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  1. Part of the reason is the overhead danger you reference, but the bigger reason is the subsurface hazard. The flag is aligned with the forward end of the bulbous bow, which is cylindrical and extends forward, just below the surface; like the red protuberance in the photo below (and yes, I've been waiting to say "red protuberance" on Cruise Critic for a long time 🙂 ). Harris Denver, CO
  2. I've used the Lift & Shift for three cruises; two that have actually cancelled, and one that I expect will be. In each case the price I had was considerably lower than the one year out cruise I moved to; so it was a very beneficial program for me. The process was simple enough. Considering the Lift & Shift is completely above and beyond what Celebrity has to do, I think it's great. Harris Denver, CO
  3. First, you either begin or end your cruise with a string of sea days. i like this because it is great to unwind. Compared to a land trip to Hawaii, you'll get a "little bit of everywhere" versus an extended stay. It's good you've been there before on land visits, as you will likely have a good idea of things you want to see. With planning, you can get to the sites you want during a port visit, but it is different when you're in ports for one day, versus having several days or more on a land-based vacation. The ship will have a "Hawaiian Ambassador" on for the entire
  4. Since you made 11 payments, be vigilant if you used different credit cards. They refund each payment to the card upon which it was made. It puts a pterodactyl in the ointment if you've since closed that account. Harris Denver, CO
  5. Here's my best guess as to what's happened, and why Celebrity has referred you back to the travel agency: Lets say the "brochure price" for your cruise is $10,000.00. By getting a large block of rooms, a travel agency can secure better pricing. Lets say they get the rooms for $7,500.00 each. They then take their block (Celebrity considers this a "group" booking, since they sold a block of rooms to the agency) and sell each room to individual customers, at whatever price the market will bear. You would have been one of the customers, and consequently part of the grou
  6. I should have made myself more clear, since your question involved the free cruise being cancelled. I chose to move mine, it ws not cancelled by Celebrity, so I don't know what effect that would have on options. Harris Denver, CO
  7. I had this come up with my free cruise for reaching Zenith. Normally they want that used within 1 year of reaching Zenith, but I asked to move it it back, and it was no problem. Celebrity is not currently trying to hold anyone to the one year time limit on this. The move was not treated as a "lift and shift", but more as a simple cancel and re-book. I have a free cruise from the Casino, but I haven't tried to move that one (and hope I don't have to). That would likely be a different story as the original offer limited to a few dozen specific cruises; and it so it's not likely
  8. Everyone talking of the Mercury should remember that It joined the fleet AFTER Celebrity was part of Royal Caribbean. The point of the merger was to make Celebrity's growth financially viable. My first cruise was also on Mercury, and I too have fond memories. However, I also recognize that one tends to remember the good and forget the bad. I was on the last cruise on the Century, and while it was still wonderful, the design that we all look back on now; had in fact become quite dated. For example that class of ship had a much smaller ratio of balcony rooms, and those balconies were much
  9. Well, I'd say you'd want to not make that final payment then. Harris Denver, CO
  10. The alternative that occurs to me is put a refundable deposit on the 2021 cruise (all deposits are refundable right now). Then, if the 2020 cancels, take the 125% future cruise credit, and use it when the final payment is due on the 2021. That way you lock in the current pricing for the 2021, and take advantage of any price drops before final payment. The only way this wouldn't be a logical way to proceed is if you got some type of amazingly low price on your current booking. If that's the case, your travel agent definitely shoudl be going to bat for you. Harris
  11. I was looking at the website, every cruise this afternoon (6-18-20) is showing "No rooms available for this sailing". The Royal and Azamara sites are not even letting one get to that point on a booking. It's also not possible to sign in to the site with the user name/password. As I posted this I checked again, and the site is now down for maintenance. Harris Denver, CO
  12. You've got a 3 perk promo, and the selected perks are the beverage package, Wi-Fi and Gratuities. Had you selected on-board credit, the leters "OBC" would replace either "BEV", "WI" of "GRT". Harris Denver, CO
  13. Actually, it sounds like normal language for a promo. They generally time time them so as to exclude sailings within - or soon to be within - final payment date. Harris Denver, CO
  14. Correct. My apologies for not clarifying that aspect. If you choose to cancel within Final Payment date, the amount not subject to penalty can be a cash refund. Harris Denver, CO
  15. The 125% Future Cruise Credit is only for those persons who have made final payment, and then the cruise was cancelled by Celebrity. Those people will get a cash refund of their taxes and fees as well as other pre-paids; and then a 125% certificate for their cruise fare. Those people can also choose a 100% cash refund, or they can "Lift and Shift" their booking. If you're before final payment and you cancel, you'd get a refund in cash of your deposit if it was refundable. If it was non-refundable, you'd get a future cruise credit for the deposit amount minus the $100.00 per pers
  16. In that scenario, you'd get it back in cash. Harris Denver, CO
  17. Nothing definitive has been announced, but it's a given that all of the pending "Revolution" dry docks will be pushed back. Harris Denver, CO
  18. The difference in price between a cheap mask, that's almost bound not to fit properly; and a well made mask, that a professional has helped you fit, is likely less than the cost of a snorkeling excursion. Atop this is the fact that an excursion made unpleasant by poor equipment means an unpleasant day of vacation, and losing a fun day in a spot you likely won't be back to soon. Harris Denver, CO
  19. Yes, calling Celebrity would do no good if - as your TA said - the money has been returned by Celebrity to the wholesaler. File a credit card dispute immediately. This is particularly true of the original purchase amount shows as being charged by the travel agency or the wholesaler, rather than Celebrity itself. Harris Denver, CO
  20. Usually, a room that says it sleeps four on an M class ship (like Millennium) will have the main bed that can either be one queen, or two twins; and then a fold-out sofa bed, and one bunk that drops down from the ceiling. Whether you have the main bed together or separate is up to you, and wouldn't affect the other beds. You should select "Together/Both Together" on your cruise planner, if you want the main bed as a queen. The other two cannot be one bed. The reference to "both" is due to the fact that some suites have more than one true bed. Harris
  21. Yeah, Atlantis is probably the largest single charterer of ships. The fact they are doing a full-ship charter of the Allure of the Seas a couple weeks before the full-ship charter of the Apex gives you an idea of just how large they are. Harris Denver, CO
  22. If the OP got the 4 perks from M-Life, they were likely included in the complimentary cruise. Harris Denver, CO
  23. The drink package is one of the four perks, so you already have that. Indeed the offer still appears in your cruise planner, so don't worry there. You likely are due some additional benefits, through Celebrity's Blue Chip Club (gaming benefits). The specific benefits will only be available by calling them, and unfortunately they currently are having really long (hour plus) hold times. Their number is (866) 461-7170. You can also email bluechipclub@celebrity.com. Harris Denver, CO
  24. Charters tend to be 7-nights or less, but even that's not certain. Beyond that, there's little you could use that would be predicative of which cruises are subject to being chartered. As posters have noted above certain ships are chartered more frequently, but it's because of the overall financials, not the ship involved. For example, when Summit was running 7-night trips out of San Juan, those trips were relatively less expensive, so charters were consequently more desirable to the cruise line. However, Atlantis has chartered both Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas, and the Apex early i
  25. Take your prescription with you, and visit a dive shop. For what you're looking for, they may have drop-in lenses that can go with any mask, either one you have, or the one that works best for you there. If those don't work, with your prescription in hand, they can tell you what options exist for lenses that will work for you. Usually for what you're describing, the drop-in lenses will do the trick. Another thing to understand is the water provides some magnification, so it may be that you're better using a slightly lower power lenses than you would for the surface.
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