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    Until I have been on more I will come back to this :)
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    I want to do a South American cruise

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  1. Thank you so very much for all your kind and informative replies. Based on all of your replies I did find an 11 day cruise out of Sydney in May. It seems weather would be perfectly that time. I truly appreciate the post that pointed out that the port locations can be more primitive than what a cruiser might imagine. We are so up for this. I am very excited to learn more about cultures and would look forward to _at least for one day) immersing ourselves in things we haven't experienced before. My only cruises in the past are one Caribbean, 1 Alaska, 2 Mexican Riviera. I am up for this 100%. Thank you again for all the suggestions. I know where I am coming in the year and a half to come. G'day!!!!!
  2. I am looking at 2 cruises in 2022. Because I am not very familiar with the ports I am looking for advice. They are both Carnival cruises the first is out of Sydney: Start: Sydney, ports: Noumea, Mare, Mystery Island, Lifou Isle, Isle of Pines. (10 day cruise in April 2022) The second is cruise is an out of Brisbane and the ports are: Santo, Port Vila, Port Denarau, Dravuni Island and Noumea. (11 day Cruise in February 2022) Thank you for your help!
  3. So confused. Requested our refund on 8/5 for a cruise on 10/31 (which I had moved to this date from my cancelled cruise on 4/4) we received about 1/3 back 3 days later. Nothing since then. Not even sure where they came up with the amount they refunded. I will try getting hold of them tomorrow.
  4. I had the $500 on board credit. I cancelled that cruise and moved it to a Premier cruise Oct. 31..now it's $500 free play. But we also got all sorts of perks. Also we now have a balcony cabin and still got $150 credit back. I was on hold 2 hours yesterday morning but I feel good. Though I will miss Mexico in 3 weeks 😞
  5. 2 hours hold this morning but changed my reservation and got a better deal for a later date.
  6. I called this morning to cancel our April 4th Panarama cruise and change it to the Panarama Oct. 31st Premier cruise I just got an email about. Ended up getting a balcony (had a ocean view on my April cruise). And even got a credit for $150.00 and got all the amazing benefits of a Premier cruise. Sure it's a long wait but I am excited. By the way I was on hold for almost two hours!!!
  7. I am very excited! Going on the Panarama in April. I have been on the Valor and the Legend...both had the huge atrium with the glass elevators. But last ship I was on was the Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam...much simpler and smaller atrium. I have loved them all.
  8. 290 days! So far away, but happy I have it planned. April.2020 Panarama
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