. Actually I do not remember ordering.
  4. One more week for us. Can’t wait.
  5. I did not see calls but I did get an email to please call and yes it was about the vaccinations. I just finished checking in last nite. So I called and answered the questions
  6. Got new invoice for navigator change today but nothing yet on Indy 8-22 for two cabins. Oh I got same cabin on freedom change yeah
  7. Me also. You know with over 50 cruises and diamond plus. This is frustrating. I just get the feeling they want us to just cancel. Open up our cabins for double cost. Better for them.
  8. I have ov for 2. and inside for 3. I did see my ov category is not on that ship? so I have 5 also. No ov or insides available. And balcony’s are getting low. What date you on?
  9. Yes I just got off phone they reassured me that I will be changed. But yes it shows Texas. I have 2 cabins also. The Odyssey shows very little available actually inside and ov sold out. That was concerning me. She reassured me the cabins are blocked??? But it is done manually she said. That’s why taking so long
  10. Well they transferred me to Texas staying on Independance Wow. well long wait again tomorrow I guess.
  11. What in the world is going on. We have two cabins originally out of Miami Aug 22 6 nites Now we are going out of Texas. 7 nights. They are so screwed up What happened to Odyssey transfer we were promised in email We are in Florida. No way going to Texas.
  12. Air2sea told me 30 days Gave me a confirmation number different then what I got from agent but was able to assign seats. ???
  13. You will find WDW different. Have been a few times last year. I’m going up to Orlando in about 2 weeks. Finally company coming to visit from De. Then up to De for Easter with a side trip to rehobeth. wdw again in may (animal kingdom. And Boardwalk in June. Hurrah. Keeps me busy until cruising starts. Egypt. Yes.
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