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  1. buckshot

    Carnival Glorry

    Does any one know if they have a balcony cabin with enough room for 3 adults and one child?
  2. buckshot

    Hotel near the Port in Jacksonville

    WE just got back and my family stayed at the Wingate on Airport Rd. it was nice and clean.
  3. buckshot

    Passport Questions

    How much do they cost and how long does it take to get one?
  4. buckshot


    How long does it take to get a passport and any idea what the cost would be?
  5. buckshot

    Conquest April 17, 2005

    My wife has started to pack.....this time next week itr should be time for the life boat drill......oh what fun....I hope it won't be to hot
  6. buckshot

    Conquest April 17, 2005

    We will be staying at the Maison St. Charles and eating lunch at NOLA's on Sat. Only 48 days left. Is it too early to start packing!!!!!!!
  7. buckshot

    Conquest April 17, 2005

    My family will be onboard and ready to go......................
  8. buckshot

    Carnival Conquest Cabin 9205

    Will I feel mnore of the ship movement this high up?
  9. Does anyone have any info on this cabin? We will be on the Conquest in April Thanks
  10. Has anyone got any info on this cabin? We have never been this high up on a ship before, also will we be able to look forward towards the bow of the ship without a obstucted view?