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  1. Since I started this topic vaccination administration has accelerated. It is now expected that there will be enough supply to vaccinate the entire US population by July 2021. Mandatory vaccination of crew and passengers seems sensible, at least for the first few months of cruising. Cruise lines could request permission to restart on the basis of full vaccination. This certainly would help ease concerns of all involved. It is time to set a date, a goal. Sorry for those unable or unwilling to vaccinate but we need to start somewhere and be successful.
  2. Only problem with this is if someone onboard has severe illness and needs to go to hospital. Wouldn't the port need to offer care. This is over course a remote possibility but would be the argument of the port country government.
  3. Yes, at least it did in my case. TP Sept 2020 to 2021 then to 2022.
  4. I hope RCCL is monitoring this thread. If so they will see there are or will be many vaccinated passengers that would love to get back to cruising.
  5. I never said vaccine was a cure-all. Neither is hand washing, mask or sanitizing. Full compliance with vaccine will eliminate large outbreaks onboard and get us back to cruising. Americans are getting the vaccine over a million a day. Hell YES.
  6. Not sure what to say to that. I don't want the vaccine either, but I realize the implications on cruising when several people get COVID during a cruise. The path back to safe cruising needs to start somewhere. Vaccine compliance among passengers and crew is the best way to build confidence. I am seeing why the cruise lines will have difficulty getting passenger compliance based on some of statements in this thread. I don't obviously don't have answers for every scenario. Fraudulent vaccine documentation, children vaccination, lack of final FDA approval, vaccine allergies or contraindications,
  7. Every comment is so negative. What about a life time cruising ban if you get caught? July1st and Aug 1st are of course used just as an example.
  8. How many would go to that extent to cruise. You need expiration date, lot number, date etc. on your paper. Even if a few people did cheat it would still be safe for those who follow the rules. Severe consequences could follow if you cheat and get caught. It would be easy to call the vaccination facility to verify.
  9. I am not purposing cruise line MANDATE you to have the vaccine. Only they they require vaccination to join the cruise. Possible exceptions could be made small children. If you set a date say July 1st or Aug 1st 2021. Everyone has time to prepare. Cruise lines could seek government approval. Staff could be vaccinated, protocols put in place and those who want to cruise can get in line for the vaccine. They are allowing vaccinated local nursing staff to attend the Super Bowl. Approved or emergency use is not the issue. Set a sail date based on data. Presently 1.2 million vaccines per day given.
  10. I know people could still get the virus after the vaccine, but this would protect from a mass spread around the ship.
  11. Today 6.5 % of the nation is vaccinated. If cruise lines would mandate the vaccine for crew and passengers and give a realistic start date. Those who want to cruise can focus on getting the vaccine. Let the ports of call know that all crew and passengers will be vaccinated. This seems like the answer to cruises returning. Testing can be relaxed, ship precautions can be reduced. Even if someone gets the virus onboard it won't spread to other passengers or crew. Those who don't want the vaccine can cancel, but those still booked on cruise ships want to cruise.
  12. I agree I don't like the pricing structure of Celebrity. We do not drink and don't feel would should have to pay more for the others who do drink.
  13. Hopefully this means Royal Caribbean will be doing the same soon.
  14. We did a lift and shift for 4/10/2021 Rhapsody of Seas Transatlantic to Rome 14 days. Oddly enough it offered me a 16 day Sydney to Honolulu April 10 2022 on Ovation of Seas, which was priced at about three times my cruise. I submitted the request and it was excepted. Price protected, only a small increase for higher port charges.
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