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  1. We got our assignment today. We are on deck 4 starboard not far from aft elevators. Looks perfect to me.
  2. Oh I hope I get mine tomorrow. I sail out April 7.
  3. Thank you everyone. Sounds pretty much a crap shoot. I'm ok with that..was curious of others experiences.
  4. I have tried to search for the topic. First time on Holland America. My cruise is in 2 weeks. What has been your experience to when your room number is assigned. We have a gtd verandah on the Nieuw Amsterdam. Thank you so much for your help.
  5. Thank you so much for this subject. I also have had the same problem - and using Edge. Now using Chrome was able to print. 🙂
  6. Thank you for clarifying the menu. I got a little excited LOL.
  7. I actually think I might have realized something else. Was this a special Culinary Council dinner? Are there separate menus in the main dining room? Thank you for your help to this newbie Holland America cruiser.
  8. I see now that there are Culinary Council dinners. I have so much to learn. So maybe it's just on those dinners. Who gets that menu?
  9. Another cruiser who is on the NA right now attached a copy of the dining room menu - and yes indeed it says $10.00 extra charge if you order a Second entrée. Here is the attachment of the menu. Feb24dinner (3).pdf
  10. So the dinner menu will probably be the same for the Mexico cruise in April? That Halibut is calling my name.
  11. Thank you for the suggestion. You are right that would be helpful for people who have anytime dining. We will do that for the two nights that we have made reservations in the specialty restaurants.
  12. I have never been on a Holland America ship either. We will be on the Nieuw Amsterdam this April. I saw the Specialty Restaurants and thought it would be fun to do two of them - (Tamarind and Canaletto). We felt that since these particular restaurants had their own international specialties that we enjoy, it would be fun. We decided to not do the Pinnacle grill because we have enjoyed the Steakhouse on Carnival, but we didn't have these other specialty restaurant choices. So we will eat in the Main dining room OR the buffet on the other nights. We have signed up for the 8:00pm dining, also we want to eat with groups of people. We enjoy the fun and conversation of eating with large groups. I know this doesn't give you an idea of how the food will be, but we are like you, going on Holland America the first time. I know for me - no matter what - I get to have an amazing vacation and never have to cook all week - how can that be bad 🙂
  13. I am curious - have you been to the extra charge restaurants? I am so excited about all the variety of the restaurants. I am looking forward to Mazatlan. We are doing a best friend's girl's trip for this one....neither one of us has been to Mazatlan. Have you been there before? Thank you for your help. I can't wait until April!
  14. I have been on two Carnival cruises and have had the very best experiences. I wanted to do a Mexican cruise in 2019 so I started researching Carnival - I saw it was on the Carnival Splendor - I looked up pictures and reviews. I didn't feel excited at all. When my friend said, let's do some more research, I didn't think I would be able to afford other cruise lines. She found the Nieuw Amsterdam and at a rate we felt was very reasonable. I then started looking at pictures....and reviews - I am now SOOOOO excited! I can't wait for our cruise! We did go with an oceanview guaranteed. So who knows exactly where we will end up. But I am on this ship and it is beautiful! 🙂
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