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  1. bones774

    Post CRUISE LINE Single Supplement/Solo Bargains HERE

    Inside just dropped to $399
  2. bones774

    Latest You've Been Assigned a GTY

    I booked my last cruise two days before sailing, directly with NCL. The agent at that time couldn't give me a room number, probably within 30 minutes of hanging up I had a room assignment. I think it goes from sales people to another dept for room assignment.
  3. bones774

    Must Do’s on the Escape?

    It's not so much seeing the bridge it's just concrete and old steel, it's awesome when you see it in relation to size of ship and how close you think the billion dollar ship gets to it.
  4. bones774

    Boston driving help?

    In and outtta Boston no problem. What's the deal with the southside resident parking? I got a nice spot there and was led to believe I would get a ticket so I moved my car to a meter. Was I flim flamed? thanks
  5. bones774

    Boston driving help?

    I don't know that's what my kids say.
  6. bones774

    Boston driving help?

    Planning on getting to BU at 10AM and be on the road home maybe 7 PM(that might get involved in arriving traffic) anyway I hope you are right. I'm counting on same thing. I suspect the city will be at a standstill starting at 8:15, lol. Thanks
  7. bones774

    NCL Cruise Service Charge Refund

    No form when you are standing there in front of desk.
  8. bones774

    NCL Cruise Service Charge Refund

    All you need to do is go to front desk and tell them to remove service charges, be careful in your wording and their actions, they may only remove that days' service charge. I know this because when sailing with wife and kids in two different cabins I asked them to remove charges from one cabin and put service charges on my bill and they just did that one days charges and I meant total of the trip. That being said I think it's a not a proper response. Your best revenge is to just keep sailing on the cheap, don't buy any of their photo packages, spec dining, bingo, alcohol or casino or NCL run excursions.. I do dirt cheap last minute solos, they are not making any money off of me, i'm just a body filling an empty cabin. You are sure to get flamed here though.
  9. I'm still watching and hoping to go lower. I'm pretty local to the port and can fill a suitcase fast. I'm not stressing, just got off the 9/9 Escape sailing(another great deal, $391) so i'll keep you informed and hope to meet. Keep posting though in case I miss it. Thanks
  10. bones774

    Boston driving help?

    I'm visiting BU tomorrow 10/6, i'll be approaching on I-90 from the west, any traffic problems or other concerns? Thanks
  11. bones774

    Solo trip Escape - questions

    Buying three beverages @ day might still be cheaper if you took sailaway w/o any perks!
  12. So they must still have quite a few unsold upgrade level cabins at least and maybe more insides? I'm still waiting for that one last price drop, checking every day.
  13. $325 is the ncf/admin fee portion" What is that?
  14. "You dont need evac to use the medical portion of the insurance" Please explain??