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  1. We got the same email. Nothing has changed as far as I can see….
  2. the expiration dates have been extended. Have you checked under the eMed website for the letter with the new expiration dates? Go to their FAQ section and look for “when does my test expire”, under that answer is a link to a letter and at the bottom of the letter is a list of lot numbers with the new dates. Hope this helps…
  3. We got our third shot of Moderna at CVS last week no questions asked. We are both over 65 so our doctor wanted us to go ahead and get it.
  4. If you are “vaccinated” you have TWO days before sailing to get your test and the results. So if you are sailing on Saturday you must take your test Thursday or Friday. For me personally I would not risk waiting on results from a PCR test getting back in time. I would go with the Rapid test to have the results in hand in about 15min…
  5. We are “goers” and have four cruises booked between now and March. Do I like the new protocols? No!!! But we are now both 70 and have already given this virus almost two years of our travel time. I will not give it anymore!! I will roll with the flow, accept the protocols and move on with my life aboard these beautiful vessels. There are still many beautiful memories left to make!! Happy travels everyone….wherever you may roam….😁
  6. At the present time Royal does not accept mixed vaccines if you are sailing from a US port.
  7. Rule of thumb…..never try to use the Royal website in the weekend. There are gremlins that evade and screw things up every week! If you can wait until Monday….😂😂
  8. The two of us have cruises booked for October, November, January and March. Had I ordered the 6pkg I would have wasted two since the ones I got expire on 12/21 and that’s with the extension!! I will reorder some more when I feel like the expiration dates are further out.
  9. yes an antigen test is a rapid test…… yes you can get them at places like CVS, Walgreens and local Urgent Cares
  10. We did not book Early Saver, we booked with the RU1 drink package rate. Our PVP went to bat for us and we got an OBC and kept our drink package and this was after final payment..
  11. “Supposed” to be 24/7 including holidays…
  12. I “believe” suites can check up to an hour earlier than their assigned time. At least it is what I have read here on the board…..I have no first hand knowledge…
  13. You are lucky!!! I just got mine in and they expire 12/21/21 and that is with the extra extension!!!! I have cruises booked for October, November, January and March!!! So glad I only ordered the 3 pkg!!!
  14. Do you have any Urgent Care, CVS or Walgreens in your area? The last test we had done was at our Urgent Care and I know they are opened holidays. Hopefully you can figure something out without have to shell out so much money. I do wish you the best of luck!.
  15. If you are sailing on Saturday you could get theirs done on Wednesday. With PCR I would want to have their 3 full days to get the results…
  16. I ordered a 3pkg kit from Optum and did receive it in a timely manner. The expiration date is 12/5/21!! We have cruises for October, November and January, so thank goodness I didn’t order the six pack!
  17. I just checked my tests and they expire 12/21!!. I have cruises in October, November, January, and March!! Thank goodness this time I only ordered a three pkg….😡
  18. We recently changed ours…..had a 1pm and changed it to 12:00pm. Several on our FB page had 3:30 time slots and were able to grab some 12:00 slots too. They were VERY happy!!!
  19. We are doing the monitored home test. The stress of us trying to find a testing site especially over Thanksgiving was just too much for me to deal with….
  20. Only ONE person needs to place the order. Once onboard that one person gives the code to the four people who are using the package…
  21. That is so great!!! I wish our state would!!!
  22. yes…..you absolutely have the correct test. Rest easy, you are fine!!
  23. We are also doing the at home test early on Thanksgiving Day before we drive down. We have been assured they have monitors available 24/7 including all holidays. I already have read a number of posts and have seen several videos of people who have done the test and successfully boarded with the results. The longest wait time I have seen on any of them was 15min. Most were 5min or less… For personally is it is the simplest and easiest way……
  24. It is the correct one. Download the NAVICA app and set up an account for each person who will be testing….
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