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  1. I do sailaway all the time, never had a bad experience, once I had a slightly noisy over head(could happen with many $$$ cabins) but got quiet at night. In your position I would just worry about "we", you could be perfectly happy but depending on how many "we"s there are involved someone will have a complaint and you're the guy to answer for it.
  2. How tacky looking if the whole ship did this. It will look like a 3rd rate tramp steamer, I've seen that in some ports.
  3. that's pretty good, I get it but I bet there are so many scratching their heads
  4. plus the two cabins could make for some nice erotic foreplay 😜, knock knock " cabin boy here ma'am"
  5. just looked and saw same thing, not too concerned, these things change daily. I'll just keep checking back.
  6. I was just gonna edit that. NY to Quebec, r/t. thanks
  7. Hi, hope to sail the Meraveglia soon. can someone tell me what beverages are included in the basic Bella experience? thanks
  8. Can someone tell me what drinks are included in Bella package? and if there are time constraints, e.g, meal hours? Looking for Pellegrino water. Sailed MSC once and had it all the time at meal times from table service and bars located in buffet area. thanks
  9. unless the fare is zero supplement for solos and you pay for two cabins and get it applied to each cabin, lol
  10. well nothing we can do about it, at least most of time we get full benefit as per response here thanks all.
  11. now 899, not a big drop but it must be a tough sell
  12. Hi, I'm looking for real world answers not referral to FAQ, please, I know what that says. I know NCL policy states if you paid 0% single supplement you get 1/2 of the shareholder benefits but what about if you paid 50% supplement or another %? How have solo cruisers been affected if at all recently? For the record I've applied 4 times and received it 4 times with one of those being 1/2 of benefits, so there seems to be no rhyme or reason. Thanks
  13. The waterfront was sooo nice and it proved that if you didn't chog there would always be enough seats for everybody at any time. I'm not gonna stand for it, i'm just gonna throw their stuff to the side and sit down.
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