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  1. "nano particle test" as in that conspiracy theory that Gates wants to use the vaccine to inject the population with tracking mechanisms?
  2. In the past one cost for everything - deviation, hotel and transfers.
  3. Booked Marina TA Venice to Miami in November 2021. PE was 199 pp. For us it is one way, as we live in FL, and also got air credit for not having to fly upon the return. In March 2019 we used Premium Economy on United from Orlando - SFO - Auckland, then return Sydney-Houston-Orlando. We were able to get bulkhead/exit row seats, good legroom, but the seats are still narrow. Not much more comfort than regular coach. Should have done Business class but they wanted 6500 pp RT. That was almost 3X the cruise fare...
  4. It may depend on what ports are open...
  5. The problem is that everyone accepts the negative test, but when someone tests positive, they rush to re-test. Neighbor of mine tested positive on Monday, the was retested on Wednesday and was negative. Which test result should you believe? Back in the 90s, there was a court decision-US vs Barr laboratories, where the FDA cited Barr for continually retesting when an out of spec result (test failure)was found. The decision pretty much evolved into a regulation where you can not retest unless, through investigation, a valid reason was found for negating the original result, su
  6. Approved? Not aware of anything besides the recommendations submitted to CDC, who if rumors about their being overruled are correct, obviously are not comfortable with resumption before 2021. I am also curious about someone who tests positive 2-3 days after getting off the ship. Will contact tracing reach back to passengers? Florida doesn't require any quarantine upon entry into the state at this point, not sure what they will do once cruise lines start back up. Or will it be regulated at the federal level?
  7. Not yet. And I keep wanting to call my agent at O but know that all she can advise is the company line. We do have a TA booked for next November on Riviera, so not concerned about the fare...unless they decide to declare bankruptcy if sailings don't happen in the near future. Are you on the Nov 23 sailing? We were going to book that one but decided to stay home for Thanksgiving this year. Also booked a NYC- Bermuda for July as a backup in case the river cruise we have booked for June doesn't happen. Payment on that is due Dec 24 and it's a big lump....6 months o
  8. Well then, that settles it. I'm in love with a Jersey girl ... who wants to cruise...and not dance in the dark...
  9. Who specifically is "the Boss"? And what official announcement was made?
  10. We are booked on the first Riviera cruise, once they start sailing, on Nov 13, to the Caribbean. Given that the islands are currently closed to cruise ships, I assume Oceania is holding off any announcements until they sort out those logistics- itinerary-wise. Additionally, they had changed the last stop to Nassau which recently came out with rules requiring a travel Visa that includes a negative test within 5 days of arrival, something Oceania needs to work out (wasn't expecting to disembark there anyway..). The cruise is scheduled for 10 days but if they would follow their pro
  11. CLIA still has the self imposed ban til Oct 31.
  12. Well, the no sail order expires in 4 days. So we should have a partial answer about US - Caribbean cruises within 120 hours...if the order is lifted, then the next step will be amending itineraries based on availability of ports for the November cruises.
  13. so, likely that No Sail order will be extended until CDC is comfortable with the proposals and implementation? CLIA had assigned a one month buffer (Oct 31), wondering whether that self imposed ban will suffice....
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