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  1. I can always request the chef to make it for you on a formal night in Jan !!
  2. Great to see the ship arrived safely in Kobe. Hope it was not too uncomfortable to get there.
  3. Many thanks indeed look out for the S.Pacific WW2 cruise on the Maasdam in Late September
  4. Are you on board on the 28th? If you are I can arrange the chef to make you some!
  5. LOL it is a breakfast favourite here...it is scrambled egg. A lot of American friends cannot believe we have baked beans on toast!
  6. No problems on our 26 day cruise from NZ to San Fran in May. Our cabin was great.
  7. I see that the ship is heading out thru the heads right now. hold onto the rails when walking!!
  8. Very nice indeed...Well, until we board, here is what we are having in our ‘Grill Room’.....
  9. I have been tracking the Typhoon. many thanks for the updated news. I was wondering if they would venture outside the bay. here is the latest posted radar map regards bellair
  10. Live this morning local time 08:00 from Yokohama. Two weeks to boarding for us.
  11. Right on time as she positions for arrival & tie up! Welcome back safe & sound!
  12. Here are the latest reports in at 16:47 Japan time 13th of August The Captain will get you into shelter before Krosa passes Yokohama, but you will need a good raincoat venturing out tomorrow I recon. Keep safe!
  13. The Japanese meteorological agency warned the typhoon would bring strong winds and downpours, which could trigger landslides and floods as well as lightning strikes and tornados across the nation. Violent gusts swept away roof tiles on some houses in Kochi city in western Japan. "There was a big 'bang, bang'. That woke me up," a local elderly man in Kochi told national broadcaster NHK. Cities in the expected path of the typhoon were already taking measures to mitigate possible danger. East Japan Railway announced that it would gradually suspend train services in and around Tokyo and end all trains around 8pm (1100 GMT), shortly before the typhoon was to draw near the Japanese capital. Keep safe guys!
  14. You are most welcome. this is the Noordam in Jan this year visiting some of the islands you will probably visit on the Maasdam so you might get some idea of what to see.....
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