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  1. JudithLynne

    Best Western Plus- San Pedro

    It is a nice hotel but the surrounding area is awful! It is where the freeway enters into the street so there is heavy traffic. I was scared and refused to cross the street even with a traffic light. It is very hilly and hard to walk. There are no nice restaurants just a couple of fast food places. If you are looking at price, try Priceline. We got the Crown Plaza for just under $100 2 years ago, BW wanted $125. Look at 3 1/2 stars on Priceline and you will either get CP or Double Tree, both very nice.
  2. JudithLynne

    Mexico Travel Advisory

    We will be on a Mexican Riviera cruise later this month. As of 11-15-2018 there is currently a level 4 (the highest level) advisory for travel to Mazatlán, one of our ports: Sinaloa state – Level 4: Do Not Travel Do not travel due to crime. Violent crime is widespread. Criminal organizations are based and operating in Sinaloa state. Travel for U.S. government employees is limited to the following areas with the noted restrictions: Mazatlán: U.S. government employees may travel by air or sea only. U.S. government employees are limited to the Zona Dorada and historic town center, and must use direct routes when traveling to and from those locations and the airport and cruise terminals. Some of us on our small roll call are nervous about this. One member contacted HAL and got this response: "No changes to the itinerary or available tour options have been announced at this point, but we do actively monitor the areas that we take our guests with their safety in mind. Should any changes be made in light of the travel advisory, we will notify our guests by email detailing the changes." Should we be concerned?
  3. JudithLynne

    cuba from boston

    There were actually two Cuba cruises this year, June 23rd and Aug 4th RT from Boston. Like KitKat343, my husband and I were hoping to see this listed again in 2019 as getting from a west coast small commuter airport to FLL is a major expense and a time consuming endeavor, it would be much easier, less expensive, and less exhausting for us to get to Boston. We are very disappointed.
  4. JudithLynne

    HAL Pre-Paid Beverage Cards

    I like Diet Coke too.....with a slice of lime.
  5. JudithLynne

    HAL Pre-Paid Beverage Cards

    Thanks KK for the smart instructions which I will carry on board. I am assuming that the Beverage Card is not limited to single serve drinks and can apply to a bottle of wine?
  6. JudithLynne

    HAL Pre-Paid Beverage Cards

    Ruth…..thank you for the helpful info.....
  7. JudithLynne

    HAL Pre-Paid Beverage Cards

    You all make a compelling reason for purchasing a beverage card, thank you. Here is my question: We would like to have that purchase come off of our non-refundable OBC. Would it than be better to purchase on board rather than ahead of time online? How does one purchase a beverage card onboard?
  8. JudithLynne

    Cyber Monday Sale - What will it be?

    That sounds like a lot of OBC, be sure to check that you are not booking with a non refundable deposit.
  9. JudithLynne

    Cyber Monday Sale - What will it be?

    Success.....both prepaid gratuities and bvg cards were added to our HAL cruises in 2019 and 2020.
  10. JudithLynne

    Cyber Monday Sale - What will it be?

    We have an existing booking with a big box TA that a lot of us use. Final payment isn't until next year. The current price of my reservation is higher than what I paid. Does anyone know from personal experience if we would have a chance of adding on Cyber perks to our current reservation? Thanks for any info.
  11. JudithLynne

    Senior Discounts

    This thread is a hoot! Thank you all for giving another senior a good laugh this morning...…..
  12. JudithLynne

    Early flight out of San Diego

    It is more than a "stressed filled day." It will take away any worry you would feel during your cruise. You made a good decision.
  13. JudithLynne

    Taxi question Puerto Vallarta

    We will be one of three large ships in port at PV the day after Christmas. We have been to PV a few times with our 42 cruises. The two of us want to go down to the Malecon specifically to the Tierra Huichol gallery. They have a piece that we are particularly interested in. With all the cruisers in town, will we have a difficult time getting taxi service back to the port? The bus is out for us due to orthopedic problems.
  14. JudithLynne

    Luggage Direct

    We have completed 42 years and used this service many times. Our home airport is a small commuter airport so there is rarely a direct flight for us accept from SEA. Even with connections we have always retrieved our luggage at our home airport.