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  1. bones774

    Overhead luggage size?

    Good info all around, thanks all
  2. bones774

    Overhead luggage size?

    What about bag bloat? Thanks
  3. bones774

    Overhead luggage size?

    Please, what is the optimum luggage size to bring in aircraft cabin for overhead storage? Thanks Looking for a wheeled or spinner type bag
  4. bones774

    NYC to Newark

    There is a bus from port authority bus terminal, a few blocks from pier, that goes direct to Newark airport. Pretty quick run.
  5. A bit off topic, but why am I now hearing so much reference to MSC line especially on NCL board. had not even heard or thought about them until about 2 months ago??
  6. bones774

    Post CRUISE LINE Single Supplement/Solo Bargains HERE

    You can sort by singles at NCL. Log on, top of page click "cruise deals" then scroll down "singles cruise deals" and click, when you arrive at that page click "view cruise deals" then at arriving next page you can filter even more.
  7. bones774

    Post CRUISE LINE Single Supplement/Solo Bargains HERE

    Bob, Take a look at the plum site, it says at $889 there is 0% supplement and that only appeared in the last 24 hours.
  8. bones774

    Inside solo TA

    The price I saw for Cunard was a very good solo price, though I don't remember the price I was seriously considering it and I am used to going NCL solo with no supplement. Another subtle difference is that Cunard ships are considered Ocean liners ( perfect for a T/A) and most of the other majors are Cruise ships, slight difference in construction and operation, would be a nice change.
  9. bones774

    Inside solo TA

    It's rare but I do remember Cunard had one T/A last year either w/o supplement or very reasonable
  10. bones774


    I don't know about about Oahu but on Long Island they charge .05 for bags, it's an environmental thing, probably same as Oahu.
  11. That may have been a hiccup, I booked a cruise around Tgiving also and rec'd OBC very fast as usual.
  12. I've emailed the form just days before sailing and always get the OBC, they have handled it very fast. Done it 3x now.
  13. Just off the Escape and during the technical Q&A the captain mentioned that the NY port was one of the most difficult, also mentioning that there is little clearance or room for error with the bow approaching the roadway area.
  14. I certainly don't think it's anything NCL plans on doing, they lose a ton of revenue closing casino and dufre store down one night early.
  15. bones774

    Do you buy the Cruise Next certificates?

    You can buy 4 @ $125 out of pocket cash for a total value of $1000.