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  1. JudithLynne

    Eggs Benedict station, Buffet, Volendam

    Have any of you ordered eggs Benedict from room service? If so was it hot/warm? Many don't care about food temp but we do.
  2. JudithLynne

    ZPM credit

    If I did not belong to CC and read about these credits, I would never had known either. We actually got a letter in the mail and it triggered my memory about these credits.
  3. JudithLynne

    Ketchikan liquor store

    Crew News....thank you. I believe that there are three Tongass Trading stores in Ketchikan, all near each other. Do you know which one you are referring to? Is it the one in your attached photo? If so, I know right where that is.
  4. JudithLynne

    Ketchikan liquor store

    CruiserBruce: Thank you so much for taking the time to find this for me. I was able to find it also looking at Google maps and have made a copy for our cruise.
  5. JudithLynne

    Ketchikan liquor store

    We would like to purchase canned soft drinks (Coke, gingerale) in Ketchikan. Is there a store near the cruise dock that would have what we are looking for? Thanks for any help.
  6. Thanks for your information. I just checked our Citibank card and it does not have pet coverage for our particular card. In fact the card's trip insurance only covers up to $1500, for some cruises that is just the down payment! Looks like we will stick with HAL now for the cancel for any reason clause.
  7. JudithLynne

    Neptune Suite question

    Are soft drinks such as Coke complimentary in the Neptune Suites?
  8. JudithLynne

    Execucar from Cruise Port to Lax

    I wrote one of those negative reviews about Execucar. They are superb from LAX to San Pedro but not in the opposite direction, the problem being is that they do not show up on time and you end up on the phone trying to track them down. Dispatch is totally useless. I strongly suggest that you take one of the Super shuttles that will be waiting at the dock (those with reservations are put at the front of the line) or a taxi, also waiting.
  9. JudithLynne

    Best Western Plus- San Pedro

    If I remember correctly I booked at "name your own price", as I noted in the post above we knew we would get either CP or DT, both nice and either was acceptable to us. I will never stay at the BW+ again because of it's location. I also found, by searching with Google that there are very helpful discussion groups on using Priceline. We don't tend to use PL but the San Pedro area offers very little and the chat lines helped.
  10. JudithLynne

    Just off the Eurodam

    Keep an eye on your account which you can view on the TV. We are out over $100 because of HAL mistakes, and have gotten no response from HAL. It was our 10th HAL cruise, we are 3 star. We have never had this happen on a HAL cruise.
  11. JudithLynne

    ZPM credit

    We got it! I called Costco, they called HAL and we each now have $100 added as OBC. We are so pleased. Thank you all for your feedback and encouragement!
  12. JudithLynne

    ZPM credit

    Thanks Kazu....that does help. We have Cyber perks attached to this cruise and do want to give them up. We are in a NS, 14 day Alaska and the gratuities prepaid as a perk are $448, not to mention other perks. In fact our perks, including TA perks, total $2300! Not worth pursuing ZPM....thanks for saving me the time and effort.
  13. JudithLynne

    ZPM credit

    We completed our last HAL cruise on 12-30-2018. We just received a letter from HAL giving us a "Promo ZPM." Had it not been for this web site I would not have known to look for that. We have a HAL cruise booked for this June. Can the ZPM promo be applied to an existing reservation?
  14. We have booked FE many times, flexible fare. Each time, I watch prices and have reduced our ticket fare. The only time the price changes is when I do so on the website. Oceanmom: The FE website HAS added guards all along the way to prevent you from accidently booking or changing a booking when that is not your intention to so, very nice and a much needed change. Here is my question....has anyone out there changed flight tickets after final payment and before the final change date on FE?
  15. We have the Chase Sapphire card and it does provide good, minimum hassle travel insurance. However, we do purchase HAL insurance for the cancel for any reason provisions as we have elderly pets which may necessitate the need to cancel shortly before the cruise.