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  1. I was issued a Dollars off certificate on the Mariner. I did not notice at first that included was a paper saying use with Next Cruise booking. Is this new I was thinking we could not. Thanks Donna
  2. Well one day after changing got the upgrade email. $200 starting GS and $350 2br Yes like you got a great casino rate. close to your amounts???
  3. Got my upgrade bid email a few weeks ago for aug 19 sailing. Have interior guarantee and not assigned yet. No interiors available on website so I decided to wait. Yesterday. Balcony guarantee went down to exactly what I paid for interior. Got it changed. My guess no one bidding.
  4. Have two cabins inside on the Mariner Aug 19 still showing as guarantees No insides listed sold out. I got one email for the cabin for 2 to bid but the cabin for 3 nothing. The link above says it has to be 30 days well it is 29 and the link did not work for either reservation No inside left should I hold out and see what my guarantee gets me???? Thanks
  5. Sorry if this was asked before but if I’m not doing the slides. Am I allowed in the area to watch the grandkids or do I have to purchase to visit area. Thanks
  6. Thanks Bogdan and Steve. Great time in the River Voyager. They made the best they could out of a bad situation.
  7. Well I wrote them this morning and kindly ask which hotel. My hubby is in assisted living and I truly need the info in case of emergency. She wrote me back and she had just gotten the list we are at the Hypernion. So Boston does know now.
  8. Yes got our call tonite. You were told your hotel. They did not inform us. My only concern to them was that I be in same hotel as my neighbors. They said we should be. Hopefully. Go with Flow. Maybe more changes coming. But at least I can finish packing tommorrow.
  9. Yes neighbor on phone now. Obviously she wasn’t the first called which she was told she was Now my concern am I going to be with my neighbors ????
  10. Oh funny thing today got call from vantage. Not what I expected. Wanted to know if I was interested in arranging group cruise. I said what I haven’t been on the one this week or whether I was going at all. ????
  11. Thank you so much for all the figures but maybe in vain. As I am writing I am in the emergency room with my husband. He is in an assisted living but doing good. I hope just a visit not being admitted. 😩😩😩😩😩😩
  12. Thanks for your input. I seriously cant believe anything from them. Truly the anticipation and excitement over my first river cruise has evaporated. Luggage clothes everything thrown all over waiting. 😩😩😩
  13. Thats funny because according to the conceige last week. My question was how long to get back to Basel. Answer was 40 hours. Not exactly the same figures you arrived at Lol. Well see what we are dealing with and no other ship to swap. Just cancel us. My neighbor is fumming considering the monies she put out for owners suite. Thanks for the figures
  14. I email directly to conceige in ship. Unfortunately for them they may also be in the dark.
  15. Well finally got answered to my email from Friday. Sorry no news yet on nov 1 cruise. Suppose to fly Thursday ship still in Amsterdam. Not Basel.
  16. this is the cruise before us like Oct 18 14 days ams to Basel but cancelled and that is why the ship is still in Amsterdam. Yes agree both air going and getting back would have to be changed. Sounds too much I still think since the ship is to go from Amsterdam to Budapest (changing Destinations) I Believe its just going to stay in Amsterdam and do the Nov 16 cruise and skip us. Sorry for having such a bad attitude about this it just seems financially better for Vantage. Time will tell
  17. I think I have pretty well given up hope. Last cruise cancelled and if they all or some rebooked, the price will rise. I went with Vantage for solo cabins. Well next year already WAITlisted most dates. I emailed again to ship Friday. But this time no reply. Not a good sign. I understand and that they have no control but like someone said there are people out there that have no idea of what is brewing unfortunately.
  18. When you say rebook. Did they offer that next years tour at the price listed or just a credit. Next years prices are considerably higher. Could you change time of year if you unfortunately have plans. Thank you you so much
  19. Ural Guy, well neighbor called today to Vantage and Insurance throught them. answer was we will definitely let you know by Wednesday. Well Thanks 24 hours before we are to leave. And yes you can cancel and say goodbye to the monies. My neighbor is concerned with busing and I see her point. They did a bus tour with Vantage out west and the getting on and off the buses was a problem for her. So that is why she chose a river cruise. If she doesn't get off for a tour no big deal to them. She went 2 weeks in Caribbean and never got off. So pack and wait is the game now
  20. Well I was interested in how long it would take for our ship to get back to Basel since it has been in Amsterdam since last week. I wrote vantage on the ship and they wrote me back that it would take 40 hours. Not reassuring since that takes us pretty much almost to our leaving the us. Yes Vantage is not doing us a favor at all.
  21. On 10/18/2018 at 8:07 AM, ural guy said: We're supposed to sailing Basel to Amsterdam in 2 weeks with Vantage. Not looking good right now. The River Voyager made it to Amsterdam this morning, but looks like rain is needed for it to get backthrough the gorge. And we're on the next cruise on River Voyager after yours (Nov 16 departure). Except our cruise isn't back to Basel, it's to Budapest. I think it's River Voyager's last full cruise of the season. So it's not just the Rhine Gorge I'm worrying about. If your departure gets cancelled, we're certainly toast. Well I see it a little different bad for us. Why take empty ship. Just stay in Amsterdam and they obviously have to get back to end season in Bucharest. So just cancel ours. My neighbors and I are not too optimistic. I’m in the bottom of ship they have owners suite. I told her she better be the first notified
  22. Received an answer today so just a wait and see thing now "Due to the low water situation, our departure VRM 18/10 was canceled This doesn't affect our next departures at the moment, as we constantly monitor the water levels on the Rhine river and the weather forecast Looking forward to meeting you onboard ms River Voyager" Best Regards, Svetlyo "Steve" Stoyanov"
  23. No his name was Steve that answered me I just replied to the welcome email.
  24. Thanks for the info. I wrote the concierge today and ask if there were any changes in our schedule and the cruise before us. Which is yours unfortunately he did not completely answer my questions . He said we are a go on our schedule and completely ignored my concern for your 2 weeks. Now I know why No fuzzy compy feeling for me.
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